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How to Create Dream Pop Images and Photography From Wildflowers

Dream pop wildflowers in brilliant red blooms with ethereal dreamscape nature landing
This is a blog post on how to create dream-pop images and photography from wildflowers!  I discovered the dreamy haze and filters that you can use to edit your pictures somewhere along the way, but in passing, I've come to realize that I was only enhancing what was already there.

When I'm in the Great outdoors of mother nature, one of the things that really makes my heart sing is when I come across a meadow filled with wildflowers, a tall patch of seagrass, or a canopy of trees strung with Spanish moss.  This type of simple imagery always captures my eye because I know that it will make for great dream-pop media.

What is dream-pop photography and imagery?  Dream pop is where you use a pre-existing photograph of a place, person, or object to create a shoegaze/dream pop aesthetic in your pictures.

To me, the most important aspect of this is being able to use pictures that already have a dream-like quality to them.  I find that forest photography usually takes the cake when it comes to aspiring for the dreamy haze inside my head caught as an image. 

Typically, what I'll do is practice 5-Seasonal Mood and Blur Photography Tips plus create a summer mood board!  You can use these same tips to compliment any season that you'd like to try your hand at.

For beginners, I recommend trying your hand at a patch of grass or wildflowers first.  Even a fairy ring or mushroom patch will make a fabulous photo prop for conveying your message.

The message is to turn your photograph into a work of art that could eventually end up on your wall and if you're really good, maybe someday you'll see it on someone else's gallery wall!  Using a wonderland aesthetic will make your pictures dreamy and perceptive.
A Blue Dreamy Haze of a Tubular Wildflower in a Florida Wilderness in the heart of summertime

How to Create Dream Pop Images and Photography From Wildflowers

In order to get this technique down, you'll need to practice!  You can use an Instax camera, a simple point-and-shoot camera, or a DSLR camera with a zoom lens of your choosing.  The important thing is getting out there and blurring your focus.

What you'll want to do is find your patch of land and get on your hands and knees or zoom in on it to blur out the background.  The more you practice your camera work, the better you'll get at focusing in on objects and blurring out backgrounds until they look like white dots of cotton or fairy lights at high noon.

Believe me, you'll want your photographs to create a mood so when you go into it, think of the type of mood you'd like to create.  You can even use a summer mood board to pin-up images of the likeness of the atmosphere you're trying to evoke.

Another helpful hint would be to think about what goes into creating a mood or atmosphere that comes across as dreamy and ethereal.  Is it sun-filtered images?  Hues of greens and pink?

Is it string lights and glowing candles, fireplaces, or a cozy cabin feel?  It's always important to keep your intention in mind for the aesthetic you are trying to build into your image.

I personally find my best shoegaze images when I stumble across a fairy glen or meadow in the woodland.  I like to hunt for spots where there's either shadow lighting or sun-filtered flowers in brilliant colors that will pop in the image.

Wildflowers tend to switch their gaze throughout the day, turning their petals and stem toward the sun, and reaching for the light.  So, finding your light is another thing I recommend with this kind of photography.

The best times are in the morning, high noon, and during the magic hour for sun-filtered lighting and mood photography.  For shadow lighting, you'll want to walk deeper into the hygge style heart of nature.

You'll also want to use the seasons and let them be your guide to creating mood lighting and shadow work.  In the winter months, you're more likely to come across shadows draped across the forest floor in brilliant shades of dark and muted.

In the summer, everything becomes bright and cerebral, reaching sun rays into dark, divers places.  This makes it prime time to try your hand at sun-filtered images of sunflowers and sun storms, depending on your region.

That's another thing to keep in mind.  Use your local region and flora and fauna to capture the shoegaze aesthetic with ease and grace.

In Florida, our lighting starts earlier, and our summer months are filled with storm clouds rolling in on a hot, sweltering summer's day.  This allows for a lot of sun storms at random times throughout the day, which makes for some fun signature photography styles that you can develop over time!

Maybe you live in a place where you can see the Northern lights or out in the country where shooting stars are aplenty.  Always use your local region to develop a hand at photography!

You'll also want to use filters.  I personally use BeFunky for all my photo editing needs and filters.  If you're on Instagram you can use their filters or buy filter packs to add something dreamy to your everyday images.

I use Instant number two as it always creates a blue dream-like filter that creates a haze inside my images.  In addition to that, sometimes I like to layer my pictures with filters that make the picture even more dreamy and spiritual.

This also helps me to create a mood and atmosphere that I desire in my favorite pictures.  I got into Dream Pop photography quite by accident and have been loving it ever since!

Below, I've provided resources to some articles that use dream-pop/shoegaze aesthetics in my photographs for you to lean on for a reference.  I hope it gives you a whole new way of looking at the world and your place in it!
A camera filter with the dreamy haze of summer in aesthetic bloom of pinks and blues

Shoegaze Aesthetic Photography Images and Resources

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