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Tada! From Caterpillar to Butterfly Transformation Journey + Spiritual Awakening

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By now, I am starting to think that butterflies are one of my spirit animals since I talk about them so much.  Tada!  From Caterpillar to Butterfly Transformation Journey + Spiritual Awakening is a blog post on how you can use the guidance of butterfly animal totems and spirit guides to make real change in your life.  

Why?  Because butterflies have the power to change your life.  If ever there were a sign that you were changing or undergoing a radical transformation, butterflies are it.

Over the last year, I have seen and worked with more butterfly species than I ever have in my entire life.  I know this is due to the fact that I'm moving in and out of change.  I know that I am transforming into the beautiful butterfly I was always meant to be.

No other insect has garnered such praise as the butterfly.  It's not just because she is regal and beautiful.  There are a lot of pretty nature bug species.  No, it's because it represents a big change in our lives so get ready for it!

If you keep seeing butterflies everywhere you go, that's a pattern in nature that's trying to tell you something important.  It's a sign that help is on the way and change is coming!

When my ex-mother-in-law died five-years-ago, I was walking the trail one day and saw three exact butterflies in a row.  I knew it was a sign to let me know that Shirley was with me.

I also believed it was her way of letting me know she was okay and had passed over into the light.  Sometimes, our deceased loved ones send signs using mother nature to let us know of their presence.  In this case, a butterfly trifecta came through!

For other people, it might be a ladybug, bluebirds, dragonflies, or a particular perfume scent.  Just know that this is a way for your loved ones to shine through using a magical nature-inspired outlet.  It's one of those things you'll know when you see it.

For more on signs and synchronicities in the natural world, check out this heady post!  It will help you find the meaning of life in your own special way.

Even the fact that I'm writing yet another butterfly blog post means something.  It means I'm growing, evolving, and changing.  It means that I'm here as a faerie shaman to help you do the same.

You know, why not share my butterfly love and wisdom?  In fact, you might be interested in knowing there's an entire species of fairy that are called the butterfly fairies.  No wonder butterflies are magical, ethereal creatures!

Knowing that a butterfly is more than just an insect or woodland creature, kind of helps you understand why working butterfly magic is so important to the faerie realm!  It conveys the message that nothing is quite what it seems.

A butterfly looks like an everyday insect.  A beautiful girly nature bug, but an insect nonetheless.  Beneath the reflection of her surface, she's a nature spirit with magical properties!

Butterflies have transformative, healing properties that involve transmutation.  Transmutation is where a light being is able to turn darkness and negativity into love and light.  No wonder we feel so good when we think about butterflies!

Tada!  From Caterpillar to Butterfly Transformation + Spiritual Awakening

I use butterfly metaphors a lot on this blog because butterflies have the power to go into hermit mode and create change in your life.  If you suddenly start seeing butterflies a lot, that's a huge sign that you'll be receiving yet another tower moment in your life, followed by the death card, which always signals transformation.  

I also photographed this tawny emperor butterfly while taking a nature walk and even though the pictures weren't my best, I still thought they were worth sharing.  If nothing else, my butterfly transformation journey is worth the share.

In Florida, every season is butterfly season, due to the unusually warm weather.  Even on the bitterly cold days of winter, I still see butterfly species out and about.  This shows me that they are hearty creatures of gentle delight.

Just like humans, they are ready to adapt to the changing seasons.  I've captured a lot of butterfly pictures in Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida, but there are actually more than sixteen species living there.  Pretty cool, eh?

Beyond the butterfly gardens and manicured lawns in Florida, the butterflies seem to represent change more than anything.  The changing seasons.  The turning leaves.  The seasons of life.

They have a profound impact on magical thinking, as they are part of the native species of fairies or little people to this day.  One of the great benefactors of the butterfly is the Hopi Native American called, The Butterfly Maiden.

The butterfly maiden is a spirit that was known for producing great harvest and crops.  When I think of her, I really think abundance and a cornucopia of food.

In addition to being a great help to farmers everywhere, the butterfly maiden can also help you through life transitions, including menopause, moving, finding a new job, or getting married and having a baby.

She is wonderful to call on when life feels like it has stalled out on you.  She'll get things moving again.  If you feel stuck in a rut, spend time in a butterfly garden and call upon the Hopi Native American butterfly goddess for help!

She'll get you through the tough times, she'll power you through the transitions.  The Butterfly Maiden will aid you in your growth by helping you to make powerful changes in your life.

Sometimes, we know we need to make a change, but we can't seem to pinpoint what that change should be.  With the help of the maiden and the butterfly fairies, you'll be able to identify stressors and places where you feel stuck in life.

Like a pinwheel or the shape of a flower, the maiden will bring you back to the circle of life.  The wheel of life is always changing.  You never know where the wheel will land.

With butterfly maiden and the Hopi Native American tribe, you can rest assured you'll get through anything, no matter how potent.  Enlist the help of your butterfly tribe today!

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