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Nourishment For the Kitchen Witch: A Green Witch Guide to Intuitive Eating and Foraging For Foods

A blonde woman holding an organic pineapple up to the Florida sun in the summertime
Nourishment for the kitchen witch: A green witch guide to intuitive eating and foraging for foods!  Food is something that's on our minds every day.  I know I think about it all the time.  Food connects us.  It's something we bond over.  The memory of breaking bread together sustains us.

Yet, nothing causes more controversy and bad feelings overall than food does, which is crazy because food is meant to be nourishment.  Today, I'm covering what I've come to learn in building a healthy relationship with food.

Here are just a few things that I wrote down the other night in a moment of silent inspiration when I was thinking about writing this article.  It was all in keeping with what works best for me in losing weight, maintaining weight, and building muscles.
  • Not keeping track of calories
  • Eating clean and healthy
  • Strict but also flexible
  • Eating nutrient-dense foods
  • I enjoy cooking and uncooking my own recipes from home
  • I'm an intuitive eater, meaning I choose my food mindfully 
  • I like to feel in control of my eating habits
When I wrote all this down, I was freaking out.  I was thinking about the fact that I had stepped on the scale that morning and gained a couple of pounds.  Writing all this out calmed me down and made me realize that it's normal for our bodies to fluctuate a little during different seasons of our life.  It also helped me to understand what works best for me and my body.

After that, my awareness kicked in, and since then I've come to realize a few more things about dieting and eating habits.  Not just my own, but for people in general.  For any person who struggles with having a good thought about food.
  • One size does "Not" fit all when it comes to dieting
  • The best type of diet is not really a diet at all, it's a lifestyle change
  • Most people's struggles with food stem from childhood poverty
  • Many people cannot afford to eat the way they would like to so they don't bother to try at all
  • Healthy, organic food is not readily available to everyone as it should be
The biggest realization that hit me was the fact that even in my own life, my biggest struggle was not being able to afford to eat the way that I wanted to.  So many of us struggle with money and stretching a dime to feed ourselves and our family.  

When that happens, we go into survival mode.  This creates a lot of anxiety about food and our bodies, as we use food to nourish our bodies.  When we aren't able to properly nourish our bodies or feed our families in the way we would like to, this creates feelings of not being good enough.  

When you can't have something as basic as healthy, organic foods or clean water, you feel like you're less than others and this carries into your daily life and rituals.  I know, because I lived it.  As someone who was vegan for five good years and had to be converted to a vegetarian based on survivalist grounds, I know exactly what this feels like.

I am just now getting to a place where I am almost fully vegan again, but even still I struggle to afford the healthy diet and foods that I truly deserve.  One of the things I remember was trying to create healthy vegan recipes for my blog and not being able to afford all the ingredients I needed.  Or, having to use what little was left in the fridge.  

Don't get me wrong, I became quite good at it.  I could put a square meal together like there was no tomorrow but just like any other human being, I wanted the freedom to choose the foods I wanted to eat according to my own personal set of morals and ethics.  For me, that's living a plant-based lifestyle and eating high-vibration foods.  

For someone else, it might be different.  This all goes back to the "one size does not fit" all theory.  According to what I discovered, eating intuitively is what takes the cake.  I believe that listening to what your body needs and cooking intuitively will lead you to the healthiest diet for you!

A lot of people hear the word diet and are scared away, thinking it means weight loss.  What you eat on a daily basis is your diet.  Your diet contains a blueprint to all the nutrients and feelings you have about food and what you put into your body.  

Sure, sometimes that involves weight loss, but not always.  Sometimes, it's about maintaining your healthy, ideal weight.  Other times, it's simply about eating healthy and providing rich nutrients for your body.  All of this contains the blueprint to a healthy relationship with food.  

In order to create your healthy food diet blueprint, you must first get to the heart of what's creating resistance in you, as well as any anxieties or bad feelings you have regarding food.  It's not about judging yourself for eating too many carbs or whatever your vice happens to be.  It's about observing those thoughts and then finding solutions on how to feel about your daily food staples.  
A blonde lady holding a raw pineapple as raw vegan foods in the summer months of a Florida lifestyle

Nourishment For the Kitchen Witch: A Green Witch Guide to Intuitive Eating and Foraging For Foods

One of the things that have really helped me is to start keeping a food journal to write down things that I've observed about the way that I eat food.  It's about knowing what I like and dislike.  What works for me and what doesn't work for me in and out of the kitchen.

This doesn't have to be anything fancy.  You can use a simple notebook or a loose-leaf piece of paper to get the same results.  You might even be able to find a great food journal app that works great for you.  Experiment with this and test the waters to find something that resonates with you.

To make it simple, I simply wrote down a list of things that work for me in my personal food diet.  I've also begun to take note of how certain foods make me feel.  Here is what I've come to learn about myself.
  • I really like the freedom of being able to cook and uncook (raw vegan) from home
  • That I feel completely limited to french fries and salad when going out to eat at restaurants
  • I still feel like I don't have enough willpower to say "no" to non-vegan sweets and desserts
  • That I'm still struggling with sticking up for myself at restaurants when I need to "veganize" something on the menu.
  • I still fall back on my old habits of eating dairy when I have nothing else to eat
  • I feel better about food when I cook my own meals from home
  • That I don't like fruit nearly as much as I thought I did, but I'm working on it.
  • That I love salads, but it's a conditional kind of love where I'll only eat it with "certain" sides and dressings.
  • That I still "feel fat" when I eat certain foods and I label them as bad
  • That I still have a lot of guilt feelings involving food
  • That I feel unworthy and deserving of eating and living the way that I want to eat and live
  • That I still fall into the "trap" of trying to copy other people's diets (bloggers, etc.) versus the way I want to eat.
  • I really love and live for vegan comfort foods and a roughage diet.
  • I've come to discover that I want to forage for my foods such as dandelions and mushroom hunting.  I'd like to take my foraged foods home and cook them and have outdoor gatherings with my kinfolk.
  • I am highly attracted to foods that could be made in a slow cooker or over a campfire in the hygge style heart of nature.  I'm talking vegan marshmallows and slow cooker soups and vegan chili.  
  • That I love growing my own vegetables and herbs and there's something I love about farm to table meals.  
  • That I am still "not" living my best diet yet.
  • I'm still a huge believer in the high-vibrations foods and detoxing
  • That I don't care how long I live, I will never give up my morning cup of black coffee.
  • That I crave comfort, warmth, and safety in the foods I eat and that it shines through in many of my newer vegan recipes.
  • Seasonal eating and eating locally grown fruits and vegetables is really the healthiest way to go
  • I would like to go all-natural and organic as much as humanly possible
  • That I need a bigger budget for the diet I love and care about
  • That I'd really like to give up all those vegan frozen dinners I'm always eating, get rid of all the packaging, and go as waste-free as possible and practice zero-waste living.
  • That my tastes are very much like a real-life fairy!
As you can see, I discovered a treasure trove of awareness about the kind of diet that works best for me.  I'm not saying my diet will work for everyone, but it makes a great guideline to follow if you have similar food energy to my own.  

My recommendation to you is to either keep a food journal or a food-mood list of everything you feel or think about food.  For me, keeping a list worked better, though I did write down a few observations in a journal too.  I learned a lot about my eating habits this way and there's power in knowledge.  

While I still don't have the diet of my dreams as of yet, I have a better understanding of myself now.  I can understand where I'm coming from and how food has only created despondency in me based on a nearly non-existent budget.  If you go through your food journal or bullet list, you might be able to transcribe some of your own fears and anxieties about food and weight and where they come from.

How to Practice Mindful Eating and Spiritual Cooking

While I can't change your financial situation when you do your grocery shopping, I can help you feel better about the food choices you make moving forward.  I can help you explore mindful eating and spiritual cooking so you can enhance your experience with food ten-fold.  

First of all, be sure to explore your energetic food blueprint.  You can do this through food journaling or by keeping a list of what comes to mind.  Do what works best for you!  By doing so, you'll understand your food thoughts ten-times better and you'll eventually begin to align with the vision you have for yourself.  

Once you've got your vision down, you can begin to build a grocery list.  I'd start with creating a grocery list of the meals you've already incorporated into your diet that bring good thoughts and feelings to your existence.  Most of these kinds of meals should be on your food-mood list or in your food diary.  

From my own food-mood list, I was able to explore my food cravings for vegan comfort foods and seasonal cooking.  Foods that feel good to me make me feel warm, safe, and loved.  They also make me feel cozy, like a campfire on a cold winter's night.  When making your new grocery list, be sure to plant foods according to how they make you feel.  

Now for spiritual cooking!  In order to cook spiritually, you're going to have to learn to make foods up as you go along.  The same goes for herbs and spices, spreads, and butter.  In other words, you feel your way through the spiritual cooking experience.  

You'll be adding in measurements and fresh ingredients as you go along according to your intuition.  Spiritual cooking also involves a high level of emotional eating.  You'll use your intuition to tell you what each meal needs to be added to it.  What dish goes with that food element and so forth.  

You'll get better at building meals according to what you already have in your fridge and cupboards.  You'll live a more waste-free lifestyle.  Building meals around what you already have will make you a better cook.  Sure, you may still be in survivalist mode, but at least you're creating a meal that your family will love and enjoy.  

Steps to Intuitive Eating:
  1. Learn what your personal diet blueprint is without judgment.
  2. Keep a food diary or food-mood list to design your energetic food blueprint
  3. Learn to cook meals intuitively, according to what you already have
  4. Live a waste-free existence by transforming preexisting food into delicious meals
  5. Cook spiritually by feeling your way around the kitchen, adding fresh herbs and spices as you go along!
  6. Get to the root of your eating problems.  It could be something from childhood or something in your present moment that's holding you back.
  7. Understand your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to certain foods, including food labeling
Now that you've got the hard part down, it's time to head into the kitchen and do an exploration of what recipes you would like to make.  Part of building a healthy relationship with food is cooking from home.  I would start with the recipes that you've already established in your family.  Write down recipes on recipe cards or if you have a blog, you can catalog them there.  

Now, for the fun part!  Create new recipes based on what you've found out about yourself.  According to my food blueprint, I love seasonal eating, baking sweets, and slow cooker recipes.  This tells me a lot about myself.  I'm attracted to comfort food and food that is traditionally in season.  From there, I can begin to create recipes that follow a similar template!

I recommend keeping a food-mood board on Pinterest and pinning foods that inspire you.  For me, the majority of the time it tends to be foods that are warm and cozy.  This will help you begin to design your own food recipes on demand.  Take your time with this step!

A Good Rule of Thumb in the Kitchen:
  • Write down family recipes that you and your family already enjoy or have in place.
  •  Create a Pinterest Food-Mood board to get a feel of foods and recipes that you're attracted to
  • Create 4-5 new recipes that are simple to make according to your energetic food blueprint!
In order to be a mindful eater, you're really going to have to spend some time thinking thoughtfully about the food you eat and the dream diet you want to have.  Remember that all thoughts about food also go hand-in-hand with how you feel about your body.  The best way to create your dream diet is to know what works best for you.  With a little time and research, you'll get there!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line in the comments.  While I am by no means perfect, I am really good at helping people align with a diet plan that works for them.  Namaste!
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