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Wearable Nature: My Favorite Summer Hairstyle For Heat and Humidity

Josiah Cephus Weaver Park in Dunedin, Florida Summer at the Pier
Summer is in full force and this is my wearable nature guide for my favorite summer hairstyle for heat and humidity!  Living in Florida is an action in slow living in and of itself.  You learn to embrace long Indian summers while your cotton eyelet dress clings to your legs.

Therefore, you learn to find simple hairstyles that help tame the wildness that happens when the ninety percent humidity days roll in like a thunderstorm.  You learn to go with the flow and like a wild horse, tame your hair!

For the past few years, I've been wearing my hair like a pin-up girl, where I take the sides and let them hang loose while clipping the sides up with baby barrettes, then putting the rest of my hair in a low hanging ponytail.  I really like this style because it keeps the frizzies tamed as I go about my day taking walks in nature and gallivanting to the nearest pier.  

A few years ago, my daughter Chloe introduced me to this hairstyle.  We would often go hiking in the summer months and we were always looking for new ways of styling our hair for the elements.  

When you're out hiking the forest, you never know when a midday summer rainstorm will roll in.  You never know when the beach or the local pier is going to make your hair frizz up and stand up on end.  

Naturally, we loved having a natural beauty challenge!  It was cool that quite by mistake Chloe started to do my hair for me like this and I've just kind of stuck with it.  

In the winter months, I often just wear my hair long and natural or in a french braid.  No matter how much time has passed, I always come back to this simple pinup girl hairstyle that reminds me of the 1940s!
A fishing pier photoshoot in Josiah Cephus Weaver Park in Dunedin, Florida

Wearable Nature: My Favorite Summer Hairstyle For Heat and Humidity

Why I like this hairstyle and what it has to do with wearable nature: For me, it has to do with being able to have a hairstyle that will stay in place, that's an easy updo for summer while hiking, camping, and going on a seaside adventure! I'm a really simple girl and I like easy to do hairstyles, natural makeup, and slow fashions.

Basically, I really like a summer hairstyle that can get me through any kind of weather! The fact that it beats heat and humidity is just a bonus.

My Favorite Part: At the end of the day, I usually take out the hair clips and ponytails, then finger comb my hair. My long, natural hair has some pretty mermaid waves to it after a long day of nature photography, hiking adventures, and summer at the pier Florida style!

I mean, who doesn't love mermaids and mermaid style hair? I love a hairstyle that can go with me from my daytime hours into the night. It makes getting ready in the morning a lot more fun and whimsical!

It also gives me a little confidence boost knowing that my hair can change from one moment to the next. There's something powerful in the magic of hair. I mean, I'm pretty sure my hair holds a lot of secrets. Shhh!

For more on natural clothing styles, you might enjoy reading, Hiking Pretty: A Style Guide For Hiking, Camping, and Outdoor Recreation! I really go into the quintessential essence of natural beauty in a slow living context.

You might like learning about how I wear whimsical style in the woodland for when I go on hiking adventures! I've always found that the fairies really love fashion made from natural materials found in mother nature.

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Summer weather can really wreak havoc on your natural botanical style, but finding little ways to incorporate the natural elements of nature into your capsule wardrobe can make Florida living easier. Even though Florida is one of the more humid states, it doesn't mean that this style can't apply to whimsical places around the world! Know what I mean?
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