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Meet Aine: Queen of the Fairies + Irish Goddess of Love

An oak tree with pink fairy wings, girl novelty fairy wings toy, in an oak tree forest
Meet Aine: Queen of the fairies + Irish Goddess of Love! Something made me go to the forest today. It was a calling to the natural world to go and spend time with the goddess Aine.

This feeling that I needed to head into the forest was followed by simple magic that always happens whenever I call on Aine goddess. She makes the forest come alive with woodland creatures in silent reverie.

It's as if all at once, the butterflies come out to play, the birds do a song and dance, and a multitude of treasures fall under the spell of the pathway she created for me. The fairy queen Aine has so many magical healing properties and abilities and one of them is making you feel alive and connected to the hygge style heart of nature!

It all started a couple of years back with my near suicide attempt. After I was Baker Acted and returned home, I really didn't feel any better. I began taking long walks in mother nature and hiking through the forest as my own personal brand of therapy.

I could talk to Goddess Aine, the Irish moon goddess, and she would always help me work through my problems, as she connected me with the nature spirits. I could never pour my heart out to another human the way I could with moon goddess Aine!

One of the things that she would always set in motion is inspiration and creativity. Every time that I head into the woodland for a forest photoshoot, I would find treasures untold and secret gifts left for me by the fey. I never had any shortage of pictures when I worked with her!

Goddess Aine has inspired me to write many of my favorite blog posts too. So, if you're an artist of any sort or you simply want to tap into your creative side, Aine is your girl!

In addition to that, I would often collaborate with the fairy queens and work with them together! Meet the Fairy Queens: Goddess Aeracura and Celtic Goddess Aine. You'll love the magical healing they will bring into your life as they work hand-in-hand to inspire you!

But, today, I really want to get into the other side of the coin that Aine Goddess brings your way when she taps into your love life and romantic sensibilities. She's lesser known for this, but this fairy queen is the Irish Goddess of love!

Spending time with her in a grassy meadow dotted with wildflowers, helped me to get to know her in a brand-new way. I learned all about the romantic side of Aine, as she inspired me with hearts, flowers, and romantic poetry. She has a way of wearing her heart on her sleeve!

It felt like I was connecting to her on a whole new level that merged with my twin flame, which you can read all about in, The Seasons of Life: Butterfly Life Cycles and Kundalini Awakening + Twin Flame Connections! She really helped me to get into my heart space so that I could begin to deal with my twin flame separation in a brand-new way.

She really helped clear the air for me, the more I spoke with her about my romantic love life problems. Fairy Aine creates clarity and clear thinking through her sparkling, magical fairy energy. Her energy is downright magical and brings sunlight and clearing to the entire day ahead!

When it comes to love magic energy, Goddess Aine, the queen of the fairies, says it best. She has a way of making you look at your specific person with the eyes of love, seeing that person with compassion, unconditional love, and understanding.

Isn't that what we all want at the end of the day? Someone to understand us. Someone who looks at us with hearts in their eyes, wabi-sabi style flaws, and all.

When I started working with the queen of the fairies in a sparkling new way, I felt an influx of expansion in my heart chakra. I felt the love growing and expanding for my twin flame, even though he had caused me so much pain and grief in the recent past.

Not only that, but Aine looks at love in a childhood innocence kind of way. We can leave the naughty stuff for Goddess Freya, who happens to be the patron goddess that I call on for creating romantic love spells in the herbal garden of my own eternity!

Whether you're trying to manifest a specific person or you just want to revitalize a preexisting relationship, Goddess Aine can help you bring your relationship back from the ashes! Working with Goddess Aine taught me that she can pick up the energy of our past life relationships too.

Often times, when we have a soulmate or twin flame relationship, it's because there's a certain familiarity to our love interest that draws us in. This is often due to past life connections! 

 Luckily, Aine can suss them out for you, make them bubble to the surface, so you can clear out any karmic energy between you and this person.  She brings in a grounded kind of love to every relationship, which makes sense as she's connected to the natural world!

A tree hollow filled with a magical fairy wings girls novelty toy treasureMeet Aine: Queen of the Fairies + Irish Goddess of Love

What are some other ways that Aine can help you with your love life?  Besides past-life connections, Aine can help you with manifesting a specific person.  

Fairies don't have hang-ups like humans do, so they don't feel like it's ethically irresponsible to cast a love spell with a particular person in mind.  The fey work with instant energy healing methods like cutting etheric cords and ego-based attachments to people and situations.  

Working with Aine will change your mindset when it comes to love too.  She sees people as energy, pure and simple.  In our simplest form, the human spirit is meant to convey love.  

She can help you with any love obsessions you may have that are unhealthy for you and maybe staunching your spiritual growth.  She can help you cut ties with relationships that no longer serve you.  She can help you find healthy relationships, as she looks at relationships as a first love experience.  

Aine has a childlike innocence about her, that she brings with her into the human relationships she grows and fosters.  She looks at love as a fairy tale romance with ample opportunity for sweetness!  Don't you wish we could all look at the world that way?

She makes love a little less jaded, as she helps you meander bookshelves filled with romantic poetry and the like.  She brings a sweetness to love like an innocent schoolgirl crush or a first kiss under the stars.  For her, making love is always best in an outdoor setting!

In other words, sweet fairy tale Aine puts the romance in true love!  She ignites that spark within that tells you to go and be with someone.  She even gives you the magical uttering of words to express your love to said person in the right way.  

She may not be known as the cupid of the fairy realm, but make no mistake, this girl falls head over heels in love with the idea of romantic love!  Just like a lepidolite crystal, she helps people meet at the right time and space in their lives.  She really knows how to bring two people together in a storybook romance of a lifetime!
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