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Nature in an Envelope: Libby's Golden Pothos Plant Magic Kit

A golden pothos plant cutting in an envelope in the backyard of a Florida backyard in a tiny, seaside fishing village
Nature in an envelope: Libby's golden pothos plant magic kit is meant to unlock the secrets of the botanical! Every plant, flower, and gemstone comes with a built-in nature spirit and magical properties that can be used for herbal remedies and spells.

The golden pothos plant is a hanging plant that does really well in a natural home environment.  You'll often find her growing her way out of plant pots that hang from the ceiling or vining her way out of the pot and into your heart!

The golden pothos is a hearty houseplant that can withstand just about anything.  She's a survivor with a heart of gold, given her the signature name and personality she acquires.  

If you are looking for a plant that is totally low-maintenance, then the golden pothos plant is your girl!  She doesn't require a lot from you as far as a plant care guide.  But, we'll get into that in just a moment!

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Nature in an Envelope: Libby's Golden Pothos Plant Magic Kit

After a long trip to through international waters, your houseplant clipping must be potted and planted right away.  Just keep in mind that she might be in a bit of a shock at first, just like anyone who has traveled long distances.  She may be a bit jet-lagged so give her a minute and make her feel at home!

Golden Pothos - The golden pothos plant is a hanging plant that vines its way in and out of hanging pots.  They do really well in the family room in the house and typically like to be near people.  They also thrive in a kitchen setting, as long as they aren't near any heat from the kitchen stove or oven.  Golden pothos is a low maintenance plant that thrives in an indoor setting!

Golden pothos plant care:  Add a handful of ice cubes to your hanging plant a couple times a week and you are good to go!  This domesticated houseplant does well inside the home and would not do well in an outdoor setting.  They need very little sunlight to survive, just whatever sun filtered light enters the room they are in.  

Meet Santos: Libby's Golden Pothos Plant Cutting

Congratulations, it's a boy!!!  Plants can be androgynous, meaning they can have either feminine energy or masculine energy.  

So, if you hear me refer to your houseplant as a girl or boy, know that it can go either way and I make the determination based on the energy that I'm presented with in the end.  Plant spirits can be used with pronouns of him and her, so try not to worry about the sex of your plant baby too much!

Santos has a male or masculine energy or what would commonly be referred to as yang energy.  Santos is a golden pothos plant cutting that's ready to adapt, grow, and evolve into the houseplant of your dreams!

Fun Facts About Santos the Golden Pothos Plant Spirit:

  • Santos is a kind of a loner rebel who hates rules and conformity
  • His favorite book is, "The Catcher in the Rye" and whenever possible, he loves reading books in the park.  
  • He's crazy about the color purple, so if possible, you might try to place him in a purple or lavender colored plant pot.
  • Santos really digs the music from the fifties, especially Elvis.  Elvis is like his life force, his hero.  If you can, play Elvis in the house every now and then to keep his spirits up.  
  • He really likes to be left alone a lot and he doesn't like to be fussed over.  He prefers a plant caretaker who gives him a little water and sun-filtered light with a lot of personal freedom.
  • He doesn't like being told what to do.  He wants to grow wherever he wants to.  Therefore, if he gets bigger and starts outgrowing and hanging over his pot, feel free to take plant clippings and put him in fresh new plant stands and cute planters.  
  • Santos really likes hanging out with women.  He prefers the companionship of women over men.  He's usually very discerning of his friends, but when he does have a friend, it's usually a female best friend.  
  • He has a knack for healing the space that he's in and clearing it of all negative energy.  If you are ever in a fight with someone, place Santos in the room to clear the conflict energy straight away.  
  • Santos pairs really well with purple amethyst stones and healing crystals.  
  • His main goal in life is to keep growing, evolving, and adapting which means his central theme is to grow his way into other cute planters in your home or flat.  
  • He adores natural lighting.  Sun filtered light streaming through the living room area is his absolute favorite.  
  • His all-time favorite flower to hang out with is the feminine energy of the lavender flower plant.  They are complete opposites yet pair really well together in the same home or living space!
  • Santos likes corners to hang out in.  Find a corner to hang him from when he gets bigger and he will be loyal to you for life!
Plant-based adoption papers, adoption certificate for plantcare, plant healing, plant magic, plant energy healing, & More!

Santos Plant Adoption Papers + Shareable Link

Click here for a link to adoption papers for pdf/print for offline use!

Golden Pothos Plant Magic Healing Properties

The golden pothos is one of the heartiest plants I know!  Her magical healing properties come from the beautiful built-in nature spirit she comes with.  

The best way to unlock the magical plant energy healing properties of a golden pothos hanging plant is to let him or her grow freely.  The reason they are such strong survivors is that they have a lot of room to grow wildly and free.  They are known for growing in and out of cute planters and plant stands with ease and grace, especially hanging planters!

Golden Pothos for Spell Use:

Since the golden pothos signifies strength, heartiness, and survival I believe her best use would be to in a healthcare spell or a spell in which to make your spiritual business grow and bloom.  Pair her with a sprig of lavender flower and an amethyst crystal healing stone and that magnifies her magical properties even further!

For a health and wellness spell, simply plant your golden pothos cutting in a purple pot with four amethyst gemstones of the raw variety.  You can use smooth amethyst healing crystals as well, but for this spell raw crystals works better.  It amplifies the power of the spell.

Here's why:  Raw amethyst is wild and free, untouched by mankind, untumbled and unfettered.  This speaks to holistic health on a cellular level.  This is a truly potent plant spell!

Why Four?  You need four raw gemstones because four is the number in Feng shui that works in accordance with the wealth and prosperity corner of the home.  In this case, your goal is to have abundant health.  Believe it or not, health and wealth go together!

In addition to that, choose four sprigs of English lavender dried flower to place with each amethyst gemstone.  As you'll notice, this all accompanies the color purple, which is associated with the purple light ray!

The purple light ray is for unlocking spiritual evolution and growth, as well as psychic powers and manifestation.  Combine that with a holistic energy spell and you've got the remedy for perfect health!

Utter the magical words that you want to say.  It can be as simple as a tiny little note with your health and wellness goal.  Bury it in your planter and you're good to go!

This same spell can be tweaked for growing your business or moving up in your career.  It can even be used for finding your life's purpose!  Simply write several tiny notes that signify your business or career goals.  For life purpose clarity, simply ass a white quartz crystal to the mix and place it on top of one of your secret notes.  

Remember: Words hold power!  Words are magical and can heal on a deeper, spiritual plane of existence!  

Golden Pothos For Healing Remedy:

This is a super easy herbal remedy!  Carry your golden pothos in a tiny pot or wearable planter wherever you go for a plant energy healing.  

It heals you in mind, body, spirit, and heart chakra.  It will balance all your chakras and will connect you with angels who live on the purple light ray, such as the Archangel Michael!

Connecting with your botanical by carrying her with you wherever you go is a great way to connect with the nature spirit within!  All plants, gemstones, and flowers come with a built-in nature spirit and they each have a name and distinct personality.  

By spending time with your botanical, she may unlock even more healing properties than you thought she could!  Healing is a lot like natural lighting in the plant world.  It comes with intuitive guidance and messages received as a download of information or as a clear "knowing."

With plant spirits, just let the healing messages shine through as they come!  The golden pothos will be sure to have a lot to say in regards to healing guidance.  


Dear Libby, 

I just wanted to send you a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for shopping with Shop Everyday Laurali Star!  I try to give my customers meaningful shopping experience.  I love meeting plant-minded friends through my Etsy shop and blog.  

It's important to note that your plant clippings must be planted right away.  If you look at the stem of the plants, you'll see that many of them have roots.  Plants with roots will take root easily.  

Plants without roots can be transported to individual pots with rich, organic soil.  I recommend getting them out of a state of shock from travel right away so they have the best chance of survival.  

Make them feel at home by giving them their own pot or place in the garden.  Then, find a suitable place for them in your home using my plant care guide above.  

Finally, if you have any questions about plant care recovery, feel free to keep the conversation going with me on Etsy.  I'm happy to help!  ⧪


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