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Healthy Eating Tarot Reading + Diet Plan

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The Healthy Eating Tarot Reading Meal Planner comes with a 4-card spread that focuses solely on healthy eating! Your 4-card spread offers detailed, in-depth insights into your diet and eating habits.

Click here, to get the body cleanse meal plan for three-days!

Do you struggle to lose weight? Do you struggle with breaking bad eating habits? This will tell you what the problems are with sparkling insights into how to change them!

At the end of your insightful tarot reading, you'll be able to put together a healthy meal plan, and I'll show you how. This is a unique take on the world of tarot.

Most divinations are specific to a question or a general reading. This reading focuses solely on your most emotional eating problems with healing remedies on how to fix them.

How to Use This Tarot Reading

This tarot reading can be kept for offline use (pdf) and it's printable! This means you can keep it on you for making a better meal plan. Kudos!

You can also use this tarot reading as a meal planner. I'm going to point out specific things to you, that shows up during the reading. Please take note of them. I will tell you specific foods you need to add, get rid of, habits you need to break, healthy eating tips, and more!
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Part One: Four- Card Spread (Mermaids and Dolphin Tarot Deck)

Please note, that this is only part one of the tarot reading. After the tarot reading, I will give you a grocery list and a meal plan that is tailored to your unique situation.

This deck moves from the left, according to the picture. We start with Contemplation Time, A New Dawn, Empowerment, and Make a Wish. In that order. Part One will focus on the problems with your eating habits and diet, then offer up clear solutions

This is a particular style of a tarot reading I created specifically made for healthy eating and meal planning 101. Are you ready? Let's get started!
Mermaid Oracle Card Deck for Intuitive Eating

(Card One) Contemplation Time Interpretation ( Problem Card)

Awe, the contemplation card! This is a card of you relaxing and resting on your laurels and not getting anything done. While rest and relaxation are always a good thing, there is such a thing as laziness. You have become complacent.

You have slowly started eating unhealthy junk foods and possibly eating way too much for your frame and size. I see this as a card that tells me you were once on the up and up, and now you're not.

Too many family dinners and eating out at restaurants, drive thru's, etc. have brought you back down from that cloud! Did you know that eating unhealthy, guilt-ridden foods not only sits in your gut and affects your overall health, but it impacts your energy?

You have probably experienced a great deal of heaviness in your chest and stomach, in regards to the world on your shoulders. That's what poor eating habits does to you. It sits inside you like a monster and grows. It makes you complacent and sometimes lazy. It makes you "not" want to try harder.

Perhaps you've experienced a bout of depression, sleep issues, and anxiety more and more, as this build-up of toxins and residue sits inside you. If this is the case, then it's time to release those toxins in a healthy way.

In a way, this is a card of the past and present, very much at the same time. The future can be what you want it to be. Potato chips and extra weight, or a future filled with colorful fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and legumes that make you feel revitalized and energized. The choice is yours.

(Card One) The solution to the Problem

 You need to detoxify your diet with a detox diet that actually works! Start in ways that are slow, yet progressive. I highly recommend a body cleanse juice fast for you, in this case.

A body cleanse is different from a juice fast in that you can incorporate both a liquid diet and eat solid foods at the same time. During a body cleanse, you won't be eating anything even remotely processed or cooked.

Cooking kills the enzymes in most foods. For a body cleanse you'll be able to eat, you'll just be drinking and eating in the raw.

At the end of your tarot card reading, I will have put together a grocery list and meal plan that is perfect for you and your unique situation. In my experience, food is at the crux of any problem related to health, even more than most people are aware of. Food greatly affects your mood and how your body is functioning.

 I prescribe that you get some sunlight too, as part of your body cleanse. Sunlight, with its powerful vitamin D, will act as a natural healer to get your circadian rhythms back in check again.

Sit in direct sunlight for at least 15 minutes each day of your body cleanse. Your body cleanse will last 3-days, so you can literally do this for a long weekend or as some kind of spa treatment.

In addition to that, I recommend going barefoot either on the grass or sand, depending on where you live. The key is to be barefoot! You can even do this while you are getting in your 15 minutes of sun, to kill two birds with one stone, as they say!

 Standing barefoot on the ground for at least 5 minutes a day will ground you in healing, natural, earth energy. It will make you more attuned to the naturalness of being you. You should instantly feel a connection.
A New Dawn Card and Empowerment Card From Healthy Eating Tarot Reading Card Deck With Mermaids and Dolphins by Doreen Virtue

(Card Two) A New Dawn Interpretation Card (Problem Card)

A new dawn is a good news card! It means that you are taking this seriously and that you are ready to make the change. You feel a sense of readiness.

This card says that you have everything it takes to start eating healthy again, in a way that feels good to you. You are eager to get started, and you should, but this card reminds you that this is only the beginning of a new journey. You have to keep going and take baby steps along the way.

Now you can put the past behind you. All those nights of internal struggling keeping you up at night, that's over. You are armed and ready for this!

Once you have made your choice to lead a healthy eating lifestyle, the universe opens her loving arms to you to support you in this. Just remember, you are in this together!

(Card Two) The solution to the Problem

Now that you are in the right frame of mind to start eating healthy, you're going to need some help sticking with it. It can be very cleansing, not to mention empowering, to do a clean sweep.

You are going to get rid of all the junk food in your cupboards and clean out your fridge of unhealthy foods. You are going to clean your kitchen and make it spic and span.

This will give you a clean slate in which to start from. It will also feel good, coming from a place of springing into action, which is what the "A New Dawn" card is all about.

After cleaning and clearing, you'll need to print out your grocery list, which you'll get at the end with your meal plan. You'll be focusing on foods that will body cleanse.

You can purchase cold-pressed, pre-made juices or you can make your own, as I will present to you in your meal plan. You'll also be focusing on raw salads with red wine vinegar and oil. You'll be eating tons of healthy uncooked, in the raw vegetables and fruits during your body cleanse.

One thing that is very important is, what to do after the body cleanse. This is only a three day cleanse, but you can choose to apply the same rules, and strive for longer.

After the body cleanse is over, try to keep eating raw most of the time, and maybe just have one cooked dinner in the evening. Try to keep the good habits going!
Mermaid Psychic Reading for Intuitive Eating

(Card Three) Empowerment Interpretation Card (Problem Card)

The empowerment card is when it all comes together for you. It surpasses the "New Dawn" card in so many ways, as it actively clicks something in your mind. Something will happen to you while you are taking action during your body cleanse.

You will have a sudden realization or epiphany. This often happens when we are following our bliss. Where maybe there was a part of you that was hesitant before about finalizing a step, now something suddenly makes it clear what you are to do!

There will be no doubt or hesitation in this card. You'll just suddenly "know" what to do and feel instantly good about it. Follow that feeling!

To give you an example, when I lost over 35 pounds back in 2012, I chose juicing as my weight loss method and believe me when I say it worked!

Within a week of juicing, it suddenly dawned on me, something that has changed the course of my life forever. I felt really, really good without meat. I didn't need meat to thrive or survive.

It came down to me as clear as day. Within a week of juicing, I became a vegetarian. While I didn't really eat dairy much while I was losing weight, I did eat a little here and there afterward. A year later, I had another strong realization, an urge within, to become a vegan.

I'm not saying that exact same situation will happen to you, but something definitely will. Get ready for a life-changing epiphany in regards to your new healthy eating lifestyle! Whatever it is, it's going to be big.

(Card Three) The solution to the Problem

While getting a grand epiphany isn't really a problem, it's a good thing. It can mean that you might be ready for this change, but don't know how to implement it into your lifestyle. So, let me give you a few scenarios, and ways in which to try and deal with them.

One of the things I've always noticed is that the people around us have the hardest time accepting this change within us, whatever it may be.

You may be ready, but your partner and kids are not. Your family and friends are not. Please don't worry about this and take your time. Remember that it's not about you, it's about them.

Since you've already stocked your fridge and cupboards with healthier food items, you're already a step or two ahead with whatever this epiphany will be. The epiphany will definitely be food-related, so keep that in mind.

Vegetarian - During your body cleanse, you may have found, like me in my circumstance, that meat is no longer an option for you. Not everyone gives up meat for the same reasons. Maybe you just noticed that not only do you not want it anymore, but you can live without it.

However, you're nowhere ready to give up your cheese just yet, and that's perfectly okay. You'll get there when and if you are ever ready.

If this scenario happens to you, the first thing you need to do is tell everyone. Make an announcement on Facebook, tweet it, make some phone calls, whatever you have to do to let the world know about the new you!

The reason for this is, part accountability and part people respecting and accepting your new eating lifestyle. Not everyone will agree, but so what? Again, it's not about them, it's about you!

To make your transition easier, be sure to study up on being a vegetarian. Do your research and act accordingly! Look up some plant-based recipes or use the ones I'm about to give you. Get acquainted with the new you!

P.S. You rock and I am so proud of you!

Vegan - Maybe you've suddenly realized how much better you felt, during your three-day body cleanse window, and it dawns on you that it's because you weren't eating meat or dairy.

That hits you hard, harder than you expected, but in a good way. You make a decision to become a vegan. Let me be upfront with you, to become a new vegan, it takes a lot, but it is totally worth its weight in rewards.

To become a vegan, you'll want this vegan starter kit, as it has everything you need to know to get started. I wish I would have had said it when I first became a vegan.

The protocol is the same here. You'll want to let the world know what you decided to do, so that everyone, including yourself, will have time to soak that knowledge in and adjust accordingly.

You'll have to start eating differently when you order a pizza, when you go out to eat, at parties and events, and at family dinners. I don't say all of this deter you or scare you away.

No, you are stronger than that. You just have to be prepared in what the full impact of this means.

P.S. I'm super-proud of you!

Weight Loss - It dawns on you during this body cleanse, that you just lost up to five pounds in a few days, and you want to keep going. You like how this feels.

You like the fact that it's actually working, you're losing weight. So, you make a commitment, right here and now, to lose the rest of the weight by continuing with the body cleanse. Good for you!

P.S. You are wonderful and I couldn't be prouder of you if I tried! You are so going to need this to get started. Trust me, you're going to love it.

These are just a few scenarios that are likely to happen. It could be something completely different, but you get the idea. Whatever it is, the protocol is the same. Make an announcement. Start making a fail-proof environment. Set yourself up for success!

(Card Four) Make a Wish Interpretation (Problem Card)

Everything that you've hoped for is now coming true! You always dreamed that you could eat healthily, live that kind of a lifestyle, but it never seemed like it was within reach.

Well, I'm here to tell you that it is! The "Make a Wish" card is a card that says, as long as you keep going, you can have whatever you want, and the universe will come out like the sun to support you full force.

The only problem with this card is you and sometimes other people, but only if you let them. Will you get in your own way? Because you don't have to anymore. Will you let others get in your way?

You may be subjected to more temptations or backslide a little, you can never be too careful. Another thing you might have to deal with is other people and their opinions and thoughts on your new way of life. Well-meaning people may seem surface supportive but will try to subtly sabotage you.

Your friends may try to get you to go out drinking one night to break your diet. Your family might still try to put meat on your plate or perhaps some dairy. While this all sounds very intimidating, it comes as a warning only. This is mostly a positive card.

It just means that you are in a position right now, to live the way you want to live, but you have to be prepared for toils and snares too. They often come in the form of our own thoughts or being influenced by others.

This is also meant to be a card of strength. You are stronger than the objections of other people and your own urges to backslide. You are stronger than you think!

(Card Four) The solution to the Problem

Take some much needed "me time" and take all the time you need. This might mean canceling plans, turning down invitations, unplugging from the world for a while. You never have to apologize for loving yourself enough to say no.

Another thing you are going to have to do with your new healthy eating lifestyle is to create boundaries. Most people will try to respect a boundary, as long as you are clear and firm about it. Create boundaries for yourself too. Use your "me time" to write down what those boundaries are.

Get a piece of paper and a pen and create the boundaries that you plan to put up for yourself and other people. Maybe you need a section of the fridge to yourself.

Maybe you need your own cupboard. Maybe it's saying no to going out, while you are dieting. Whatever it may be, be clear and firm about it. Don't feel bad or guilty about those boundaries either. It's okay to say no if you have to!

Remember, this is your body and your life! You got to do what's best for you. All the time. This is your quality time with yourself, to achieve your healthy eating goals, in whatever personal way that means to you. 
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