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Meet Helios: Mini Rose Purple Flower Plant + Happy Mother's Day Gift

A miniature purple rose plant in the garden with rich, organic soil filled with nutrients
Meet Helios: Mini Rose Purple Flower Plant + Happy Mother's Day Gift!  Okay, Helios is a present for my mom in thanks and gratitude for all that she's done throughout my life.  My mom is not just my mother, but she's my best friend and someone I can trust with all my heart.

Most people associate Helios with Greek mythology and the Greek sun god, who exudes a radiant persona.  As soon as I met this miniature rose garden, I knew that would be her name!  There's something radiant and magical about her and she has a calm, soothing energy and presence, like that of my mom.

I knew all at once, they would pair well together!  My mom has a lot of blue and purple energy in her aura and so does her new mini rose garden plant.

Here are a few things about Helios that my mom needs to know.  By the way, this blog post is part of her ethical mother's day gift for creating more calm and cool in her life.

Helios Loves:
  • Moon water - During each full moon, fill up a water bottle and leave it on the porch so it can absorb the light of the moon to charge the water.  This creates the magical healing properties of moon water.
  • Sunlight - She loves to get in a healthy dose of vitamin C and vitamin D every single day, if only for a good hour.  She loves beaches, sunning herself, and tanning.  Her motto is to soak up the rays!
  • Summer - Helios has a favorite season where she gets to have fun in the sun and that favorite season just happens to be summer, which is pretty much at our doorstep right now.  
  • Lavender - She pairs well with English lavender and manicured English gardens on the lawn.
  • Adoration and Praise - Helios loves to be loved!  She's very sweet, playful, and spritely with childlike energy and essence.  She responds well to positive feedback.
  • Apple pie - This miniature rose bush loves apple pie!  It's her favorite, but it's fresh-baked that she prefers best.  
Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!  I love you.
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