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Why You Should Work With Garden Gnomes For Everyday Mundane Magic

Lawn gnomes figurine on a white garden trellis in the park with a teeter totter and green vines
Have you ever wondered why you should work with garden gnomes for everyday mundane magic?  Lawn gnomes not only connect us to the fairy realm, the earth realm, and all the places in between but these tree-like elementals can bring real-life magic into your everyday life.

If the gnome has a message for us, it is to look beneath the surface of everything, to look within, to find our magic.  Working with gnomes brings the earth element to life in a way that's down to earth and simplified.

I guess for me, it all started with Graham Robinson, the gnome that lived in the fairy tree behind our house when we lived in Sedona, Arizona with my niece and her daughter.  Graham Robinson was my very first encounter with a gnome and I've been smitten ever since!

From Graham Robinson, a tree gnome, by the way, I learned that the fairy elementals are closer to us than we think.  They are always watching us and keeping tabs on the strides we make in aiding mother earth.

The reason they keep watch is that they are always on the hunt for new recruits.  People like you and me that care about green living and making the earth a clean environment to live in.  They are especially fond of women!

How do they know if you have good intentions?  What are they looking for when they recruit someone?

The gnomes can do a quick body scan and look into your heart to see what you are made of.  From there, they will test you.  They will put things in your path to see what kind of decision you will make.

It could be an injured animal, a weak plantling, or a piece of litter thrown on the ground.  If you feel like something is watching you while you decide to pick up that empty plastic water bottle, know that you are indeed being watched.

In the forest, you'll find more tree gnomes and tree elves than anything, and I've probably worked with them the most.  For more on tree gnomes, you might like to read, Meet the Gnomes: The Protectors of the Forest and Trees!

What is the difference between a tree gnome and a garden gnome?  In truth, completely different personalities.  Trees are magic so gnomes that live in the hollows of trees are going to be imbued with wisdom and old soul knowledge.

On the other hand, the garden gnome has more lighthearted energy that comes across as fun and playful.  In other words, they feel like they have younger souls.  They engage with humans more, since they are commonly found in butterfly and botanical gardens.

Since humans cross the threshold a lot more into the world of lawn gnomes, they tend to be more open and friendly with them.  I have noticed, again, that garden gnomes tend to have a preference and a trust for human women more.

When asked about it, I got the impression it was a trust issue.  I've seen more male gnomes than female species, therefore it makes sense that they would be more attracted to the opposite sex.  Gnomes, just like any other species, have a tendency toward soft, feminine humans.

If you are a male, don't let that stop you from trying to make a connection and build a relationship with a gnome creature!  That just seems to be a preference that the male gnomes seem to have.  It's not that there aren't female gnomes, I just get the feeling they hide better or are protected by the males.

Knowing all this, why in the world should you work with garden gnomes for everyday mundane magic?  The answer is simple!

The lawn gnomes, as they are often called, bring magic to the surface of everything.  Magic is always an underlying force in our lives but the average person doesn't interact with it, let alone realize that it exists.

With the garden gnome, they bubble the magic to the surface of your life, to where magic becomes the new normal.  You can use garden gnomes to create magical spells made from the earth organically.

Working with gnomes can be beneficial to gardeners, farmers, and organic beekeepers.  They like hardworking people that are not afraid to dig into the garden and get their hands dirty.

If this sounds like you, put on your cute garden gloves, and start working with the gnomes today!  I have found that male gnomes tend to be salt of the earth types, while the female archetype tends to be shy, sweet, and whimsical.

Garden gnomes are also closely related to house brownies and they have a tendency to bring homespun magic into your dream house.  You might enjoy reading, Do You Beleive in Fairies? The Magic Within Us for more on the fairy nature spirits!

When working with the lawn gnomes, you might find yourself, thinking of new ideas for planting seeds in your garden or gain knowledgeable tips on how to bring your houseplant back to life.  The great thing about them is that it happens naturally overnight, the type of healing they bring.

Things like using a white magic bean for a spell by enchanting it and carrying it in your pocket is a gnome-like thing to do.  They are wonderful for creating good luck charms and charms of protection like the white bean.

With three incantations, a white bean becomes a protection charm or symbol of good luck!  You just have to choose what those three magical utterings of words will be.  It can be three things to describe you or the dream that you want to come true.

You might love reading, Working With Gnomes to Bring More Abundance and Treasure Into Your Life!  The gnomes are the keepers of the treasures of this earth and that includes gemstones and secret faraway places.

If you have children, you'll want gnomes in your backyard garden oasis.  They love the sounds of children laughing, playing, and having fun.  They protect children from eating forbidden plants with pesticides or getting bitten by a venomous spider.

Having gnomes around the house is a lot like having a  caregiver for your children, free of charge!  Don't be surprised if your children see them and talk to them.  Sometimes, our kiddos can see things that we can't.

That imaginary friend might just be a gnome hanging out in your fairy garden watching your children as summer idly passes by.  That's what gnomes do.  They watch and protect things.

What is everyday mundane magic?  It's the magic you feel when change is in the air.  The magical undercurrent you feel when you know something good is about to happen.

It's real-life magic with a magical realism twist!  If you talk to your plants and name your gemstones, you're already practicing the simple magic of everyday life.

If you create spells for on the go, live by superstition, and have a talking relationship with your angels and spirit guides, guess what?  You are a magical person!

And, that is what the lawn gnomes are here to show us.  They believe in childhood magic and treasures untold and you know what?  So, do I!
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