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Elisabeth's Plant Cuttings Mystery Grab Bag + Plant Care Tips

Prayer plant clippings, aloe vera pup, jade plant cutting, golden pothos root, wandering jew plant, assorted plant cutting mix
Actual Plant Clippings Not Shown in Picture
Today, I'm sharing with you Elisabeth's plant cuttings mystery grab bag + plant care tips from my Etsy shop! I've created this personal plant cutting report to help my customer get the most out of her meaningful shopping experience. Let's begin!

First of all, let's talk about what kind of plants I chose for Elisabeth for her plant clippings mystery grab bag and plant care kit.  This assorted mix of plant life comes with a prayer plant clipping, wandering jew plant, donkey tail succulent plant cutting, jade plant cutting, a tiny aloe vera pup, a bundle of golden pothos hanging plant leaves, and a calla lily clipping to boot!

Let's talk about each clipping on an individual basis and what kind of care is involved with these kinds of plants taking root in the home of my customer.  Whether she decides to plant them in a garden or care for them as a potted houseplant, they each have their own special plant care needs.  

Remember, plants have a life force of their own!  All plants come with a built-in nature spirit.  This means that each plant clipping holds a distinct name and personality where they can perform energy healings to their caregiver.

In this case, Elisabeth is the caregiver and she's giving them a new home, filled with stability and a grounded kind of love.  Plants make people happy by emitting green energy healing to their caregiver and the household they take root in!

Prayer Plants (Photograph Not Shown) - A prayer plant is the type of plant that stays open during the day with their big, broad leaves and then close at night for rest and relaxation.  When they go all nocturnal, that's when I feel like they are in prayer mode.  If you ever need a prayer answered, give it to your prayer plant for comfort and reassurance!

Prayer plant care:  I found out through personal experience that prayer-plants really like a room with a view with lots of sunlight streaming through the windows.  The best place in the home for a prayer plant is in the bedroom.  Give the prayer plant a prayer each night to see miracles happen right before your very eyes!

Wandering Jew Plant (Photograph Not Shown) - A wandering jew plant is a purple plant that can easily thrive in an outdoor survival situation.  They are hearty purple plants that grow wild and free and love the great outdoors. 

Wandering Jew plant care:  These low maintenance plants thrive in an outdoor setting.  They typically can live off rainwater and sunshine, even wel into the hottest months of summer.  Do really well in a potted plant that remains outdoors versus domesticated.  You can even plant this purple maven in your garden!

Jade Plant (Photograph Not Shown) - The jade plant, also known as a money plant, has the ability to bring wealth and abundance into your life.  I recommend giving these plant spirit offerings, like throwing pennies in the soil to watch your prosperity and money flow grow.  Jade plant is also a superb healing plant with its textbook greenery.  

Jade plant care:  Jade plants do really well amongst other succulent plants.  They seem to thrive in communities of spiritually like-minded plants.  Jade plant is a money plant, therefore you may want to plant her in a pot with other jade plants or succulents, and put her in the wealth and prosperity corner of your home.  This is a Feng shui principle that can help bring more wealth into your life!

Donkey Tail Succulent Plant (Photograph Not Shown) - Donkey tails are delicate, kind of fragile plants that come in a long strand of beads that are succulents.  They do well living in their own planted pot and flying solo!

Donkey tail plant care:  The number one rule when it comes to donkey tail plants is to not overwater them!  Use one or two ice cubes every few days or so to water your plant.  I would also give them indirect sunlight daily.  A windowsill pot is a good place to keep your plant as a pet!

Aloe Vera Plant Pup (Photograph Not Shown) - Aloe vera plants are low maintenance plants that need very little to survive.  They are emotional healing plants.  If you are healing from the heartbreak of any kind, spend time holding your aloe vera pup in the palm of your hand and pour your heart out to her.  By the time you are done releasing the emotional turmoil you're in, your aloe vera plant will have performed a gently green energy healing on you!

Aloe vera pup plant care:  Aloe vera plants need a lot of sunshine in order to thrive and grow, so make sure to give your aloe vera plenty of direct sunlight every single day, especially during the summer months.  Also, they don't like to be fussed over so only water them once a week.  Aloe vera pups do best in their own potted plant.  Just remember they get big and tend to outgrow their pot quickly so be ready to make adjustments as you go along!

Calla Lily Plant (Photograph Not Shown) - Calla Lilies or peace lilies, as they are sometimes called, are peaceful plants that prefer to live and work alone in their own pot with rich, organic soil.  They do best in the springtime and I've come to find that they like indirect sunlight only!

Calla lily plant care:  Cala lilies don't like to be fussed over.  I find they do better when you leave them alone.  Add a couple of ice cubes once or twice a week and they are good to go!  Don't keep them in windowsills or places where sunlight can hit them directly.  This causes this flowering plant to brown and eventually decay.  That's no bueno!

Golden Pothos (Photograph Not Shown) - The golden pothos plant is a hanging plant that vines its way in and out of hanging pots.  They do really well in the family room in the house and typically like to be near people.  They also thrive in a kitchen setting, as long as they aren't near any heat from the kitchen stove or oven.  Golden pothos is a low maintenance plant that thrives in an indoor setting!

Golden pothos plant care:  Add a handful of ice cubes to your hanging plant a couple times a week and you are good to go!  This domesticated houseplant does well inside the home and would not do well in an outdoor setting.  They need very little sunlight to survive, just whatever sun filtered light enters the room their in.  

Elisabeth's Plant Cuttings Mystery Grab Bag + Plant Care Tips

The plant clippings that I sent Elisabeth will arrive in a padded envelope.  Each plant cutting was labeled and placed in individual plastic bags with a wet paper towel wrapped around the stem of the plants.  I also added an aventurine gemstone, a snail garden figurine, and painted rock as surprise gifts for my customer!

Since using individual plastic ziplock bags isn't the best waste-free choice, I'll be working to improve my packaging system in the nearby future.  I underestimated the packaging that went into a plant grouping like this, so I would like to find a waste-free alternative to packaging and shipping plants by mail.  

In the nearby future, I'll be selling individual plant cuttings in fun novelty envelopes, but in a group plant setting that just doesn't work.  I wanted to ensure that the plants I sent to Elisabeth would not only survive, but thrive!  

A Letter From Laurali Star:

Dear Elisabeth, 

I just wanted to send you a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for shopping with Shop Everyday Laurali Star!  I try to give my customers a meaningful shopping experience.  I love meeting plant-minded friends through my Etsy shop and blog.  

It's important to note that your plant clippings must be planted right away.  If you look at the stem of the plants, you'll see that many of them have roots.  Plants with roots will take root easily.  

Plants without roots can be transported to individual pots with rich, organic soil.  I recommend getting them out of a state of shock from travel right away so they have the best chance of survival.  

Make them feel at home by giving them their own pot or place in the garden.  Then, find a suitable place for them in your home using my plant care guide above.  

You can pair aloe vera plants with rose quartz crystals to help heal them right away and you can add aventurine adventure gemstone (included in your plant kit) for plants like jade, golden pothos, and prayer plant.  Healing gemstone essence is like rescue aid for your new plant seedlings!

Finally, if you have any questions about plant care recovery, feel free to keep the conversation going with me on Etsy.  I'm happy to help!  ⧪

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If you enjoyed your experience with Shop Everyday Laurali Star and the plant clipping mystery grab bag plant kit, please leave me a five-star review on Etsy.  Your business is much appreciated!  If there's a problem with any of your plant clippings, be sure to give me a chance to fix it first, so that I can give you a stellar customer experience!
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