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Where Is Best to Wear My Crystals: Gemstone Jewelry Layering

Where is best to wear my crystals plus gemstone jewelry layering techniques for hiking pretty and wearable nature!  Crystal energy healing can really be worn anytime, anywhere. It's ultimately about divine timing. 
I am kind of a minimalist when it comes to wearing jewelry and adornment. Theref…

How to Create Dream Pop Images and Photography From Wildflowers

This is a blog post on how to create dream-pop images and photography from wildflowers!  I discovered the dreamy haze and filters that you can use to edit your pictures somewhere along the way, but in passing, I've come to realize that I was only enhancing what was already there.

When I'm …

Spring Magic: A Journal of a Seasonal Shift In My Life

Welcome to Spring Magic: A Journal of a Seasonal Shift in My Life!  Now that springtime has finally passed, I feel like I can collect my thoughts and talk about what's happened over my life in the past couple of months.

I think it's safe to say that I haven't been writing.  I went into…

Try It! Create a Lifestyle Blog Bucket List

So, you are starting a lifestyle blog and it's an ambitious goal.  Kudos to you!  Creating a lifestyle blog is a lot more fun when you create a bucket list of goals that you want to reach throughout the life of your blog.  Let me show you the way!

I have a lifestyle blog with a built-in niche,…

Meet Helios: Mini Rose Purple Flower Plant + Happy Mother's Day Gift

Meet Helios: Mini Rose Purple Flower Plant + Happy Mother's Day Gift!  Okay, Helios is a present for my mom in thanks and gratitude for all that she's done throughout my life.  My mom is not just my mother, but she's my best friend and someone I can trust with all my heart.

Most people…

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