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Twilight: The In-Between Times on How to See the Fairies

A fairy hidden in plain sight with fairy figurine nestled in tree branches and twigs
There's a special time of day called, Twilight: The In-Between Times on how to see the fairies! If you've always wanted to see a fairy live in action, you're going to want to read this.

First of all, fairies are hidden in plain sight all around us. They blend into the flowers and the trees with relative ease and flow with their natural environment.

With life in the fairy realm, tree bark becomes the face of a tree elf made of birch or the hat of a gnome in a tree hollow.  For more on why you should work with the garden gnomes for everyday mundane magic, you might like to get to know your backyard dwellings with a deeper look.

It is here that plants make camouflage for green plant life and budding wildflowers that dot the hills in springtime.  So, if you are looking to get a sneak peek at a fairy creature, look no further than your own backyard!

The best way to catch a glimpse at these plant dwelling native plant spirits is through the looking glass of every leaf you turn over.  Moving beyond your natural habitat, you can also carve out special times of day in which it is easier to see the faerie folk.

The In-Between Times:
  • Noon
  • Midnight
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • The In-between 
  • Magic Hour
  • Equinoxes
  • Celtic Holidays
My favorite time of day to see the fairies is to try and spot them at magic hour.  Being an empath, I can sense the presence of the fey long before I actually see them.  

For those that aren't familiar with it, the magic hour is a photographer's dream come true!  Magic hour tends to fall at sunset, the moment just before the sun goes down, and the quiet twilight of their existence is made known.  

In fact, it is when practicing magic hour photography that I often get snapshots of orbs, fairy lights, and never before seen footage.  The fairies are highly attracted to their own fairy statuary and images in a matter of like attract like and whatnot.

When I lay out fairy figurines with matching gemstones and plant clippings, I know that the nature spirits will have no choice but to be called forth.  They just can't help themselves but be attracted to me and the message I am trying to convey.  

What is the message that I'm trying to convey to the nature spirits?  I want them to always feel welcome in my home, backyard, porch, garden, or wherever I go!  

If you'd like to use magic hour to utilize the power of the fairies full-force, you might start by putting out fairy statues, sparkling druzy gemstones with magnetic healing properties, and plant life assortments that the fey will find charming and irresistible.  

Snap away!  Snap photographs to capture orbs of light and spirit on film.  Photograph whimsical fairy lights as they openly fly about you and all around you in a natural woodland setting.

Once you have an image of the fairy caught on camera, you can use it to attract the fairy spirit to the heart of who you are.  Do not waste their time, but have an intention on hand for working with them.  

Remember, the nature spirits have an ego-mind, meaning that they choose their patrons carefully and will only work with people that are crystal clear on what they want.  You have to decide, is that person you?

If not, take the time to figure out what you want so you can make a clear, laser-sharp intention that can be brought to life by the magical realm of fairies and woodland creatures.  Fairies take great offense to having their time wasted by people that are unclear on what they want out of life.

Another great time to see the fairies, probably the one least spoken about, is heading to the park for a meet and greet directly at high noon.  The nature spirits come out to play as noon approaches and the clock strikes twelve.

I've gone to the park at noon a few times by accident and I can tell you that it's a quiet world that is bustling with life.  Whatever it seems to be on the surface, looks different beneath every plant blade and flower stem.  In other words, the park is teeming with life!

There's something about high noon that intrigues me when spending time in nature, whether it be to have a picnic in a private orange grove or walking underneath the canon of the forest trees for lesser discovered mushrooms in the making.  The fairies are hard at work smack dab in the middle of the day and you'll be able to openly see them.

How to See a Fairy:

What happens if you see a fairy?  How do you trust that what you are seeing is real?  It all comes down to trusting your naked eye and your gut instincts.

It could be as simple as a pair of glassy eyes following you from a tree hollow to a meadow with tall grass and an abundance of dragonflies.  Never overlook the simple things you see in the heart of the green paradise.

What does a fairy actually look like?  Like humans, fairies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  There are many different races of fairy elementals and you never know what might enter into the realm of possibility on a nature walk.

I can tell you that to see a fairy is an experience and to each it's own.  In other words, the fairies are shapeshifters, changing shape and color to fit their surroundings at any given time.

I've seen pixie Tinkerbell sized fairies with sparkling wings and I've seen house brownies with the face of tree bark.  When you're in mother nature, try to keep an open mind and expect the unexpected.

One of the things you might come across on your journey into the twilight of the in-between times is fairy devas, fairy queens, and the "old" ones in the house of living nature spirits.  Most ancient nature spirits are considered "the old ones" or wise ones.

What does this mean?  It means that the fairy spirit has been through evolution and comes from a "pure" blood race of fairy.  They have been around a long time, have acquired a wealth of knowledge and ancient wisdom, and have a more insect-like appearance.

The insect-like appearance of a fairy queen or fairy deva might frighten you at first, but once you get over the idea that fairies come in different packages, you'll become comfortable with their golden warmth and overall friendliness.

Signs Nature Spirits Are Nearby:

If you run into a mushroom ring or a mushroom patch of any sort, you can rest assured that a fairy is nearby.  If you come across a meadow filled with dragonflies, the fairies are bountiful in your region!

If you happen across a rainbow after the rain, there's no doubt in my mind that the wee ones are in close proximity.  Leprechauns, as many people already know, are highly associated with rainbows and a great big pot of gold.

If butterflies keep fluttering by you, filling up the holes in your life like a garden springing to life, then know that the butterfly fairies are watching over you.  Wherever you go, whatever you do, the fairies have their eye on you.

If a rabbit crosses our path, then an elemental tree spirit is helping you cross a threshold.  And, we all know that trees are magic, so you will never be led astray.

If the rabbit that crosses your path is white then that's a sign of fortuitous good luck and serendipity.  If, on the other hand, a snake crosses your path it is a sign that you are about to go through the dark night of the soul.

The fairies are easy to spot since they are everywhere, hidden in plain sight like pennies from heaven and four-leaf clovers.  Regardless, you have to ask for your fairy heart to become open and receptive to seeing.

Do you believe in fairies?  The magic within us will help you go into the heart of a fairy with a magical realism kind of mindset.

For more on fairy sightings, look within yourself.  Wherever there's nostalgia captured in a still life photograph and wherever bubbles pop to create an epiphany, that's where the nature spirits will be.

Chances are, you've probably encountered a fairy thousands of times throughout your life.  Now, it's up to you to open your eyes up to the experience and let the full magic of fairyland wash over you.

Where is this place?  It's in the twilight in the in-between times of life.  It's on the faded yellow corners on an old fading photograph, it's in the corners of your home, and in the peripheral of your vision.

It's somewhere in between all that where you'll find your fairy friends.  The wonder of the fairies is in the magic hour and the end caps of the day.  Find yourself a winged fairy creature today!
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