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Currently: Moving Into a Tiny Home in the Tiny, Seaside Fishing Village I Live In

Guess what guys? Currently, I'm moving into a tiny home in the tiny, seaside fishing village that I live in crushed against the coast of Florida!

For months now, I've been fretting over the fact that the building I lived in was sold to a new owner that wanted to turn my place into an Airbnb, and now the moment has finally arrived where I have to say goodbye to the home I lived in for more than five years.  This is a really big deal for me because I moved here with my youngest daughter after living in a single mom community for several years.  

This is a memory home, with lots of bittersweet memories of time well spent with all my daughters.  We did photoshoots in mother nature while living here, as well as lots of arts and crafts along the way.  

There are some memories that I'm more than happy to leave behind.  My middle daughter lost her baby boy, Baby Noah, at only two-months-old while I was living here, and that's a heartbreak you never completely get over.  

In addition to that, this time period is marked by me becoming an empty nester and learning how to adjust to that.  My youngest daughter Chloe moved out almost two years ago and I've never completely gotten over it.  

It's gotten much better though.  I've actually embraced this new phase of life!  I love being a grandma (I have two granddaughters and of course, Noah will always be my grandson for eternity) and having the life of a single woman in her forties.

Naturally, just like anyone else, I'd love to meet someone nice, settle down, and get married.  It's just that I'm very much living in the moment right now and trying to enjoy all that I have.  Once I leave the single life, it's forever, so why not have fun while I'm waiting for prince charming to come along?

Moving beyond that, I'm really excited (and scared) about this new adventure in life!  I'm moving into one of those tiny houses but without the storage solutions.  

The place I'm moving to is tucked away, like a secret hideaway, on a backstreet.  There's an old fishing camp back there with tiny blue houses that have been updated for the modern times.  

I guess it's safe to say that I'm doing a bit of downsizing.  It's the size of an efficiency apartment, but with a full kitchen.  

There's pretty much a hot water heater as my closet space and a teeny tiny bathroom with a shower.  Back when Ozona first started out, men would come from all over to stay at the fishing camp for trips away from the woman folk.  Now, I'm living in one of the places they stayed in!

There's a lot of Southern history in my new tiny home.  In fact, there's a rich history that sits in the heart of Ozona, which was mainly used for fishing and distribution back in the day.  

Moving into a tiny house has proven to be difficult.  It's like Sophie's Choice, but for my stuff.  I'm donating a lot of large furniture and books to the local Sherrif's Youth Ranch.  

I've been completely overwhelmed by this move.  It came out of nowhere unexpectedly, as the owners of my current building decided to press forward with their plans to do vacation rentals.  

I was fortunate to find such a cute place so quickly in a town that's very expensive to live in.  I personally love the fact that I'll be living in an old fishing camp.  I like places with a lot of history and stories to tell.  

  Today, I am starting to pack up and I'll be in my new tiny house by next weekend!  I find it ironic that I made a joke recently about wanting to live a more minimalist lifestyle, like beyond what I am already living, and apparently, God took that to heart.

I am currently weeding out the things that no longer serve me and my timing couldn't be more perfect with this full moon in Sagittarius lunar eclipse in the works.  Full moons are all about letting go and releasing things that no longer have a place in your life.

It's not too late!  The full moon energy starts three days before and then three days after the highest point.  For more on how to release things with the full moon, call on the moon angel Archangel Haniel for guidance on what to do.  

Overall, there's a lot of feel-good vibes coming from this move.  I'm not going to lie, I don't do well with change, but the angels and Jesus are holding me up through all the shifts, changes, and transitions.  

I feel like I can get through this with the support of my spiritual team.  It actually feels really good to be giving things away, to be downsizing, and only keeping the things that matter the most to me.  Honestly, I was starting to accumulate too much stuff anyway.  

The next step for me will be to start working toward living a more waste-free lifestyle, but I'm still a work in progress.  I still have miles to go before I sleep.

In the meantime, I've got to get back to my packing.  I promise to write a blog post on my minimalist lifestyle soon, as well as give you a tour of my tiny house in the nearby future!  Thanks for reading...xo
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