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Letters From the Universe: Writing Distance Energy Healing Letters

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Today, I wanted to share with you a post on, Letters From the universe: Writing Distance Energy Healing Letters! This post is written for my friend April who inspired me to retouch on the concept. Thanks, April!

I thought it was time for a fresh take and a modern update on, Letters to the universe: Ask the Faerie Folk For Help!  It's definitely a timeless, classic article piece, but I'd love to explore the topic of automatic writing and energy healing letters further.

It has been my morning ritual for more than five years now to sit down at the table with a cup of fresh coffee and write letters to my spirit helpers.  It really is the perfect way to start the day!

Some people really enjoy writing gratitude lists or a list of things they need to do for the day, but me, I like talking to my angel friends, spirit guides, and animal totems.  There's a great deal of connection to be made with someone this way, especially from the earthly realm to the spirit realm.  

Not only that, but there are many times where I connect with my favorite archangel or goddess during my nighttime rituals too.  I always follow my heart, wherever the spirit guides me!

For morning routines, I almost always have someone in mind.  I have weeks where I will stick with one earth goddess or archangel and I have weeks where I shuffle the help I need with different spirit helpers.  I definitely like to change it up!

For nighttime routines, I'll usually call on an archangel when my heart weighs heavy with depression, anxiety, or heartache.  Those are the times when I call upon the archangels the most.  Read about, Working With Archangel Michael For a Life Purpose in Natural Living!

What I've come to find is that writing distance energy healing letters really helps me to clear my mind, to solve problems, and to come up with concepts and ideas that are out of this world!  Writing my letters in the morning really creates a quiet fire within me that can only be stoked like wood kindling with each upcoming love note.  

I also write my distance healing letters by the moon cycles.  When there's a full moon, I'll write a distance letter to release something that has been an emotional blockage for me.  When there's a new moon, I'll write an energy letter that solidifies my intentions and goals for the month.

For more on writing to moon goddesses and moon spirit helpers, you might enjoy reading, Moon Angels:  How to Live a Magical Life With Archangel Haniel!  Moon fairies and angels can help you with creating full moon rituals and new moon manifestations.

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Letters From the Universe: Writing Distance Energy Healing Letters

Why write a letter to the universe?  There's something very powerful about the trial of writing and writing tools.  It crystallizes the things you want to manifest into your life while single-handedly creating spiritual releasement from the things you want to let go of.  It's a very healing process!

What does writing an energy healing letter do?  It creates instant healing and an instant download of information from the spiritual realm.  Sometimes that comes in the form of signs, instant downloads, moments of clarity, and synchronicity.  

In short, it's like this instant prayer that travels up and reaches God/Goddess and all of the different levels of heaven and middle earth.  It's a way to build an instant connection with your patron goddess or patron archangel.  It's extremely effective in getting the job done!

Why write distance healing letters?  Distance healing, otherwise known as energy healing, reaches in and creates instant healing and guidance within you.  It will also help you to build a strong bond and connection with your spiritual helpers on a more personal level.  

You'll find that when you call upon a fairy queen or goddess, for example, you will feel no judgment by telling them your deepest, darkest secrets.  It's like talking to a really down-to-earth friend and confidante that you can completely trust with your life.  

How to Bury the evidence?  So, you write a letter to the butterfly maiden and it's intensely personal in nature.  What do you do with it?

There are different methods that can help you ground your message into the physical realm without anyone other than your spirit guides having access to it.  If it's something intensely personal, burn the letter over the sink or a cauldron and then wash the ashes away with soap suds.

If it's something that's sacred and you want to be grounded into a physical reality, then my go-to method would be to bury it in your garden or someplace in the woodland where only fairies can canoodle with it.  You can even go as far as to add a crystal into the soil with your energy love letter or to plant a flower bulb on top.  

This is a sacred, magical ritual that works really well when working with the faerie folk and other woodland creatures.  Anything earth and relatable needs to be buried in fresh, organic soil with healing stones, chakra beads, and seedlings to plant your intentions for the highest good.  

For cleansing and spiritual releasement, I recommend the drowning your fears in a bathtub or sink filled with water, the gemstone of your choice, and healing botanicals.  Let your letter sit for at least an hour!

If it's during a moon phase, you can let it sit overnight bathing in the moonlight to release you of whatever ails you.  You can even add magical herb ingredients for your water infuser bottle to create an elixir of moon water that you can either drink or pour over your energy healing letter for instant healing success!

There are so many magical methods for the creative process of ridding your energy healing letter and one of the simplest ones is by ripping it up or crumpling the paper.  This is an all else fails foolproof method!

Ripping it up sends the smoke signal to the universe that you've said all you needed to say and now you're ready to trust the universe.  Crumpling the paper up sends the signal that you are ready to move past the situation that you wrote about and you are done with it.  The end.  

You can use your astrological sun sign or your current mood to play around with different methods of discarding your distance healing letters.  You may find the method that resonates the most with you and stick with it through thick and thin!

How it Works:  Energy healing letter writing really involves a lot of automatic writing.  You sit down and choose a spirit helper you want to connect with and pour your heart out to them.  You can talk with them and write to your spirit guide in the same way you would speak to a family member or old friend.  

The more you write, the easier it gets!  You'll begin to build a deep relationship with angels, ascended masters, dragons, unicorns, mermaids, fairies, and gods and goddesses.  

How will I know that I've connected with my spirit helper?  You'll feel a tingling, warm sensation or in some cases cold chills running down your body, letting you know there's a presence near you.

It's not uncommon to feel lighter like you are floating like a feather across the forest floor lightly.  Some angels, such as Archangel Chamuel, will make you feel calm, serene, and at peace.  You might feel a moment of clarity come over you or an instant download from your guardian angel guide.  

Sometimes, and this is rare, you might feel a pall or sickness come over you.  Sometimes it's physical, but mostly it's mental health issues from your shadow self at stake.  Do not be afraid of this, as this is just the angels or goddess cleansing you of toxic, ego-based thoughts and feelings.  

It too shall pass!  For more on working on your dark side, you might like to read, Shadow Work and Getting in Touch With Your Dark Self!  It comes with a workbook style set of questions that will help you embrace your shadow self-energy.

Mostly, you'll begin to distinguish the essence of different energies, getting to know their energetic blueprint!  You'll feel healed, whole, and better.  It's holistic health and energy healing that you can do to connect with your higher self and to heal your loved ones, plants, and pets!
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