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Hiking Pretty: A Style Guide for Hiking, Camping, and Outdoor Recreation

Finding Wildflowers in the Backyard + Girl in Pigtails Hiking Style

This is my hiking pretty style guide for hiking, camping, and outdoor recreation
!  I fell in love with fashion when I was a little girl and I was given my first Handmade Holly Hobbie dress to twirl around in.  After that, like Luke from Gilmore Girls, I was in.  All in.

Most people don't know this about me, but when I was a teenager I quit school, got my GED, and went to work, and took college courses in fashion.  I took a fashion merchandising class at the local college and got to try my hand at sewing and visual display for windows in small boutiques in town.  It was a lot of fun!

Then I moved to Florida and went to the Art Institute for fashion design, but struggled with it.  It was during this time, I had a lot going on in my life.  My parents were getting divorced and right after that, I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter Angeleah.  I quit school.

Later on, I became a manager at the mall at one of the chain stores.  I hated it.  It wasn't exactly what I wanted to be doing, though there were parts of it I really enjoyed.  At the time, my kids were small and I went back to being a stay-at-home mom.

It wasn't until years later, that I started to get back into fashion some.  That was when I started my first serious website and blog and later, opened a vintage clothing shop on Etsy.

Fashion was always meant to be part of my blogging life, but somewhere along the way, I stopped trying.  I stopped wearing jewelry years ago.  I ran out of things that I liked to wear and how they made me feel.

I know part of it was because a huge source of my money disappeared around this time, but more importantly, it was because I no longer felt I was worthy.  Blogging has definitely changed my view on myself through the lens of fashion.

Rekindling My Love of Fashion Through Blogging

Lately, since starting this blog, I've found myself making wishlists, downloading clothing apps like Threadup and Vinted, and experimenting with my style again.  You know what?  It's fun!  Even on a budget or when trying to do eco-conscious wear, fashion is fun.

This has ignited the spark within me when it comes to my personal style.  In the past, I've always been shy to share that part of my life.  I didn't really understand why.  Now I know it's the personal style part of it.

I've never been big into name brands, though I don't mind them if they are free.  I've always been a down-to-earth woman.

I think you'll see a lot of that as I open up and share my style more.  In addition to the fashion feature, I plan on sharing the do-it-yourself style posts.  I enjoy making them and who knows, maybe there's someone else out there in the same boat.

Nature-Inspired Fashion Accessories

I'll be rekindling my love of jewelry some.  I used to wear a bold statement piece necklaces made from elements of nature.

When I worked at the aquarium, I had a real shark tooth necklace.  You can find them naturally on the beach in Florida or when snorkeling through shallow waters.

I'd like to add more natural pieces like that, preferably make my own.  Then I can be assured that no animal was harmed in the making of the jewelry.

I've also gotten back into hair accessories again.  Back in the day, I used to do a lot more hairstyles with my hair.  Now, I don't know, I've just gotten lazy.  One of the things I've started doing differently is wearing flowers in my hair and experimenting with new hairstyles.

What it all boils down to is that I am trying again.  It's weird how life if you let it, can even influence your personal style.  I stopped caring and trying in real life and my style represented that.

I'm getting past this bad phase of life and I can see myself opening up like a flower and blooming.  My new style will reflect that.  I have blogging to thank for that!
Blonde Woman in Blue Denim Dress with Flowers in a Natural Setting

Slow Fashion: Learning How to Sew My Own Hand Handmade made Clothes

I am going to start learning how to sew my own handmade clothes!  Sewing has been on my to-do list ever since I can remember, but I've always been intimidated by it.  I thought about it, contemplated it, and decided right now is the perfect time to start!

My obsession with handmade clothing started when I was a little girl.  An older family member sewed a cotton Holly Hobbie dress for me.  After that, I fell head-over-heels in love with handmade clothing!

Only I couldn't sew and I didn't have the kind of mom that could teach me homemade things.  I had a working mom who couldn't cook or sew.  That was the beginning of my lack of confidence in sewing.

As a teenager, I took some college classes for fashion design and fashion marketing.  We did some sewing in there and something about sewing in front of other people gave me anxiety.  I did make a cute plaid skirt, but I needed a lot of extra help from the instructor.

It was embarrassing, to say the least.  Now, I'm a grownup and I want to conquer this fear I have of sewing from the safety and comfort of my home.

My daughter Chloe, my youngest, has expressed to me that she would like to learn to sew.  We'd both like to make some handmade clothes for ourselves and V's new baby.

It is nice to be able to hem our own clothes when we need it, especially since we wear a lot of hand-me-down and thrift store finds, as well as vintage.  There's something special about getting a compliment on your dress or skirt and being able to say that you made it yourself.

It definitely gives me the warm and fuzzies!  It takes me back to that special place in time with twirling skirts on a summer day.

Slow Fashion Movement

I'm putting a sewing machine on my wishlist soon!  I'm going to start slow, start with patterns, and take a self-paced e-course.  I just have to find one!

Tell me, what fears do you want to conquer?  Is there one thing you've been wanting to try, but have put it off for what seems like indefinitely?  It's never too late to start.  I'm a testament to that!

Another important reason that I'd like to learn how to sew my own clothing line for personal use and gifts is the slow fashion movement.  I really care about Fair Trade and the ethical treatment of both humans and animals.  I'm also motivated by my passion for the earth.

Slow fashion helps to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth by veering away from manufactured clothing run by factories that use up a lot of electricity and let off carbon emissions.  By creating at least some of my own clothing, using thrift store finds and vintage fashions, I am making a dent in the problem.  We all have that ability.  It takes one person at a time taking the initiative to a greener journey.

Wearable Nature: The Natural Look

This time on Wearable Nature, we're going to be talking about the natural look.  That means no makeup and bare skin.  As you get older, it can be more difficult to pull off, but not impossible.  Let's give it a try!

The natural look can be defined in two ways.  One way is where you are brave enough to go out without makeup.  The second way is where you wear light makeup, like some concealer to cover up those dark circles and maybe a little lip gloss.

I started going without makeup in the mornings when I'd run to Hammock Park for my hikes.  It's weird to say this, but even though I wear a minimal amount of makeup each day, I was intimidated to go sans makeup in public.

When I started doing it, it started building up my confidence!  I'd put my hair in two low ponytails and maybe swipe some vaseline on my lips and go.  

I didn't really think much about it at the time, but I noticed that my spirit overpowered any flaws I thought I had!  When I go on a hike in the morning, my favorite time, I am always riding a high vibration, and I think it may have made me pretty and approachable!

Guys would talk to me in the park, sometimes at length.  I started to feel less insecure about not having makeup on.

The Natural Look: No Makeup, Bare Skin

To try the natural look with no makeup and bare skin, you are going to need a few household essentials, nothing major.

Tools of the Trade:
  • A clean, bare face.  Be sure to wash face with a washcloth to slough off any dead skin cells, giving your skin a natural glow.
  • If you have time before going out, try to fit in a yoga session, even a quick one.  This will give you a natural glow and calm.  Tranquility radiates from the inside/out and people notice that.
  • Use vaseline, chapstick, or even olive oil for your lips to give them a shine.
  • Pinch your cheeks for rosy cheeks.  Brings a blush of color to them.  Do it with a light touch though.
  • Drink a green juice recipe!
  • Brush your hair and leave it natural or stick it up in a ponytail or two low-hanging ponytails.
Here is a fun way to look at the natural look.  What would you do in a survival scenario?  You'd probably have to give up makeup at some point, considering your real focus would be on survival.

A great example of that is the show The Walking Dead.  The women shifted their focus from day-to-day beauty rituals and routines to no makeup and clothes that were more protective of their bodies.

This is just a fun spin on it!  Beauty is fun, but it's cool to think it's something that really comes from within.

The Natural Look: Light Makeup

I started perfecting the natural look when I was about thirteen.  I'd pour over the teen and beauty magazines for hours.

I never really thought it would become my thing.  I've always had dark circles under my eyes.  I have allergy plus asthma eyes, as my asthma specialist once told me.  It's very common, but annoying when you're trying to look your best.

No matter what your flaws are, a little light makeup and bare skin will do the trick!  Keep it light and simple and you can't go wrong.

Tools of the Trade:
  • A light concealer stick
  • Some light face powder, depending on your skin tone
  • Clear lip gloss or an ultralight pink colored lipstick.  You can also use a nude lipstick.  
  • One light layer of brown mascara on the upper lids only.  Use a q-tip to fix anything out of place.
  • A light touch of blush with nude to pink lipstick used as rouge.  Simply suck your cheeks in and apply very lightly, moving up cheekbones.  
  • A simple hairstyle.  Wear your hair down and natural, whether curly or straight.  Throw your hair up in a ponytail.  
Putting the natural look on your face will take you all of five minutes.  This is the routine I practice almost every day.  This is the general natural look I go for.  

I do sometimes like to make my lips pop though, with a bright, bold color against light makeup.  Looks really pretty and very old-fashioned.  Think old Hollywood movie star!

Wearable Nature: Messy Pigtails For Hiking

Today, I'm going to show you my new summer hairstyle in Wearable Nature: Messy Pigtails for Hiking!  I touched on it briefly in this natural look beauty tutorial.  Let's talk messy pigtails!

My daughter Chloe decided to put my hair in pigtails one day, while my hair was still damp.  It was hot out and we were about to go hiking in search of painted rocks, dinosaurs, and other cool stuff left by hikers.  We'll talk about this cool trend another time soon though!

After that, Chloe told me that it should be my new summer hairstyle for hiking or whatever.  I like it.  It's simple, it's messy and very fairy-like.  In some ways just like me!

Last summer my hair was really long and I snipped it off due to the diligence of the hot, humid Florida heat.  It was, by all accounts, a disaster.  This year, I'm trying to cope with the heat with new hairstyles instead.

DIY Messy Pigtails For Hiking

  • Two regular-sized ponytail holders
  • A brush that matches your hair texture naturally
  • Damp, freshly washed hair works best, but in a pinch, you can use it with dry hair.
  • Hairspray (optional)
  1. Brush hair out thoroughly, then divide into two sections.  If you're doing this alone.  You may have to hold ponytails loosely until you can fix each side.  
  2. Make sure to set the ponytails low and separated far apart.  If you have a curl in the back of your head like I do, it may make the middle a little messier, but it works. Plus, it's cute!
  3. At this point, you can add hairspray which is totally optional.  I don't use it, but I know some people like it in their hair care arsenal.  
  4. Don't be afraid to go against the natural grain of your hair's shape and texture, like I did in the pictures.  Be bold!
Notes:  You can also add flowers to it if you like, just use this tutorial on wearing flowers in your hair.  Another way to stand out, use ponytail holders that have toys and trinkets on them like you did when you were a little girl.  Brings back some sweet childhood nostalgia, don't you think?  

Why This Works:  Keeps your hair separated, up, and off your back for the most part.  It keeps your neck open, light and airy.  Perfect for hiking and summer in general!

What's your favorite summer hairstyle?  Have you found a way to make it personalized?  Tell me all about it in the comments or leave me a link to your blog!

Today, I am adding to my wishlist!  This is just a small thing, a Wearable Planter Vase Necklace, but sometimes it's the little things in life that can bring us the most joy.  Don't you think?

Wishlist: Wearable Planter Vase Necklace

It's no secret that I've had my eye on Wearable Planter for awhile and can't wait to give them a try!  The shop has a similar vibe and you know, great minds think alike.

I like the tall vase necklace because of its simplicity.  My favorite flower is a white daisy which represents childhood innocence and nostalgia so it may not be surprising that I connect with the minimalist nature of the necklace.

In fact, I could totally see myself placing freshly picked white daisies in the vase.  I also like the fact that it's interchangeable, meaning I can change the flowers out for plants and vice versa.  There's something really sweet about this idea!

An interesting little fact about me.  I haven't worn jewelry in years.  I have even had the thought that if I were ever to marry again, I don't know what I'd do.  I don't know if I'd like wearing a ring.  Maybe a ring tattoo?

But, I kind of want to get back into it again.  At least a little.  I want to wear jewelry that can be found in nature or has elements of nature interwoven into it.  I want to keep it light and simple, like me.

I figure the wearable planter tall vase planter necklace is a great place to start.  I mean, it's totally me!  What's your style?  Do you wear jewelry or keep it bare and natural?

You can also check out the website for Wearable Planter, where Colleen Jordan, even teaches you how to plant!  I think she might be my plant soulmate :-)
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