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Future Nature Photography Goals and Features For the Blog

Seasonal Bucket List for Everyday Laurali Star - photo of Bumblebee pollinating a pretty white flower bloom
Here are my future nature photography goals and lifestyle features for the blog!  I've been really working on outlining my future goals for blogging and photography, which tend to go hand-in-hand.  Plus, it's always good to have goals and dreams and aims to reach for the stars!

I enjoy photography so much that I really want to incorporate more snapshots of my family.  You can read about my family tradition of mother-daughter photoshoots to inspire your own family pictures!  It's a great way to get the family together and bond over some vegan roasted marshmallows.

I have a lot of old pictures that I sometimes throw in for a flashback when I'm feeling nostalgic, but I'd really like to capture the new image of our family, as it is definitely growing and expanding.  I now have two daughters with babies of their own!

The girls are getting older and they are starting their own families and living their lives independent from me, so when we get together I want to continue to make the most of our quality time. 

 So, this means more family photoshoots, baby photoshoots for the holidays, and lifestyle photography galore.

While I'll continue to use the backdrop of nature for family photo albums, I'll still continue to carry on with my tradition of using nature to tell a story on my blog, as that is very important to me.  Family is just one aspect of bringing in the new and I'm excited about that!

My bucket list goes above and beyond family though, as Everyday Laurali Star, still means I'm the face of the brand.  This means that my next photography goal is to do more self-portraits in nature.  

This means that I'll have to practice setting the self-timer on my camera so that maybe I can get in more images of myself in all of nature's glory.

I realized that I don't show my face a lot on my blog and feel like it's good for my readers to put a face to a name.  So, I'm going to experiment with taking self-portraits and finding camera techniques for that.  Should be fun!

I know that last autumn, I did a lot of self-portraits laying down in the grass and on the boardwalk in nature.  Those turned out really cute, so I'll continue to take selfies that way.  But, I also want to try a self-timer and using a stand to take full-body photographs.  I wear a lot of long, floor-length dresses and it would be nice to get my dresses in the picture!

Here's why: I'd really like to create a fashion feature.  Right now, I have wearable nature as fashion and beauty feature and category on my blog, but I'm planning on doing a feature on hiking pretty.  Since dressing to the nines and then heading out to nature is something I sometimes do, I think it would be fun to see how I put an outfit together so quickly with natural, organic fabrics and natural makeup.

I'm a girly nature lover, so for me, it would be a lot of photoshoots amidst the beauty of nature with flowers in my hair and cute hiking hairstyles for the granola crunchy girl.  I really like the thought of doing something that's more accessible and relatable to women.

I also plan on doing more tutorials with plants, such as creating purses where you can carry your plants or finding ways to wear nature and bring it with you wherever you go.  I have a lot of future goals for this and am working with green, ethical companies to make some of these dreams a reality.

Oh and I'm really excited to purchase a new pair of vegan hiking boots!  I feel like it would be a great goal to show that never leather is eco-friendly and comfortable to wear when hiking in nature and going on slow travel adventures.  Honesty, at the end of the day, I'm just the girl with the vegan hiking boots.

I feel like working with vegan never leather companies will help other people to fulfill their commitment to veganism too.  Being vegan is wabi-sabi style.  It's imperfect, but you keep trekking on and trying new vegan clothing items and foods that work for you.  So, vegan leather hiking boots are definitely on my goal list for the future of my blog!

Let's see, what else?  I'd like to add more gemstone posts to the blog.  I've been meaning to write more about healing crystals and flat lays, so you can look forward to that in the nearby future.  I'm a huge fan of creating DIY flat lay with plant art funcrystal grids, and seashells.  I'll be writing an upcoming post on how to create flat lay designs this holiday season.

I'll also be doing more food photography posts for vegan recipes and foraging for food.  You can read my entire forage section here to get started.  You'll see more woodland gatherings and outdoor celebrations for kinfolk style, slow living in my picture taking style.

As you can see, I have a lot of photography plans for Everyday Laurali Star, and all of them will keep in line with my nature-inspired, woodland-themed blog.  I just want to keep growing as a photographer and stop being a shy little butterfly when it comes to practicing self-portraits.
A bumblebee drinking nectar from a white yarrow flower in a green meadow in New England Summer

Future Nature Photography Goals and Lifestyle Features For the Blog

  • More family snapshots in the slow living lifestyle section of the blog in the backdrop of nature
  • Self-Portraits and selfies to get over my shy, introverted nature
  • Food photography and foraging tips with mushrooms, berries, and dandelions
  • Food photography flat lay designs for vegan and gluten-free recipes and stories
  • Flat Lay Designs with a slow living and nature-friendly spin on it
  • Full-body photographs to show off floor-length dresses and bare feet
  • Vegan hiking boots to show off ethical branding and how to go never leather
  • Fashion Feature for hiking pretty in nature with wearable nature designs
  • Even more nature-friendly images of insects, woodland creatures, and greenery
I'm always looking to take my photography to the next level.  As a blogger and photographer, you got to keep upping your photography game.  What are your photography goals for your blog or the next season of your life? Do tell!
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