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Hocus Pocus, I Got Focus: Life Purpose and Finding My Blog Niche

Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Wand with prism light in nature
Hocus pocus, I got focus! Thoughts on finding my life purpose and finding a blog niche.  I have been pulling out the weeds in the garden of my blog lately, and it's time I share with you what I came up with!

To be honest, I've been thinking about niching down my blog for a while now, but it's hard to kill your darlings, so to speak.  That's writing speak for editing your writing and cutting out things that no longer serve your story.  That's what I had to do with blogging.

I feel like I was spreading myself too thin in my topics and that sometimes I forget that I'm only one person.  I also noticed a trend in my writing, a pattern that kept popping up, over and over again.

That topic was the faerie folk and how they branched out in different directions, as if from a thick oak tree with lots of reach.  I've not only been finding myself writing more and more about the fairies, but my writing has branched into the angels, goddesses, unicornsdragonsmermaids, and more!

This is a spiritual living category that has branched out into botanicals like plantsgemstones, and flowers because they all come with a built-in nature spirit!  In other words, I really want to continue to hone my craft and energy healing work as a faerie shaman.

When thinking of a niche, think about what comes naturally to you.  It must flow from your fingertips!  There must be an evident pattern of something that you always come back to.

For me, what comes naturally to me is talking about my connection with the spirit world, especially when I'm hiking in the woods and having a chat with the nature spirits.  I feel drawn to mother earth and all her elements.

I also write letters to the universe daily, which helps me keep my deep reverence and connection to the Other side.  I enjoy talking about which goddess or angel helped me with what on any given day.  Therefore, it only makes sense that my strong suit would be my life as a faerie shaman.

This gives me a unique angle that can help my readers by healing them with words or inspiring them in some way to open up to other possibilities.  You can read about how I became a faerie shaman and my journey into healing to get started!

If you think about it, it all makes perfect sense to foster growth in my work as a shamanic healer.  I can do this by sharing with you what I know and how to connect with the ascended masters and different light beings.  For me, this is my everyday life!

That being said, the faerie realm and the different branches of divinities connected to this world, will be a mainstay on my blog that I'll be opening up and talking about more.  I'm really excited to share my world as a faerie shaman with you!

When it comes to my life purpose, it's important that you know it revolves around teaching people the magic of nature!  Sure, living a sustainable lifestyle is part of that, but there's an underlying magical world when you open your heart to it.

You'll find yourself talking to your houseplants like a crazy plant lady, naming your gemstones, and wearing flowers in your hair!  When you open up to the elemental kingdom, you open up to new hiking adventures and fun, playful angles in life.  That's something I'm excited to help you with!
A magical lapis lazuli gemstone wand found in the hygge style heart of nature

Hocus Pocus, I Got Focus! Life Purpose and Finding a Blog Niche

As you can see under my profile on the homepage, I have narrowed down my focus to only four main topics.  The next topic I'd like to cover is kinfolk style, slow living!

Let's talk about what slow living means to me and why it's probably my second largest blogging category that I write about exclusively.  When I talk about living a slower life, I'm talking about Everyday Laurali Star!

I take a slower approach to life.  I have a spiritual morning routine that I stick to pretty religiously.  It includes everything from writing letters to the universe to going on daily hiking adventures or practicing vinyasa flow yoga.

Living a slow life means living life according to the seasons, as a reminder to slow down and live in the moment.  You can read, Fall Magic: A Journal of a Seasonal Shift in my Life to see what I mean!

In addition to living seasonally, it also means seasonal eating by eating more roughage and foraging for fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Sometimes, it means kinfolk-style carrots fresh from the garden!

Taking a kinfolk style approach to living also lends itself to living a more sustainable lifestyle, is that it's all about nature friendliness, and kind living.  You can read it this style in, The Greener the Better: Zero-Waste and Plant-Based Living!

Since I'm a slow-living blogger, I also like to share my hopes and dreams with you.  I allow myself to be vulnerable, keeping it as a secret diary of sorts that only my readers get to see.

It's kind of my place where you can see the secret, hidden places of my life hidden in plain sight!  I'm the kind of person that feels a need to express her feelings creatively and the slow living part of my blog allows me to do that.
A rainbow banded fluorite gemstone wand and a blue lapis lazuli crystal wand catching sunlight in a nature park in Florida

Slow Living, Nature Spirits, Forage Recipes, and Wildlife Photography

The next topic that I have niched down to in my lifestyle blog is my forage category!  Typically, the meaning of forage is to search for food.  What makes this one of my favorite categories is that roughage and seasonal eating tie in directly with living a slower life.

I thought about this long and hard and the celebration of food, whether it be outdoor gatherings with fairy lights, is something that meshes well on my blog.  I even wrote a post on my fall resolution, Festive: A Mantra For Family Get-Togethers, Forest Gatherings, and Sparkly, Fairy Lights!

For me, foraging means more than mushroom hunting and gathering golden berries!  It means eating vegan comfort foods when seasonally appropriate.  It means creating a slow-living outdoor dining experience with farm-to-table foods.

Forage means garden-fresh vegan recipes and mostly raw vegan foods.  Sometimes, it literally means foraging for foods or growing your own fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.  

I'm really into natural living and eating whole, unprocessed foods whenever possible.  That's why I needed a place to create recipes for high-vibration foods that are every color of the rainbow!

Plus, food brings people together!  When I think of food, I think of breaking bread around the table, one of the oldest traditions around.  Food nostalgia is a real thing!

It's also important to note that healthy foods and junk foods both have a personality and a frequency they vibrate on.  For more about that, read the Food Mood List!  It will open your eyes to why certain foods make you feel the way that they do.
A rainbow fluorite wand with dark colors in a wild nature setting in the woodland of Florida

Hiking Photography and Camera Tips 

Update:  I switched it to "Hiking" because it made more sense for the flow of my content.  However, this category holds the key to my hiking photography posts.  So, no worries!

Last but not least, I've opted to shift my focus to hiking photography and camera tips!  I love taking pictures and nature is where I do my best work.

Since taking nature walks is part of my daily spiritual regime, it only makes sense that I bring one of my many cameras with me wherever I go.  You can read more about it with, The Fun of Nature Photography + Wildlife Tips!

So, what makes me qualified to share the secrets of photography with you?  Honestly, years of practice and honing my craft.  It took me the longest time to even give myself the credit of a professional photographer.

Am I the best in my field?  Probably not, but I always try to focus on my strengths.  For me, what flows naturally is taking snapshots of mother nature.

When I'm not practicing the fun of forest photography, you'll find me making flat lay designs inspired by plants, flowers, and other nature-inspired things.  I also create food flat lays for my vegan recipes and food styling posts.

I really like to work with natural lighting in my photography.  Sun filtered light through the trees and direct sunlight makes for great pictures.  Even when I practice the fun of lifestyle photography, I use natural lighting as my source of light.

Since hiking and photography go together, it works!  At least for my little woodland-themed blog.  I love sharing my finds with my readers.

I've decided that it's time to take my photography to the next level.  I sometimes share less than perfect pictures in my blog posts, but that's because I want new photographers to see that we all take flawed photographs from time to time.

There's beauty in imperfections and it's okay to share those less than stellar self-portraits and wabi-sabi style food recipe pics that didn't come out quite right.  If anything, it might inspire you to try again!

Hocus pocus, I got focus!  Sometimes as bloggers, we need to clarify our vision of what makes our blog work.  We need to trim the fat, so to speak.

It means getting rid of features or blog categories that no longer serve our writing style or the purpose of our blog.  I find that niching down has helped me to focus on what really counts.  I hope you'll enjoy the changes! xoxo
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