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Try It! Create a Lifestyle Blog Bucket List

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So, you are starting a lifestyle blog and it's an ambitious goal.  Kudos to you!  Creating a lifestyle blog is a lot more fun when you create a bucket list of goals that you want to reach throughout the life of your blog.  Let me show you the way!

I have a lifestyle blog with a built-in niche, but because it is a lifestyle blog, I can easily make room for some really ambitious goals.  There are things you can do with a lifestyle blog, that you can't do with a niche blog.

For example, one of the things on my lifestyle blog bucket list is to create a fashionable style feature.  Even though my lifestyle blog has a business niche to it, meaning my content tends to revolve around the business of blogging, I can still incorporate this fun feature into my blog.

I suggest creating a blog post with your bucket list, to put the vibe out into the universe!  I'm going to share mine with you, so that you have an idea of things you can choose from, to add to your own bucket list.

To hold yourself accountable, you can even create posts to check things off your bucket list so you can see yourself achieving your wildest dreams!  This is a great way to check-in with yourself, and see where you're at.
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Lifestyle Blog Bucket List

  • Create a fashion feature that shows off my style
  • Design simple DIY blog posts
  • Share some of my easy, vegan recipes
  • Write a blog post about the true story of my blog successes and failures, that people can relate to.
  • Share with readers how to become a plant boss
  • Build a community around my blog in my own, unique way.  Working on this one!
  • Find a  way to include my favorite music in my posts or create a music feature for my blog.
  • Get 100,000 blog views, or unique visitors, per month!  This is one of my big goals.  Oh, and by the way, I have reached this goal before on one of my former blogs, so I have no doubt that I can do it again.
  • Create a wishlist for affiliate links of fashion items readers can buy.  
  • To get over 100,000 subscribers to my newsletter.  It seems like 100,000 is the magic number on everything for me right now.
  • To be able to share my posts about helping the environment  
I'm sure I'll keep adding things to my bucket list as they come to me.  Are any of my goals similar to yours?  Were you able to check any of them off?

My lifestyle blog is something that I'm always trying to focus on and channel my energy into.  The biggest thing I always want to be working on is creating great content and connecting with my readers.  Thanks for stopping by!
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