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Wearable Nature: Trending Unicorn Pegasus Float For Summer by the Pool

Funboy Rainbow Unicorn Float
One of the things on my Pinterest Wishlist right now is trending unicorn floats for the pool!  As a huge unicorn lover, I can't help but be a fan!

Awe, summer.  We're right in the midst of it and living in hot, humid places (for example, anywhere in the United States right now) makes me want to take a dip in the pool.  

Only this year I live in a different place and so the pool that I have is for small children.  Of course, that doesn't stop us from having fun!  Know what I mean?

A few years ago though, we had a community pool.  During the day, when the kids were at school, I'd hang out there by myself, swimming my way to peace and tranquility.  Now if only I would have had a unicorn float, my life might be different, better somehow.

My oldest daughter Angeleah made the mistake of telling me about a unicorn kiddie pool, which we have both come to find doesn't exist.  For kiddie pool makers out there, if you make one, we will come and buy it!  Ha!
Funboy Rainbow Unicorn Pegasus Float for Summertime

Trending Unicorn Pegasus Floats for the Pool

Since it doesn't actually exist yet, I was thinking it would still be cool to buy the unicorn pegasus float and fill it with water and make it into a kiddie pool.  Maybe it won't be like the one in the picture above, but still, how clever!

This is one of the things on my wishlist, where I write a post about things I want to manifest, things I'd like resolved for me, etc. and then it comes true.  As each wish comes true or manifests, I get to cross it off.  It's so much fun!

It's fun to see wishes come true right before your very eyes and out of thin air.  The unicorn pegasus float is one I've had my eye on for a few years now.  I think it didn't come true before because I thought I had to use it in a standard pool setting.  

I don't!  Though if the universe could give me a house with a swimming pool too, I am all for that.

Credit:  Picture and unicorn pegasus float by Funboy for $79.00.  
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