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Today, I'm sharing with you how you can get some free stuff with yes or no instant tarot readings and secret messages with unicorns, mermaids, and Goddess Freya.  Get your free yes or no tarot readings by signing up for my newsletter at the bottom of this post!

In the meantime, I've decided to compile a list of all the ins and outs of each free offering and break it down for you.  If you sign up today, you'll not only get your free instant tarot readings and secret goddess messages but every month moving forward, you can look forward to a new tarot reading.  I'm so excited to share this free offering with you!  

Keep reading to find out all about your free goodies.  It's a cornucopia of free stuff that goes above and beyond the latest news and the latest posts on the blog.  
A young mermaid girl in a kiddie pool brushing her hair with a dinglehopper (fork) in the summertime

Mermaid Tarot Reading (Yes or No Instant Answer) - For Starting an Online Business

Mermaid Tarot Reading (Yes or No Instant Answer) - For Starting an Online Business and Blogging is perfect for anyone who has been thinking about creating a startup.  The question is: Should I start an online business or blog?  You'll get an instant answer to your question via the mermaids and the water realm.

What does Mermaid Instant Tarot Reading Come With:

Since this particular question involves starting a blog or business, not only do you get your answer, but the mermaids don't leave you hanging.

You'll receive:

1.  A 6-page instant digital download that's printable.

2.  A Yes, No, or Maybe answer from the mermaids on whether to start a business or blog in full-detail

3.  How to Create a Quick Style Guide

4.  One-Year Financial Forecast + Help choosing your beginning income level for the business.

5.  A Quick Guide to Your Ideal Customer or Reader

6.  How to Make a Business To-Do List

7.  Mermaid Tips on getting in touch with your emotions and feelings and how to squash unfounded fears

All put together in one unique business plan!  Remember, the mermaids are all about creating things based on feelings and emotions.  It's how they manifest treasures and discoveries.  Be prepared to get in touch with the emotional side of your business!  You might discover what is holding you back through fear-based thoughts and ego-based thoughts and feelings. 

How Can the Mermaids Help You:

*  An instant answer.  Mermaids answer us through intuition and feelings.  You might already know your answer in your gut, but this oracle reading provides you with further validation.  

*  Quick business tips

*  An easy to put together business plan without the fuss!

*  Tune into your strong emotions and feelings by engaging with water.  

Goddess Freya Self-Love Secret Message - Self Care Kit

Goddess Freya Self-Love Secret Message is everything you need and more to fall head-over-heels in love with yourself!  Goddess Freya has the secret ingredient to everything.  If you're single and looking for your soulmate or twin flame, the secret is that you have to love yourself first.  All love, including romantic love, stems from you!

Goddess Freya has a secret message for you about self-love that includes:

1.  A 7-page instant digital download that is printable

2.  A secret message from Goddess Freya herself!

3.  Goddess Freya complimentary makeover

4.  How to call on Goddess Freya and how she can help you

5.  About getting compliments and how you want the world to see you

6.  Match your insides to your outsides!

7.  Be left dazzling with a fresh perspective and high self-image + body confidence boost!

How Goddess Freya can help you:

*  Goddess Freya can help you with all aspects of loving yourself, which in return will result in more compliments, adoration, and a huge confidence boost!

*  Goddess Freya takes the parts of yourself that are fragmented and makes them whole again, in the equation to holistic magic and holistic health.

*  Working with Goddess Freya, you'll feel a sparkly, bubbly, effervescent energy exuding confidence from her.  She projects herself onto you!

Unicorn Tarot Reading (Yes or No Instant Answer) - For Financial Wealth

Unicorn Tarot Reading (Yes or No Instant Answer) will help you with your financial wealth and prosperity!  If you have a question on if the money will come through, you'll receive an instant yes, no, maybe, or wait.  This is the perfect oracle card reading for a wealth and prosperity mindset.

What does the unicorn tarot reading come with?

Since this is an instant tarot reading pertaining to wealth and finances, the unicorns won't leave you hanging.  You'll get the answer you were looking for, as well as the reasons behind in a 12-page full-detailed report.  

Comes With:

1.  A 12-page instant digital download that's printable

2.  A Yes, No, or Maybe answer from the unicorns on whether the money will come through or not in full detail.

3.  Uncover hidden beliefs about money spell and ritual

4.  Create new money beliefs ritual

5.  Choose a belief to focus on 

6.  Crystallize your new chosen belief

7.  Learn the difference between surface beliefs and underlying beliefs

8.  Unicorns and money ritual

9.  New Wallet Ritual for accessing a greater wealth

10.  Wallet Treasures such as, gemstones that attract money, luxury, and prosperous living

11.  Meet your Unicorn Prosperity Spirit Guide

12.  How to move forward with all the information you gathered from this reading!

All put together in one unique money healing with the aid and rescue of the unicorns!  Remember, unicorns are on a high-frequency, but are also relatable and down-to-earth.  They can create a stable foundation of wealth in your life by working with them.  

How can the unicorns help you?

*  Financial Healing
*  Creating a wealthy mindset
*  Stability and comfort
*  Honest answers on how to turn a financial hardship around
*  Manifestations
*  Removing money blocks
*  By staying an evergreen presence in your life!

If you are in a bit of a financial pickle, call upon the unicorns today!  they will surround you with their high-vibration energy and bring comfort and luxury into your life with ease and grace.

Yes Or No Instant Tarot Readings and Secret Messages With Unicorns, Mermaids, and Goddess Freya

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