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The Seasons of Life: Butterfly Life Cycles and Kundalini Awakening + Twin Flame Connections

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The Seasons of Life: Butterfly Life Cycles and Kundalini Awakening + Twin Flame Connections remind me that we shapeshift and transform many times throughout life. I am going through a powerful spiritual awakening right now and that's because my life cycle as a single woman is ending. 

For months now, I have been spun in a cocoon of my own making, much like the rest of the world.  Only, it hits each of us differently and this is the story of what I've been going through, and how it has hit me with the arrows of love.  

When I am going through something, I have a tendency to go into hermit mode and stay in my tower much like Rapunzel.  This is because I need some time to process my feelings and what they mean to me.  

For some reason, I knew that twenty-twenty would be the year that I met someone.  You can read more about my romantic love life by reading, Love Magic: The Qualities That I'm Looking For in a Man.  

At the end of last year, I went on a hiking date and met what I would call a false twin flame.  I never even knew that was a thing until I met this guy and tried to figure out what went terribly wrong afterward.  

Let's just say that date left me heartbroken, not because he was the one that got away, but because he was the one to show me what I didn't want in a relationship.  It was an ending and new beginning that created another spiritual awakening in me.  

With that being said, I'm sure you're wondering what a false twin flame is and that's a fair question.  My spirit guides explain it as a person that comes into your life as the catalyst and prequel to your true twin flame relationship.  That's important.  

The false twin flame is somebody who will only come into your life long enough to teach you a harsh spiritual lesson in order to prepare you for your true twin flame connection.  After I got over the initial heartbreak and rejection of our hiking date, something instantly changed within me.  

That's when I knew that a significant relationship was coming into my life.  Believe me when I say that it hit me like a ton of bricks because I already knew this person!  This was a person that I had no intention of ever giving the time of day to and differed from my expectations.  

In my mind, I always thought that I would probably end up in a relationship with a guy that was really well established in life.  Instead, my twin flame is somebody who is in a completely different place than me in his life journey.  He's someone that we'll have to work on things together to build our lives and future.  

Honestly, I never expected that.  I never thought my twin flame would be somebody that was already in my circle and wasn't as evolved as I am spiritually.  That information kind of threw me.  

I'd like to tell you that instantly I knew he was the one, but that would be a lie on my part.  I didn't know he was the one and I overlooked him because he didn't match the picture that I had in my head.  

In fact, it's only been in the last month that I fully realized that he's "the one" I want to spend the rest of my life with.  He's the one that I want, like that song from the movie, "Grease."

But, it's so much more than that.  I've never in my life have felt this way before about anyone.  The most subtle clue that came through was that I felt comfortable with him.  

I remember asking spirit to give me a sign that I met my soulmate or twin flame by how comfortable I felt with the person.  I've opened up to him in a way I haven't anyone.  

I've noticed that this twin flame connection has sparked great changes in me.  I have Borderline Personality Disorder and my first response when we got in a fight was to shut him down and cut him out of my life to protect myself.  It's what I've always done with the men in my life.

But, something happened this time.  I realized what I was doing and caught myself.  In fact, I tried to fix it straight away.  

I realized at that moment that I messed up and that I really do want this person in my life.  After that, I received sign after sign that he was the one that I'm meant to be with and that he was feeling the same way.  

The funny thing is that even though he messed up too, I still have tried to do everything in my power to give him unconditional love and space where it's needed.  The reason being, he's going through a huge spiritual transformation and tower moment too, so how can I not be empathetic to that?

In order to protect both of our privacy at this point, I'm not going to reveal what's going on with me versus him in this spiritual connection.  I will say that we are both mirroring each other and going through some intense, transformative changes in our energies.  

That's the thing with a twin-flame relationship, it triggers spiritual growth and changes exponentially for both parties.  For more information on soulmates and twin flames, you might enjoy reading, Working With Archangel Raphael to Find True Love and Your Twinflame!

You're probably wondering what any of this has to do with the seasons of life and butterfly life cycles and I'm about to clarify that.  First and foremost, I wanted to give you some background into how a twin flame or an intense soulmate relationship can trigger a spiritual awakening in both parties involved.  

The Seasons of Life: Butterfly Life Cycles and Kundalini Awakening + Twin Flame Connections

I'm going through an intense kundalini awakening right now, activated by this divine connection.  For the past few weeks, I've really had a tough time grounding my energy and it feels like I've been really having to engage in the magic of the roughage diet with root vegetables in an effort to try.  

My root chakra has a lot of excess energy right now versus being out of balance.  For me, it's a lot of sexual kundalini energy being brought to the surface of this connection.  There's an intense sexual attraction between us with nowhere to channel that energy.  

So, I haven't really talked about this before because it's so personal in nature.  I haven't had sex in more than eight years.  It's not something that most people know about me because it's rather private, except family and close friends.  

The reason I'm bringing it up now is that since meeting my twin flame it's activated a will to create sexual healing within me.  I have a lot of sexual energy and chemistry with this person with no place for that energy to go.  Therefore, I've decided to go nofap and use that transformative sexual energy by channeling it into my work and overall health and wellness.

Again, this is a personal choice that works best for me.  As you can imagine, I haven't dated a lot in the last eight years or so.  I haven't been in the right mindset for getting into a relationship and so naturally my sexual self has fallen to the wayside.  For now.  

Now that I've met my twin flame, my sexual self is awakening again, and the kundalini activation hasn't made it any easier.  The kundalini awakening effects the root chakra by creating a lot of excess energy, this includes sexual energy.  

It's an intense experience and I imagine that the entire time I've been talking to my twin flame, my daily yoga practice only uncoiled that energetic snake even further.  I've done a complete glow up this year after a decade long dark night of the soul experience.  

So, it comes as no surprise to me that now, in the year of twenty-twenty, I would meet my twin flame and begin an instant, overnight kundalini transformation.  It's been really difficult to stay rooted and grounded in my own energy and stand in my power.  

I feel like it's happening fast for me, like all at once because of all of the years that I went through the dark night of the soul.  I feel like everything before this has prepared me for this moment and even though it's jarring and scary, I'm ready for it.  

You can read more about another awakening I went through by leafing through, What It's Like to Be a Faerie Shaman and Reiki Healer to get started.  In any spiritual journey, you'll be like a caterpillar shapeshifting into a butterfly as you weave in and out of spiritual cycles of awakening.

What is a kundalini awakening?  I will do my best to describe it in my own words, from my own personal experience.  

A kundalini awakening is where divine feminine energy travels up the spine and uncoils like a snake energetically.  It activates and boosts each of the chakras until it spouts off the top of the head creating a powerful spiritual awakening within.  

For me, the biggest boost has been the twin flame activation.  Not just meeting him, because technically I knew of him since the fall of last year, but knowing him.  It has been a feeling of pipes bursting everywhere within my little corner of the world.  

In addition to that, I've taken my yoga to another level high above my head this year.  Different forms of yoga, especially kundalini yoga, can activate or ready the body for the snake to rise within.  

I've also leveled up spiritually this year.  I used to be scared to come right out and say that I practice witchcraft and I no longer care that much what people think.  It's funny because the people I've been most afraid to talk about it with was my own family.  

My mom told me recently that she really likes the way that I just embrace my power and that's a huge compliment coming from a mother with a strict religious background in Christianity!  

Why is this happening?  I have been leveling up, all in preparation for my kundalini spiritual journey.  This was all in preparation for the next phase in my life, where I go from single mother to single empty nester to being in a romantic relationship.  

This kundalini spiritual growth is saying out with the old and in with the new!  It's saying that it's time to make room in my life for a man, which is something I haven't fully thought about in a long, long time.  At least not seriously anyway.

It definitely feels like the end of my butterfly cycle and the beginning of new chapter in my life where it's not just me anymore.  It's scary to open my heart again, it's terrifying to trust people, but he's the first man I've ever let in my bedroom, let alone felt comfortable with him there.

Just to be clear, nothing happened in my bedroom, other than long looks and chemistry in the air.  He was just fixing something that needed repaired, but it was the everyday mundane act of comfort that showed me that he was the one for me.   

In short, from what I've experienced, a kundalini rising is all about the ego dying.  It's the death card in the tarot deck.  It's fiery, transformative energy that continues to rise and explode like fireworks in your body.  

It's a painful process, but one that I am ready to understand and fully embrace.  I don't want to be the shy little butterfly anymore, staying in my cocoon, barely peeking her head out only to go back in.  I'm ready to emerge from this season of life as a beautiful butterfly with gossamer wings!

For more on where my spiritual journey started, you might sip iced tea in your garden and read, My Butterfly Transformation Journey: Moving Forward Fearlessly!  Butterfly metaphors are kind of my go-to for everything in my life and on this blog.  Enjoy and thanks for reading...xoxo
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  1. I loved reading your experience, so beautiful. I am also currently going through an intense kundalini awakening. Thank you for sharing yours with the world

    1. Awe, thank you so much Lindsay! Kundalini awakening, especially when triggered by a soul connection, can be an extremely painful process. But, you'll definitely walk away from it a brand-new person. That's what happened to me :)

  2. Hi
    Thank you for sharing just went through a major kundalini awakening
    Still feeling root chakra cleansing and major body fatigue
    I hope you are doing ok though
    Thanks again

    1. Awe, thank you :) I am doing much better now. Kundalini awakenings are such a difficult process, but so worth it in the end. I finally completed mine and I feel like a brand-new person. How do you feel now that you've had yours?


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