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Why I Sometimes Feel Like a Crappy Vegan

Sometimes I feel like a crappy vegan.  Most of the time, I eat things like what I'm holding in the picture above. Lemons and warm water in the morning make the perfect elixir to get your metabolism going first thing!  
However, there are times when I mess up or give in to temptation.  There aren…

DIY Food Diary For Mindful Eating and Weight Loss

Food diaries don't lie! As long as you are being "real with yourself, food diaries can't lie. They are there as more of an outside observer, sitting there plain-spoken, without judgment, and without any opinions.

Food diaries, on the other hand, can be the most useful tool in your eatin…

Get Free Yes or No Tarot Readings

Today, I'm sharing with you how you can get some free stuff with yes or no instant tarot readings and secret messages with unicorns, mermaids, and Goddess Freya.  Get your free yes or no tarot readings by signing up for my newsletter at the bottom of this post!
In the meantime, I've decided …

Letters From the Universe: Writing Distance Energy Healing Letters

Today, I wanted to share with you a post on, Letters From the universe: Writing Distance Energy Healing Letters! This post is written for my friend April who inspired me to retouch on the concept. Thanks, April!
I thought it was time for a fresh take and a modern update on, Letters to the universe…

Summer by the Pool and Backyard Adventures + Florida Style Living

This time around, I thought it be fun to share summer by the pool and backyard adventures + Florida style living with everyone! As my daughter pointed out, I'm really behind on my photo editing these days.
Whenever I take a break from blogging, my photography duties really tend to fall by the w…

Nature Journal: Welcome to My Little Nature-Inspired Blog Journey

Welcome to my little nature-inspired blog of sustainable living and a waste-free lifestyle with mostly raw vegan recipes foraged from the forest floor and the local farmer's market whenever possible.  I believe in being a good person, living off the land, and getting back to our primitive roots…

Summer Love: A Journal of a Seasonal Shift in My Life

This is a blog post about summer love and a journal of a seasonal shift in my life! I really like recording the seasons of my life as the tide turns, moon phases cycle out, and life turns another page in the chapter of my novel.

Seasons of Life:Spring Magic: A Journal of a Seasonal Shift In My Life

Wearable Nature: My Favorite Summer Hairstyle For Heat and Humidity

Summer is in full force and this is my wearable nature guide for my favorite summer hairstyle for heat and humidity!  Living in Florida is an action in slow living in and of itself.  You learn to embrace long Indian summers while your cotton eyelet dress clings to your legs.
Therefore, you learn to …

A Return to Teaching Holistic Health and Natural Remedies

I am making a return to teaching holistic health and natural remedies and it feels good!  I've missed whipping up vegan recipes and motivating people to work out.  As cheesy as it sounds, it makes me happy to help people.

I went through hell these last few years.  Literal hell.  My baby grandson…

The Mermaid Detox Diet: An Eat Light Guide for Summer

The Mermaid Detox Diet is the perfect way to align with the sea and the universe.  If you begin to feel fragmented or highly anxious, mermaids have a soothing way of smoothing ruffled feathers through a holistic healing method called a detox.  Nobody does a detox better than mermaids!

How does a det…

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