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Working With Archangel Gabriel to Fulfill My Childhood Dreams of Writing

The Messenger angel in the bible and a white swamp lily flower in Florida lagoon
Lately, I've been working with Archangel Gabriel to fulfill my childhood dreams of writing!  Guess what?  You can too and I'm going to show you how with this easy read on working with the messenger angel.

To be honest, I've been dreaming of writing this post for a while, but for whatever reason, it wasn't the right timing.  I knew that if I waited for divine timing and a perfect moment, the messages of Gabriel would come through!

First of all, Archangel Gabriel is well known throughout the holy bible.  Gabriel was the angel that told Mother Mary, queen of the angels, that she was going to give birth to Christ.  A message that indeed scared her!

So, one of the things you need to know about Gabriel is that upon working with her, you'll probably begin receiving news, messages, and signs everywhere.  It just kind of goes with the territory of working with the messenger angel.

What are some of the signs you might see while working with Archangel Gabriel?  You will see white lilies, golden trumpets or bells, pennies from heaven, and writing tools through signs and synchronicities, so be on the lookout for those.

It's also important to note that all angels have their own special way that they communicate with their patron, making it possible that Gabriel will share something only you and he would know.

By the way, Gabriel is one of the angels that comes to me as androgynous, with both feminine and masculine energies.  All angels are androgynous by nature, but Gabriel seems to come through as both female and male at different times.

What can Gabriel help you with?  The angel of white and gold colors and robing often comes through to help aspiring, artists, writers, and musicians.

She can help you with birthing a new project, with clarification on your life path and purpose, and with bringing truth and integrity into every situation.  Gabriel is a truth angel, much in the same way that Archangel Michael is.

Truth angels bubble truths and revelations to the surface.  You know that old saying, the truth always comes out?  That's where the truth angels come in and bring light to a situation.

Most of all, Archangel Gabriel is someone you can work with to fulfill your childhood dream of writing, and that's where I'm going to shift my focus today.  If you start seeing pens and papers everywhere, it's a nudge from the universe that it's time to write.

If you ever get frustrated with the universe and really need a sign or a message of hope, call on the angel Gabriel right away!  One of the great things about the messenger angel is that he's great for sending crystal clear signs to the physical realm.

If you long for clarity over a situation, seek help and guidance from the Archangel Gabriel for the clarification!  Gabriel will use his white and golden light to infuse the situation, to light it up essentially, and with that he carries hope.

Now, back to the angel of writers!  Archangel Gabriel is helping me and to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a writer.

He's doing it on this blog and he's inspired me to take a leap of faith and write a memoir-style book filled with charms, blessings, and secret mailbox surprises!  I've been writing poetry, stories, and chapter books since I was a little girl.

Gabriel can turn the light back on to your dreams!  If you too are an aspiring writer, I really think you'll get a lot out of working with the angel of writing.  He has a way with words!

In the back of my mind, I always knew that I was going to write a book series and somewhere inside, I even knew that it would be about my magical realism kind of life.  What I didn't know is if I could ever in this lifetime be brave enough to do it.

I've found that working with the angel of aspiring writers, I am learning to be brave and true to myself again.  Like most writers, I struggle with self-doubt.  When I'm in doubt, I always turn to my angel friend for some writing inspiration!
A white calla lily flower in the middle of a swamp with lily pads in a Florida lagoon setting in mother nature on a warm summer's day + shadow lighting and contrast

Working With Archangel Gabriel to Fulfill My Childhood Dreams of Writing

Do you have this secret wish and desire to become a writer?  I know I've had this burning desire to write ever since I can remember.  The writing was a gift that came naturally to me.

When I created my first online journal back in twenty-ten, that was Archangel Gabriel!  I started out blogging about everything magical, green, and true.  It helped me to develop my skills as a writer.

Before that, I quit my full-time job as a front desk receptionist to become a writer!  I took a leap of faith because that's what Archangel Gabriel said that I came here to do.

Just like Mary was frightened when she found that she had a difficult path ahead of her, I too became frightened when Gabriel came to me.  Who in their right mind quits a secure hourly job to become a writer?

Trusting my gut intuition, I did it anyway.  It's been a long, arduous journey and at times I've felt like giving up, but Gabriel has stood by me every step of the way.

When I was looking for the perfect pen name as an author, that's when the name Laurali Star was given to me with a neat little bow by Archangel Gabriel.  It's been these little moments in life that have shown me that Gabriel is by my side.

Years ago, I started writing a magical realism book series, and ultimately decided that why write fiction when there's magic in everyday life?  I knew at that moment I was being inspired to write a diary-style book series that unfolds in stories and events.

I knew that the book series I was writing would be from the heart and that I would wear my heart on my sleeve.  Why?  Because Gabriel gives me the courage to do so.

I've tried sitting down to write fiction and I love it with all my heart.  But, when I write about everyday mundane magic, it lights up every fiber of my being with fairy lights.

I mean, think about it.  Magical realism is interwoven through every thread of our lives from gemstones, the magic of plants, and superstitions.  If you have a belief system, then you have magic!

I wrote in my spiritual retreat for mental health during the coronavirus pandemic, that I wanted to write an interactive blog book on the backend of my site.  Kind of a backstage pass to my life with magical recipes, yes or no tarot readings, and a grimoire of magical green witch spells.

There's nothing more charming than the real-life magic that hides in your backyard and in the secret, hidden places of your living room.  There's magic in books, fairy statuary, and geodes in the tile floor.

That's the kind of writing that Archangel Gabriel, the angel of communications, has inspired me to do!  I've found that my best work has always been when I'm exposing my subconscious.

When I allow myself to be real and vulnerable, and all at once shy, that's when my true colors shine through!  That's what Gabriel likes to see in her writing patrons.

She has encouraged me not to water down any of my original ideas.  Whenever I get stuck on a project, it almost always is because I've watered down my original work.

Much like the 2020 Archangel Claudius, she helps you to speak your truth and to use your authentic voice in your writing.  Whether you are writing a book or a blog, Gabriel can help writers everywhere by sparking that burning desire to write within.

There was a time I wouldn't have believed that blogging would feel as natural and easy as breathing to me and now look at me.  I worked hard at it and now writing is a seamless experience.

I know that when I get back to journaling, another thing that Gabriel has always encouraged from my work, I will learn even more about the art of slow blogging and writing the great American novel!  Sometimes, we try too hard and we become a perfectionist in our writing.

I can't tell you how many blog posts I've deleted or paperback stories I've thrown in the trash.  Working with Gabriel has really helped me to learn to embrace the wabi-sabi style lifestyle of a writer.

Sometimes, to get a good story out, we've just got to forge ahead.  I'm one of those people that publish the blog post first then go back in for editing later.  As a writer, you've got to find the style of writing that works for you!

That's another thing Gabriel can help you with.  Gabriel will help you with your creative work routine, doing things that jog your memory or dream up ideas.  Do what you love might as well be Gabriel's mantra!

All that being said and done, I've added a new category under the slow living section of my blog.  It's about writing.  I love writing and I want to be able to talk about my writing projects, writing prompts, and writing inspirations along the way!

In between my writing, I'll be spending my time hiking the hills and snapping pictures of the fairy forest.  Little things like yoga and spending time in nature can add a natural creative boost to your writing.

Some of the great American poets and storytellers wrote from a place in the wilderness of their own making.  I imagine that they were prompted to go serene by the angel of communications.  Don't you?
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