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Life As a Solitary Green Witch!

The Holistic Magic Energy Healing Kit

What is holistic magic and how do you use it.  I started using holistic magic several years ago before I even knew what it was.  Through the years, I've gotten more clarity on the topic, to better define what it is so I can use it my everyday life.

Let's start with defining what it is.  Holi…

Nature in an Envelope: Libby's Golden Pothos Plant Magic Kit

Nature in an envelope: Libby's golden pothos plant magic kit is meant to unlock the secrets of the botanical! Every plant, flower, and gemstone comes with a built-in nature spirit and magical properties that can be used for herbal remedies and spells.
The golden pothos plant is a hanging plan…

Currently: Moving Into a Tiny Home in the Tiny, Seaside Fishing Village I Live In

Guess what guys? Currently, I'm moving into a tiny home in the tiny, seaside fishing village that I live in crushed against the coast of Florida!
For months now, I've been fretting over the fact that the building I lived in was sold to a new owner that wanted to turn my place into an Airbnb…

What Slow Living Means to Me: A Mother Nature Field Guide

What slow living means to me is a mother nature field guide on how I live a slower life in Florida! Most of what takes place in my life happens in the tiny, seaside fishing village that I live in and while things might move slowly here, there's never a dull moment.

For me, living a slower lifes…

Elisabeth's Plant Cuttings Mystery Grab Bag + Plant Care Tips

Actual Plant Clippings Not Shown in Picture Today, I'm sharing with you Elisabeth's plant cuttings mystery grab bag + plant care tips from my Etsy shop! I've created this personal plant cutting report to help my customer get the most out of her meaningful shopping experience. Let's…

The Spiritual Hiking and Mental Clarity of Eco-Friendly Hiking Adventures

This is a blog post about the spiritual hiking and mental clarity of eco-friendly hiking adventures! There's something about mother nature that is very soothing and can be used as a spiritual mecca of messages from the fairies
It clears your mind of all the clutter, like a walking meditation …

A Message From the Fairies: Please Don't Litter and Pick Up Trash

Today, I have a message from the fairies saying, please don't litter and pick up trash! For the past couple of months, I've been hitting the Pinellas Trail rather than hiking in the park and came to a huge realization. More people at home during the coronavirus means more people trashing …

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