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Morning Hikes: A Magical Walk in the Woods + Owl Symbolism

Fern Trail Hiking Adventures in Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida
I really enjoy my morning hikes with a magical walk in the woods + owl symbolism to boot!  Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up and you know it's going to be a good day?  Today is that day for me!

I always go hiking almost every morning, whether it be in Hammock Park, or hitting the Pinellas trail which runs through the tiny, seaside fishing village where I live in Florida.  There are some days though, where you feel as though fate is pulling you into the forest for a deeper meaning.

This week has been all about tweaking my spiritual morning routine in order to start my day off with a bang!  For more than five years, I've been writing letters to the universe every morning, and lately, I've been working to enhance my magical morning routine even further.

I've started adding in tarot readings to my morning routine.  After writing a letter to the goddess or Archangel of my choosing, I then turn to my oracle card decks to get a few angel messages for the day.

I also pull out my Goddess Guidance Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue and choose a goddess of the day to work with or to hear the message of the card.  This morning, I pulled the Abundantia Card from the goddess cards and my message was that the universe was pouring abundance out to me and that I should be open to receiving.

For the angel messages, this morning I got the queen of pentacles card, which portends nothing but abundance in financial matters.  I got the ace of wands card and the ace of pentacles, which means that anything I want to do right now is lucky, blessed, and fortunate.

In other words, now is a time for new beginnings!  I got into the oracle cards even further, deeper into their spiritual meanings with hidden numbers and symbolism.

This revealed to me that someone that I feel a strong connection and sexual chemistry with is going to be coming forward soon to make his feelings known.  I can't reveal who this person is yet because I want to allow the love magic I've been doing to play out.

Let's just say that right from the start, I could feel magic in the air this morning.  It feels like an autumn morning here in Florida today, sweater weather at it's best.

It was a reminder of one of the signs that let me know when I'm on track with my desires, which is the crisp feeling of fall magic.  Whenever I feel that way, which can happen to me year-round, that means something really, really good is about to happen to me.

That, with my lucky tarot reading messages, has made it clear to me that I'm on the right path for myself.  My intuition is at an all-time high right now and I've never felt more connected to the goddess and the universe.

In the mornings I've incorporated a raw vegan green juice recipe that I drink before I go on my morning hiking adventure.  I spoke about it in my spiritual retreat for mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

There is one more thing that I'd like to add to my morning routine and that's meditation.  While I do meditate in corpse pose at the end of my daily yoga practice, I'd like to start the day out by tapping into my third eye.

I've been using the, "Let's Meditate" app throughout the day for sleep and guided meditation.  For your information, it's free!  I want to start my day with some meditation from now on.

I used to meditate in the mornings a long time ago and I remember that there were times where I actually connected to my higher self, seeing my soul out of my body.  The higher into the magic that I go, the closer to the spirit realm I want to be.

Transcendental meditation can also work on helping me to keep a clean mental diet.  I find that when my mind is clean and filled with raw, pure energy, I am more connected to my spellwork as a magical person.

I tend to manifest things faster with my queen of wands energy, which means that I'm magnetizing things to me, rather than trying to get them to come to me by brute force or clobbering my manifestation over the head.  I'm coming into a time where I understand manifestation through my spellwork as a solitary green witch and energy healer.
Tree branches nestled in the dark, enchanted forest in shadow lighting and woodland creatures

Morning Hikes: A Magical Walk in the Woods + Owl Symbolism

When I hit the trail for my morning hiking routine, I saw an owl, and with that, I knew that the magic that I was feeling was very much real and alive.  Owls represent magic, mystery, the moon, feminine energy, ancient wisdom, and the great Goddess Pallas Athena.

There are some cultures that say if you hear the screech of an owl or see an owl, it is an omen of bad luck, death, or ill-health.  In my case, based on the happenings of the morning, I knew that the owl came to me because I am a highly magical person and this is a fortuitous time for me.

From what I understand, you should always trust your intuition with owl imagery.  This is because when an owl appears, the owl symbolizes your intuition graduating to a higher spiritual plane of existence.

While walking through the woods, before and after seeing my owl animal spirit, I felt connected with source energy and spirit in a way I haven't in a long time.  The owl was to let me know that the magic I was feeling was real.

The owl was letting me know it is safe to trust the feminine essence of my intuition, when it comes to my secret schoolgirl crush and in the work that I do as a spiritual teacher.  The owl came at the perfect time for me, a symbol of hope for all my magical endeavors.

Last night, I was preparing for bedtime, I pulled a card from the goddess deck and lo and behold, I pulled the Goddess Rhiannon card, and somehow knew she was connected to owls.  Her message to me was that I was a magical person.

Then, on a nature walk this morning, I saw the owl up in the tree.  That's when I knew that Rhiannon was with me, ensuring me of my spiritual journey into high magicks.

My morning hikes have always been filled with magic, whether I have a camera in my hand or not.  There are always discoveries waiting to be made when spending time in mother nature.

This morning, I felt the increase in magic as I opened my faery heart wider, letting love in.  I wonder now, how will the rest of the day add up?

After I publish this blog post, I plan to do a long yoga session and I plan on doing a few more spells throughout the day.  I'm also expecting a windfall of money to come through today, as my faith keeps building to the point of unwavering.

The truth is that I'm trying to keep an open spirit.  I've definitely hit a new level with the meaning of tarot cards, something that I've asked the Archangel Raphael for help with.

I'm starting to see how they can really help me start the day off with secret messages with a hopeful, sunshine outlook on life.  It's strange for the world to be in such a deep crisis, only to find myself growing stronger in my magical powers.

The connection I'm building in mother nature grounds my energy, which is something you need to do often as an empath and modern-day witch.  As a spiritual person, you should always find sensual ways to ground your energy and to live in the aliveness of your body.

If you don't already, I recommend getting into a magical morning routine by going on morning hikes and a magical walk in the woods.  You never know what you may find, when you discover the magic within you!
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