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What Slow Living Means to Me: A Mother Nature Field Guide

A pale, tan butterfly in the butterfly garden of Hammock Park in Florida
What slow living means to me is a mother nature field guide on how I live a slower life in Florida! Most of what takes place in my life happens in the tiny, seaside fishing village that I live in and while things might move slowly here, there's never a dull moment.

For me, living a slower lifestyle involves a lot of time well spent in nature.  It means making my morning hikes a priority over a fast-paced life!

 It means even during busy days, I make time for earthing on the go!  I try to be mindful of how I spend my time and discerning on who I spend my time with.  

One of the best ways to do that is through the incorporation of slow workouts where I get to spend more time grounding myself in Mother Gaia energy!  My daily workout routine includes hiking adventures and a daily dose of vinyasa flow yoga.  

Even when I'm in the midst of my yoga practice, I'm mindfully looking out into my backyard oasis as I do tree poses!  To me, this is the sorta thing that slow living dreams are made of.

Hiking is a great full-body cardio workout, as you walk the forest floor up and down hills at varying elevations through a wilderness of fairy tale making.  I try to get to the park or walk the Pinellas Trail nearly every single day.  

I also try to make my eco-friendly hiking adventures fun!  I usually have my camera at the ready so I can enjoy the fun of lifestyle photography.

A big part of living a slower life is getting out into nature and finding a lot of outdoor recreational activities.  Here are the ones that I participate in.  Most of the time, I'm a solitary green witch when I'm in my element!

Eco-Friendly Hiking Adventures:

  1. Picking up litter (Not a fun activity, but a worthy cause)
  2. Foraging for mushrooms and golden berries
  3. Reading books in the park
  4. Practicing forest photography
  5. Talking to the nature spirits at magic hour
  6. Forest bathing adventures (a slower-paced hiking workout style)
  7. Collecting wildflowers in the meadow
  8. Wearing flowers in my hair handpicked from the garden
  9. Spending time with woodland creatures and making friends with the animals
  10. Conversing with butterflies in the butterfly garden of Hammock Park
Slow living means living a life of leisurely strolls through botanical gardens, lazy summer days reading in the hammock, and long nights gazing at stars.  It means being free from the constraints of time and making spirituality your top priority.  

In my experience, plants, spirituality, and wellness all tend to tangle up to form a perfect knot.  Mindfulness, a branch of yoga and wellness, help you to slow down and approach life with a gentler touch.  

Don't get me wrong:  I still have my busy days just like anyone else and I tend to get butterflies in my stomach when I'm stressed out.  That's why heading back into nature is the perfect herbal remedy for all of life's problems.  

It's like an old childhood home you remember fondly.  A warm blanket on a frosty winter's day.  An old book worn from use that feels like comfort food to your senses.  

This all makes it easier to take a slower approach to modern living.  I do everything at my own pace, in my own time.  

For me, the slow lifestyle involves living without rules, except the ones we set for ourselves.  It means taking a forest bath in the middle of the day and moonlight hiking after midnight during a full moon.  It means whatever you want it to mean to you.

This means that slow living is like tofu, taking on the taste and essence of whatever it is cooked with.  You can make a slower life by creating holidays, sacred rituals, and home life that only have meaning to you.  

Kinfolk style, slow living means approaching the veggie portion of life with friendliness toward nature.  You get to the point where you acknowledge that your houseplants have a soul.  You quickly understand that plant spirits are living, breathing creatures with a hot take on your life.  

Deep-diving into it further, you come to understand that time in the garden is time well spent.  You foster vibrant kinfolk style orange carrots and eat raw farm-fresh tomatoes from the back gate.  You throw salt over your left shoulder to veer away bad spirits and plant basil in your windowsill herb garden for good luck.  

The greatest thing about slow living to me is that the story I'm writing could be mine, it could be yours, it could be a fairy tale ending with a magical realism twist.  You make up the rules as you go along.  

The most important part about slow adventures for me is that I get to be myself, holistically.  I've always treasured being a free spirit and slow living helps me live a more bohemian lifestyle in the magical realism nature field guide!

But, that's what slow living means to me.  It means communicating with the faerie folk and surrounding myself with greenery and natural scenery.  

What it means to you only you can know.  I enjoy a slow travel adventure as much as the next person.  Tell me what slow living means to you and your heart.  
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