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How I Make Money From Blogging About Slow Living, Nature, and Sustainability


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This is a blog post on how I make money from blogging about slow living, nature, and sustainability! I get a lot of questions about how I make money as a blogger and today I'm going to answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

I started blogging in twenty-ten, during the golden age of blogging years that everyone still talks about. During that time, I started many blogs and basically learned the ropes of blogging through these experiences.

For a really long time, I was really lost on my life purpose.  I knew that writing was part of it, as well as blogging, but I didn't really have an exact science down for what I wanted to write about.  

At one point, I did notice there was a pattern in my blogging style and the topics that I enjoyed writing about.  For one, people seemed to really like the fact that I would write about my personal experiences.  They really appreciated that I wore my heart on my sleeve with diary-style writing.

I also seemed to get positive feedback on my spiritual topics too, as they tend to revolve around nature-inspired things like slow living, nature, and sustainability.  I've always gravitated toward writing about things that I felt passionate about and working with the fairy realm and all that goes with that seemed to be popular!

In addition to that, people seemed to really enjoy it when I'd write about holistic health, natural healing remedies, and vegan-style recipes.  I eventually stopped posting the vegan plant-based recipes, but that's because I plan on creating a kinfolk-style cookbook in the nearby future!  

For more on mostly raw vegan recipes, you might like to read: Nourishment For the Kitchen Witch: A Green Witch Guide to Intuitive Eating and Foraging For Foods!  It's never about being perfect but finding your perfect eating style.

It took me years to find what writing style works best for me and to figure out what I'd like to do with my life.  Two years ago, I started a new blog, the Everyday Laurali Star blog and it has changed my life in a really positive way!

It's helped me to get blog opportunities that I would normally never had.  I began to reach people that would eventually create my soul tribe and community.  I've always felt like my readers were more than just people passing by, they were friends who were like family to me!

They were like-minded spiritual individuals who wondered about the same things I did.  They were people who felt a calling to become a faerie shaman healer or to live their life in a more spiritual way.  I'm so grateful to connect with these people, as it inspires me to keep going through the dark times.

You're probably wondering, what were the dark times?  You're making money blogging.  All I can say is that when I quit my full-time front desk receptionist job to become a writer in twenty-ten, life has been a roller coaster!

The payoff definitely was slow in coming and I didn't reap the rewards of blogging for many years.  When I started, blogging resources were limited and lifestyle bloggers had to learn as they go!  I was fortunate enough to find solace in blogging much later in life, but it was definitely a slow journey.

  Now, I'm in a place where I can say with confidence that I know who I am as a blogger.  It took some time, but I've discovered, The Magic of Nature: My Life's Purpose and Intentional Living!  I found my blog niche by writing the blog that I always wished someone else would write.

So, that's my advice to you if you're a blogger.  Write the blog you wish you could read!  I think it's a really good sign if you enjoy reading your own blog.

Now that you understand how I got to where I am, let's talk about how I've managed to make money from blogging in the past couple of years.  The hardest thing in the world is to believe in yourself as an entrepreneur, let alone when you pick a dream job like blogging, filled with potholes and competition.  It is possible though, make no mistake, you can definitely make a living as a blogger!

How I Make Money From Blogging About Slow Living, Nature, and Sustainability

In the beginning, I took whatever service-based jobs that I could get.  I'm really good at keywords and SEO, so that was mainly where I focused my attention.  When my blog stats kept growing, I then had to find the best way to make money from my self-sustaining eco-blogging business!

First and foremost, I knew who I was as a blogger and I knew my limits.  It was highly important that I use my authentic voice in my writing and never water down my ideas in order to work with eco-friendly companies!  

You can read more about how I work with ethical, green companies on my sponsor page.  It was important that I stay on brand and only accept offers that serve the message that I am sending out in the world.  Part of that is knowing yourself!

For me, I really like working with brands that are either waste-free, paperless, green-friendly, vegan-inspired, nature-friendly and slow fashions that are cruelty-free!  It may sound like a tall order, but it's really not.  Running an ethical business has always been important to me, as well as a heart-based business too.

I've always wanted to be in service to others.  I like helping people and making a difference in the world, so I never wanted to get too big for my britches, so to speak.  I always wanted to remain down-to-earth and practice wabi-sabi style living!

I feel like that makes me much more relatable to people.  Sure, sometimes I overshare, but in my case, it seems to aid my readers in opening up and sharing their stories with me.  

I really don't take on SEO-friendly articles anymore, so I've turned to sponsorship in-post ads to make a difference in the world.  I partner up with smaller blogs and Etsy shops at the moment, but I'm really looking forward to going bigger in the nearby future!

Right now, I make enough to cover my expenses, but barely!  That's the reality of my situation.  I'd really like to be more well-known and recognized in my field.  

It's kind of like I've hit a plateau, like with weight loss, and now I need to push myself a little bit further and a little harder!  Let's talk about how I'm working my dream job as a lifestyle blogger and the intentions that I want to set for myself going further into the future, shall we?

Lifestyle Blogging Goals For the Future

In the nearby future, I'm planning on getting my writing noticed.  It seems far-fetched, but it's really not.  It's more about getting the right kind of writing agent or publisher to notice your work.  Besides blogging, I've created some pages that I plan on turning into a mini-book series!

I want to create open-source book pages for potential indie publishers and the like.  My dream has always been to write a book series.  I used to think it would be a magical realism book series, but real-life magic seems to take the cake for me!

I've found that real life is better than fiction!  You can read more about what I want to do in, Working With Archangel Gabriel to Fulfill My Childhood Dreams of Writing.  The old adage about writing what you know has never proven to be truer!

I feel like it's written in the stars for me to get my books published.  It's something that yes, I could do myself through self-publishing, but have decided that going a normal publishing route is best for me and my life.  

I also would like to have long-term partnerships with green-friendly companies and possibly become the face of a brand!  For example, my dream is to gain a partnership with a wearable nature brand for fashion accessories like wearable planters!

I'd also really like to become the face of an ethical, vegan hiking brand!  Granted, these are long-term goals, but why not dream big?  

Right now, I work with small businesses, especially Etsy shops, and I would really like to expand on that by partnering up with timeless brands that match my blog ethos!  Being able to form long-term partnerships could really up the loyal dedicated followers on my blog.

I'd like to be able to take on a less or more attitude when it comes to the sponsorships I take on!  I'd like to have full-time relationships with the brands I work with.

There have been a few things that I haven't done yet, that I probably should when it comes to making money from my blog.  I have a couple of affiliate programs that I plan to apply to as well, that would resonate with my full-time readers and newsletter subscribers

For example, my friend Stephanie from, My Tiny Laguna Kitchen is in Herbal Academy, and I definitely plan to start working with them too!  She really inspired me to want to take classes on mushroom foraging, learning about herbs, and more.  She's awesome!

I try to be discerning of the affiliate programs that I sign up for!  I always want to make sure I'm on brand and doing what's best for my readers and subscribers.  Herbal Academy seems to fit the bill of what I'm looking for in a program!

There you have it!  This is how I make money from blogging about slow living, nature, and sustainability!  I will be updating soon on some of the brands that I work with or perhaps making a second blog post about it.  

In the meantime, you can feel rest assured knowing that I only work with ethical, green-friendly brands that I resonate with!  Eventually, I hope to be able to go beyond making a living and transform my blog into so much more.

Thanks for sticking by my side through it all.  If you have built a brand that you think would mesh well with mine, check out my sponsorship page, and let's collaborate!  You can email me for a media kit filled with my blog stats and SEO-friendly practices.

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