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The Spiritual Hiking and Mental Clarity of Eco-Friendly Hiking Adventures

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This is a blog post about the spiritual hiking and mental clarity of eco-friendly hiking adventures! There's something about mother nature that is very soothing and can be used as a spiritual mecca of messages from the fairies

It clears your mind of all the clutter, like a walking meditation in nature, and who doesn't love that kind of peace of mind? Whenever I take a nature walk, I use it as an opportunity to talk openly with the nature spirits, ascended masters, angels, and spirit guides. You'd never know while walking by me the conversations I'm having with my spiritual team!

I'm always using this time to connect with the faerie realm and to look within.  It's while hitting the hiking trails that it's easiest for me to find God.  

Recently, I took a long hiatus from the park that I always go to in order to hit the Pinellas Trail near my house.  I was trying to be fuel-efficient and green-friendly by staying home.  As soon as I started feeling the need to get grounded in earth's sacred energy, I went to Hammock Park and immediately received messages from spirit!

That particular day I went out into nature to connect with Goddess Parvati.  I've written about her a lot on this blog and she can easily be found in mother nature!

Goddess Parvati is a down to earth, crunchy granola girl who practices yoga on mountain tops off the beaten grid.  In a way, I feel like she's like Gaia Earth in that you can find her in any feather, leaf, or petal.  She's as majestic as the mountains she practices yoga poses from.  

She teaches that in the heart of the forest and in every tree limb, you can connect with your inner goddess and find your spirituality within.  Nature is a place where you can walk the hiking trails in search of the truth and you'll find it.  She'll place it right in the palm of your hand.

Eco-Friendly Hiking Adventures

You are probably wondering what makes a hike in the forest eco-friendly?  Eco-friendly hiking adventures are where you take the time to pick up litter and clean up the park as you go along.  Sometimes, it can even go above and beyond that.

When taking an eco-tour of the mountains, streams, and forest you're going to want to use vegan hiking boots or at the very least, find yourself a hearty vintage pair of hiking boots from another place in time.  In addition to a quality pair of women's vegan hiking boots with floral print on them (a.k.a. the pair that I want!), you'll want to try to wear sustainable clothing and a vegan leather hiking backpack for holding treasures that you find!

Another thing you can do is make sure to bring some earth-friendly utensils with you instead of a single-use plastic spoon or fork!  This way, if you stop for a midday picnic in the woodland, you won't have to worry about cluttering up the natural environment with more plastic.  Plus, it's a wonderful habit to get into period!

Naturally, you'll need a BPA-free water bottle for hydration!  Read, Field Notes For Making a Rose Quartz Water Bottle For Hiking Adventures, so you'll know what to bring with you.  

For more fruit infuser water bottle recipes, you'll enjoy reading, Magical Herb Ingredients For Your Water Infuser Bottle!  Herbs and non-toxic gemstones are a great way to bring a little magic into your hiking trip.

I also recommend packing a picnic basket with homemade goodies if you plan on doing a long, arduous hike.  This way you have a way to pack up after you eat a healthy, delicious plant-based lunch. 

It's important to be eco-conscious as you walk the forest floor.  I believe more clarity comes from that because the elementals tend to be more open-minded with people who care about planet earth.  It's important to them.

Once they connect you through their spiritual portal, then communication begins!  The more you head into the woods, the easier it is to connect with gnomes, elves, and flower fairies each and every time.

 Find Your Inner Nature Goddess

In order to find God/Goddess in the heart of the faerie realm, you must look within first, and you must reflect on that in silent meditation.  The best place to do that is while hiking and going on camping adventures in wild places!

To go on a spiritual hike to gain mental clarity is as simple as holding a crisp, fall leaf in your hand.  You simply have to be open to a Bohemian style adventure in whimsical places!

How to go on spiritual walks:  

When you're on an outdoor adventure, you are on a spiritual journey!  You just have to open your mind up to what is all around you.  The flora and fauna and wild adventures.

In addition to that, you can simply be yourself and start praying or talking casually to the fey, ascended master, or angel of your choice.  The other day, I walked through the park for two-hours talking to Jesus about life! 

If you open up the dialogue with your spirit helper, you'll either feel a presence or you'll hear a voice.  Sometimes, the spirit communicates through signs and synchronicity.  This means you might find a feather on the ground or see a painted rock with a message just for you!

When you are looking for mental clarity on a camping getaway or collecting wildflowers, you simply have to be open to a spiritual experience.  You never know what it may look like so be open to the inexplicable.

It is in the forest where the fairies introduce you to yourself in your purest form.  It's the nature goddess within that looks at the world with child-like innocence and wonder!  Wherever that is, that's where you are.

If you have a problem that needs to be worked out or you seek answers to a question, seek refuge in the heart of nature.  It is a great place to gain spiritual insights to any subject!

You can even plan ahead by setting an intention that you are going to take a long hike and speak to the fairy elementals in their natural habitat.  You can prepare yourself by bringing a spell with a fairy offering to serve up!

This is the kind of stuff that makes the fairies and plant spirits happy.  It makes them dance and sing around tree stumps and mushroom rings.  When the nature spirits are happy, you can bet you'll become happier and more clear too!
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