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Where Is Best to Wear My Crystals: Gemstone Jewelry Layering

Wearable nature and hiking pretty layered crystal necklaces and bracelets
Where is best to wear my crystals plus gemstone jewelry layering techniques for hiking pretty and wearable nature!  Crystal energy healing can really be worn anytime, anywhere. It's ultimately about divine timing. 

I am kind of a minimalist when it comes to wearing jewelry and adornment. Therefore, when I do wear a piece of jewelry or crystals in my bra, it has to mean something. 

Gemstone wearing is about creating magical healing and miracles on the go and for that, you need a quality crystal in the bra spell that does the work for you.

You ideally want to have a healing crystal on you at all times, whether in your bra or swinging from a necklace. This is due to the magical healing properties of raw stones. 

Crystals are living, breathing beings of elemental light. They have a soul and everything. Get to know the creature within and you'll have a friend for life!

A sparkling, pretty gemstone friend with a purpose. Whenever you wear a crystal necklace or gemstone tiara or ring, be sure to cleanse and activate your healing crystal with an intention. 

For more on wearable nature, you might love to read, How I Wear Whimsical Style in the Woodland. Nature embodies it's own magic!

When you wear crystals, wear them in layers! Wear gems in your bra that activate your energy during the day.

For an evening look, add a three geode necklace chains in varying sizes and lengths for a boost of extra potent magic! You can use three different crystals in fun colors.

If you ever get stuck on where is best to wear your crystals, simply revert to calling on the Archangel Jophiel. Jophiel is an Angel of potent aesthetic beauty and grace. 

She's got a star quality about her and is often depicted as the star card in tarot readings. I call on her all the time for what to wear that day. 

I'll let you in on a little secret: Intuition has a lot to do with crystal wearing fashion choices! Ask your crystals who you should wear that day and they will be sure to answer. 

Rose quartz for gentle aloe vera plant styled healing, white quartz for some clarity, and red agate for some grounding energy. Let your feelings be your guide to crystals!

It's about "knowing" which gemstone jewelry piece will help you accomplish your goal for that day.  Set an intention and the right gem will make its way to you in no time!

Stuck in a creative rut? Lapis lazuli is a blue swirling color of gem essence that will bring out the creative expression in you.

It's all about how you wear your gemstone jewelry in layers. Some crystals in your boobs and some sparkling gems in a sweet summer bracelet could bring some phenomenal happiness and good spirits your way! 

Always remember to go to the source if all else fails, which are the raw stones set about your home. See what they have to say about how to make a statement. 

For more on this topic, you might enjoy reading, Talking Gemstones: Healing Crystals for Emotional Healing and Talk Therapy!  Sparking a conversation with your favorite crystal can help you up the ante in your wardrobe. 

Crystals like to work together to create a bit of healing magic in all aspects of life. Why not fashion and beauty? 

Nothing says aesthetically pleasing like a raw gemstone mix of layered geode necklaces or a crystal adornment of barrettes in your long, flowing hair.  Let the crystal soul be your spirit guide! 
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