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Summer Love: A Journal of a Seasonal Shift in My Life

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This is a blog post about summer love and a journal of a seasonal shift in my life! I really like recording the seasons of my life as the tide turns, moon phases cycle out, and life turns another page in the chapter of my novel.

Seasons of Life:
My goodness!  What a crazy year so far.  The state of the world is in chaos with Florida and California being two of the worst states for coronavirus.  

All of that being said, sometimes it's hard to relax and enjoy life when you live in a world where everything is always changing and shifting.  Twenty-twenty has definitely been one long tower moment for everyone.  

At the heart of everything, I still believe in the good of everyone.  I try to find beauty in the world even with riots going on in other places, coronavirus taking people's lives, and the grand union of divine twin flame partnerships coming together.  

All of this is just one of the many features of twenty-twenty.  It's really made us value family, slowing down and living a slower life, and holding onto what is near and dear to us.

Twin Flame and Kundalini Rising

There has been a huge spiritual awakening with me again this year.  Just when I thought that the dark night of the soul was cycling out, then I met my twin flame and life hasn't really been the same since.

You can read more about the wild ride that has been my twin flame relationship in the Seasons of Life: Butterfly Life Cycles and Kundalini Awakening + Twin Flame Connections.  My twin flame and I are currently in separation right now and while reconciliation is on the horizon, I still can feel him thinking of me.  

Meeting my twin flame caused a kundalini rising within me that has been overwhelming, to say the least.  I feel as though I'm stuck in my root chakra with all the sexual energy and awakening happening to me.  

Storing up my sexual energy with Nofap really seems to help with this, as well as working with the archangels to alleviate the sexual symptoms of my kundalini awakening.  It's like my soul (and body) long to be with my twin flame partner in every way, but I'm biding my time to see if we'll be in a union in the lifetime.  

Tiny House Living

In addition to that, I'm practicing a tiny house living!  I moved into my new house in June in an old fishing camp in the tiny, seaside fishing village that I live in here in Florida.  

I like it because it has forced me to downsize and live a more minimalist lifestyle, which is something that I'm always striving for.  I'm really trying to focus on a less is more attitude!

Plus, I absolutely love and am charmed by my new place!  I plan on doing a tour of my tiny blue house by the sea very soon, so stay tuned for that.  It's cute and has loads of charm!

I thought it was a good sign when Baby Lily and my daughter Veronica came over and baby girl immediately hopped in the bed and covered up.  Awe, she's the best.

I also like how I have my own patio and fenced in yard for all my outdoor houseplants and a kiddie pool for when baby girl comes over for a visit.  It's so much fun here!

My tiny blue house by the marina is tucked away and hidden from the rest of the world.  You know how I feel about secret, hidden places!

Again, I plan on giving my readers a tour soon of my new tiny house living situation!  I'm a huge fan of waste-free living and a minimalist lifestyle.  I'm definitely taking baby steps in a greener direction, though I could always be better.

Mini-Tower Moments + Spiritual Awakening

This year has brought me lots of mini-tower moments, including the move to my new house.  This was a big deal for me because I lived in the old place on Bay Street for more than five years.  It was the place where my youngest daughter eventually moved out and I went from single mom to empty nester.

It was the last place I got to hold Baby Noah while he was still alive.  I don't talk about it much, but three years ago this summer, my daughter Veronica lost her baby boy.  He lived for two months and everything in that house reminded me of him.

Another reason that moving from my old house was so huge was that it caused a twin flame separation.  When it happened, it was another miniature tower moment, that has caused me a lot of heartache and pain.  

Reason being: I didn't know he was my twin flame.  I didn't know why we had such an intense attraction and connection out of nowhere.  He wasn't even someone I remotely considered as marriage material until I got to know him better.  

Now, all I feel is a profound loss and longing when I think of him.  I keep praying for a peaceful reconciliation, but so far, we are trying to act cool and casual around each other and it's not working.

I feel like there's a heart-to-heart conversation that needs to happen between us.  I keep writing letters to the universe about it every day and talking to Archangel Chamuel when I go on my morning walks in mother nature.  

I only recently allowed myself to cry over this.  I guess I was holding a lot inside.  I'm heartbroken and trying to come to grips with having an intense soul relationship.  This guy provokes mini-tower moments in me.  

From what I understand, he is having some tower moments of his own.  If you're not familiar with the tarot, the tower card is a major arcana card that predicts quick and painful change.  Otherwise known as a tower moment.  

Meeting a twin flame or a soulmate sets you up for a lot of mini-tower moments.  Sometimes, twin flames are meant to stay in separation, but most of the time the goal is to come together in union.  

Since meeting my twin flame, I've been able to overcome my fear of reading tarot cards without a book.  In fact, I've reached professional tarot reader status this year!

In addition to that, I've been openly talking about being a solitary green nature witch a lot more.  I used to keep my spellwork secret and hidden from the world, but this year I've come out of my shell and that has made all the difference.

My twin flame connection created a kundalini awakening in me and I feel myself getting closer and closer to busting through my chakra levels.  He's also, as I've said before, created a sexual awakening within me as well.  

Practicing vinyasa flow yoga has unblocked a lot of childhood trauma and sexual abuse.  This year, my daily yoga practice has reached new levels and heights.  I've noticed that I've been moving up each level within a few weeks to a month.  

This summer I've had to face some of the demons that have haunted me with having a Borderline Personality Disorder.  I've had to face the fact that I shut people out and that sometimes people leave.  With my twin flame, I wanted him to be the one guy that would stick around.  

It's possible he will come back around.  I feel in my gut that he will, as I've been seeing him around town and at my mom's house (He's friends of the family and has done work there before) more and more.  

Whatever the case may be, I keep evolving, growing, and changing with the rhythm of life.  This summer, I feel myself shifting into mermaid status.  

I can't wait to see what the next season, my favorite season, will bring my way!  Summer is slow in Florida but embracing kinfolk style, slow living makes it all worthwhile in the end.  Don't you think?
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