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Nature Journal: Welcome to My Little Nature-Inspired Blog Journey

Welcome to my little nature-inspired blog of sustainable living and a waste-free lifestyle with mostly raw vegan recipes foraged from the forest floor and the local farmer's market whenever possible.  I believe in being a good person, living off the land, and getting back to our primitive roots. 
We can best do this by using green bags, living plastic-free, and wearing nature in our slow fashions.  To get close to mother nature, spend time on hiking adventureskeep a plant as a pet, and wear flowers in your hair!  In other words, live wild, tumbling, and free like the nature spirits do!
Be sure to click the photograph or title to make your way to the blog topic of your choosing!  Enjoy.
a butterfly nature flat lay, nature art, monarch butterfly and flower flat lay design


A pink fairy doll in clovers and green grass, a fairy sylph in the wilds of Florida, faerie magic


Hiking in the tumbleweeds in magical golden fairy lights at the end of summer in New England meadow


The roughage diet and a cornucopia basket of foraged vegetables and fresh, organic produce farm to table seasonal foods


A magical yarrow flower plant and herbal remedy on blue skies on a Florida hiking trail

Slow Living

Wearing flowers in your hair, a red flower fall decoration, DIY flower hair clip, women's accessories

Wearable Nature

Hi, I'm Laurali! I write about moon magic and seasonal shifts and all things faery. about me


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