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Why I Sometimes Feel Like a Crappy Vegan

Plant-Based Living and Perfectionism in Veganism
Sometimes I feel like a crappy vegan.  Most of the time, I eat things like what I'm holding in the picture above. Lemons and warm water in the morning make the perfect elixir to get your metabolism going first thing!  

However, there are times when I mess up or give in to temptation.  There aren't really any excuses for it, other than I am human, and humans make mistakes. 

There are a lot of vegans out there that come across as absolutely perfect and a lot of them I admire but me on the other hand, I'm pretty flawed for a vegan.  

Here's the thing though.  I'm honest about it and I try to learn from my mistakes and do better as a vegan.

To take some of the mystery out of it, when faced with sweets, vegan or non-vegan, I have a tendency to give in.  Not all the time because nine times out of ten, I'm not around sweets.  

On occasion though, during the holidays and on my birthday, I sometimes give in and have that sugar cookie, even though I know there's a vegan option. 

There's a really good chance I might get railed for owning up to my failings, as other vegans are more strict with their diet.  They might tell me that I'm not a vegan, even if I live as a vegan 99% of the time and I try my best.  

They might tell me to become a vegetarian, even though that's not who I am or what I want to do.  The thing is, I know if I keep trying, I'll get this diet and this way of life right.    So, why stop being vegan now?

The Real Truth About Being Vegan

Sometimes it's hard!  Most of the time, the majority of the time, it's easy but there are some days, some moods, some circumstances when you get tried.  Sometimes we give in. 

I'm going, to be honest here.  I didn't get into veganism for the right reasons but I stayed for the right reasons.  I became a vegetarian first when I was losing weight back in 2012' by juicing, then a year later I decided to become a vegan. 

 I became a veggie for health and weight loss reasons but I stayed because I started learning about the slaughter and mistreatment of innocent animals.  After that, I was in, I was all in. 

Sometimes I feel like a crappy vegan because even with knowing all that, I am sometimes a weak person and I give in and have a cupcake.  

Most of the time I am good but I definitely have my not so stellar moments.  I'm just being upfront about it.

The reason I never judge another vegan or even a vegetarian is because I see them trying. 

 I see them phasing things out of their diet and making a difference, helping the animals, and helping mother earth.  Who am I to judge? 

Everyone has a different path to veganism.  Sometimes it starts with the first step, which is giving up meat than dairy, and so on and so forth.  The most important thing is that we get there and we become a vegan.

From there we can keep improving ourselves and getting better at being a vegan.  For example, a lot of vegans's still enjoying honey even though it is listed as non-vegan.

  I don't partake but I don't judge others.  They are going to get there in their own time.  It doesn't make them any less of a vegan, it makes them human.

It's great to love and care for animals and fight for their rights but we should treat our fellow humans with kindness and consideration too.  Don't you think?

How Can I Improve As a Vegan

I'm always taking steps to improve as a vegan and take measures to prevent relapses.  One of the biggest things I did was back in 2013'.  

I had an Etsy shop at the time and was selling vintage women's clothing and accessories.  One of my more popular items were purses and wallets.

Many of them were leather and they, unfortunately, we're the ones to sell the most.  

I was a new vegan at the time and while I believe sustainability is still a better way to go than new leather or fur (by the way, I never sold fur in my shop), I didn't feel right calling myself a vegan and selling leather.  

I got rid of every vintage leather item in my shop in one fell swoop!  That was the first time I realized how serious I was about this.

A lot of people think of the vegan diet but not many realize it's a lifestyle, an entire way of life. 

 It comes right down to what you're wearing, what's on your grocery list, and which products you are using to scrub your face or make that perfect liquid eyeliner effect.  If it's tested on animals then forget about it!

Recently, in the past couple of years, I've gone grain-free and gluten-free after finding out I had colitis.  This has allowed me to eat more fruits and veggies and less of the sweet stuff. 

 I rarely if ever have a piece of bread or pasta because of it.  Eating healthier and living a more health-conscious lifestyle has allowed me to become a better vegan, by steering me away from sweets, which for me, are a trigger.

I use applesauce for baking and when I do want to make a cake, brownies, cupcakes, or cookies, I search the P.E.T.A website to make sure that the brand I'm using is vegan.  I've gotten a lot better at this being a vegan thing four years later. 

I've inspired people to become both vegetarian and vegans.  My daughter Chloe, eighteen, just became a vegan at the start of the new year.  I would never judge or mistreat her, as we are in this together for the animals!  

I feel like even though I mess up sometimes, I've done a lot more good than harm, and I'm going to keep that as a goal.

I just want you to know that sometimes I feel like a crappy vegan too.  I make mistakes from time to time.  Sometimes those mistakes are accidental and sometimes I do them on purpose, out of temptation but regardless, I am trying. 

 Let's make a vow to not judge or mistreat other vegans.  Let's treat our human friends with kindness too. 

 If you mess up, you don't stop being a vegan.  Instead, you soldier on and keep working towards the cause!

If you'd like to become a vegan too, please get your free vegan starter kit!  Yes, it's sometimes hard but I promise you, it's worth it, trials and tribulations and all.
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