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How to Make An Herbal Envelope Spell With Herbs, Spices, and Elements of Nature

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This is a blog post on how to make an herbal envelope spell with herbs, spices, and elements of nature! As a solitary green nature witch, one of my favorite things to do is to make a nature in an envelope spell!

There's nothing that I love better than crafting spells as I go about my day. As an Aries sun sign, I really like to live in the present moment and do spells that are easy to put together so that I can go about my day.

One of my favorite types of magical spells to set in motion is an herbal envelope spell that can be used with herbs, spices, and elements of nature! I've also found that if you add the right ingredients to your envelope spell, your spell can manifest into reality even faster.

So, what do you need to know to create the perfect herbal envelope spell into existence? You need to know your herbs and spices. You need to know which elements of nature hold the most power for you.

I connect with botanicals because I'm a green nature witch and my spiritual practices reflect that. What works for me, might not work for you. So, the first step is finding out what type of witch you are and what works for you!

Do you work better in the kitchen? Then hitting the spice rack might be a great first step to finding ingredients that yield quick results for you.

In this case, you might enjoy reading, Magical Herb Ingredients for Your Water Infuser Bottle! It might help you come up with some herbs and spices to mix into the magic of your envelope.

Do you work better out in mother nature, gathering wildflowers, leaves, and twigs? If so, you might like to work with the elements of nature to make your witchcraft dreams come true!

In your case, you might like to read, How to Add Elements of Magic to Your Green Nature Witch Capsule Wardrobe! It will help you to work with the nature spirits to gather up the right ingredients for the spell you want to make.

What if you'd rather work with plant allies to craft a spell? If you have a special relationship with the plant spirits, then it is worth it to create nature in an envelope spell using plant life solely.

For more on plant allies, you might love reading, Plant Magic Energy Healing Kit For Bringing Good Energy Into Your Home! It's a great way to connect with your plants on a holistic level, which is exactly what you need for spellwork.

Whatever kind of witch you feel a kinship with is what you most likely will be, whether it be following faerie witchcraft or creating natural herbal remedies in the kitchen. The magic of nature in an envelope is the entanglement of the right ingredients to set your intention free!

It might take a little practice, but you'll find that working with specific ingredients and natural herbs will begin to come naturally for you. In the beginning, unless you already know your herbs and spices, you might want to experiment a little.

See which spells flop and record the ingredients. Kind of like some houseplants just won't work with you no matter how hard you try, the same can prove true with herbal ingredients. It's important to find the ingredients that agree with your agreeable nature, so to speak :)

For me, I work really well with basil, ground cinnamon, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, and sometimes sage. When I mix these ingredients together I get fast communication from my spell, but that's because I'm a fiery Aries sun sign and I play really well with hot and spicy ingredients in my craft!

Everyone is different and you have to find what works best for you. Base it on your sun sign, your rising sign, or your moon sign. Base it on which element that you work with, which again, in my case it's the element of earth and fire!

You can even play around with ingredients and base them on your mood that day to see what happens and where this spell ends up going. I find for fast results or fast communication, I always work with spicy ingredients with the entanglement of something sweet and grounded, like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Basil is one of my favorite herbal garden ingredients to create spells with! I mix it into almost every spell that I do in some form or another.

Why? Basil is ruled by the planet mars and the masculine energy of the fire element. It only makes perfect sense that this Aries would feel connected to sweet basil as a magical herb!

Your homework assignment is to play around with wild nature ingredients and go foraging whenever you can. You might just find what you are looking for! It could be that mushrooms hold your magic mojo.

Your next assignment is to play around with fresh ingredients in the kitchen and fresh from the garden whenever possible! When I got my stimulus check, the first thing I did was go out and stock up on kitchen herbs and spices. I added new things that I'd like to experiment with and play within my spells.

Go forth and raid your kitchen, botanical garden, and head out into the forest to forage for wild things that you feel magnetically drawn too. Thank the nature spirits for their blessings as you clip flowers and wear them in your hair and add them to your magical envelope spell!
Nature in an Envelope Magic Spell For Granola Crunch Nature Girls

How to Make An Herbal Envelope Spell With Herbs, Spices, and Elements of Nature

Now that you've gathered your rosebuds while ye may, it's time to get to the heart of what an envelope spell consists of! Nature in envelope magic spells usually includes your intention written down inside the envelope or on a piece of paper and a few magical herb ingredients that will amplify the inherent worth of your spell.

Before you begin, grab an envelope. It can be a plain white envelope or something from a cute stationery set that vibes with your energy.

Once you have your envelope, you'll need to either write down your intention on paper or inside the envelope where the flap closes down. I always think about what I'm excited to manifest while doing this step in order to put my energy into it.

What I often do is create a separate piece of paper and create a sigil on it. For more on how to make a sigil, you might enjoy reading, A Spiritual Retreat For Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic!

The majority of the time, my spells include sigils.  I like them because they are fast, easy, and effective!  That's the kind of spell that's after my own heart.

Again, if you're interested in working with sigil magick, then please go and read that spiritual retreat article.  It really helped me through some tough times this year.

In addition to creating my intention and making a sigil out of it, I then add spices to activate my sigil.  For example, I used my primary spell ingredients (sweet basil, sage, ground cinnamon, and cayenne pepper) to activate a fast communication spell the other day as a push from the universe to get someone to come talk to me and speed things up!

You can also add non-herbal ingredients to your herbal magic spell too such as, a tarot card that matches your intention or a healing stone that will amplify the speed in which your intention is grounded into reality.  I always say to use your intuition on this or ask your spirit helpers for guidance!  

They can really help you to put together a solid spell where energy flows freely, which is always the goal of witchcraft.  You can even add a specific goddess, angel, or animal totem to your magic spell and call on her for amplification and protection!

I work with Goddess Freya and Goddess Isis a lot when commanding spells, as I have built a special relationship with them when it comes to love spells, money spells, and sigil magick.  When performing moon magic, I often turn to Archangel Haniel for guidance!

Next, be sure to seal your envelope with a kiss.  You can either blow a kiss to your envelope or you can add lipstick then kiss it where the fold is.  This seals the deal that your spell is activated and complete!

Simply write down the time and date that you created your spell on the fold side of the envelope.  Write down the ingredients you used, what type of magic (sigil magick, etc.), and if you called on any spirit helpers to aid you in your cause.  Last but not least, write down what the intention was behind the spell unless you'd like to open it up at a later date and be surprised!

Just like when I'm cooking up a plant-based recipe, I like simple spells and simple magic!  I'm not a big believer in making things more complicated than they need to be.  I mean, we all have busy lives, don't we?  

Again, play around with fresh ingredients and see what draws you in and what brings you faster results!  So, the next question is, how do you really know that your spell worked?

First of all, you'll feel a sense of satisfaction and completion.  You'll be able to create your spell then go about your day with ease and grace.  When you feel this way, this tells me that your spell is done.  

Naturally, when the results come back, that's when you'll know your envelope spell worked it's magic!  Before you get those results, and they should be fast-acting, you'll be receiving signs and symbols from the universe to let you know that you've been heard, loud and clear.  

For example, you might have a dream about the specific person you're trying to manifest into your life.  You may see signs, synchronicities, or run across songs that remind you of your magic envelope spell.  

You've just got to keep your eyes open to the possibilities and keep your heart chakra open too!  If you're like me, you might just receive intuitive nudges from within.  The universe speaks to me through my thoughts, feelings, and intuition to let me know I'm on the right track with my manifestation.  

If you're unsure, you can ask your tarot cards for guidance.  Do a follow up reading on whether or not your spell worked.  If it's a hard no, you may have to try something different.  

Nine times out of ten, your spell would have worked!  It's really based on the thought, feeling, and intention you put into it.  When sealing your envelope, be sure to "feel" one more time that you've put all your heart into your magical herbal envelope spell!
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