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Meet Goddess Rhiannon: Queen of the Fairies and Lunar Magic


a tiny doll with blue hair in a canopy of leaves in the garden

Meet Goddess Rhiannon: Queen of the fairies and lunar magic! Lately, I've been spending a lot of time with this welsh goddess of horses, birds, and nighttime rituals. Today, I'm delighted to share with you what it's like to work with her throughout the moon cycles and life!

I've always had a close connection with Rhiannon, as I generally develop relationships with spiritual entities that come to me naturally and organically. Kind of like my real-life friendships and relationships!

It was only recently when I got to know Rhiannon on a more personal level and I took that as a sign that I was moving up to a higher level of spiritual magic. The biggest sign of all was that over the course of the year, I've been seeing owls everywhere!

There were even a few times where I saw owls in the forest in their natural habitats. When you see owl symbolism everywhere you go, get ready to level up! When combined with the welsh goddess of nighttime, get ready to engage with high magicks.

As most of you know, I spend most of most mornings in the park. You can read more about in, Morning Hikes: A Magical Walk in the Woods + Owl Symbolism!

It's in the forest that I end up having long conversations with Rhiannon and leaving her offerings in exchange for help with a major glow-up in my life. I left her long letters with sigil magic symbols and my amethyst gemstone terrarium with moss!

That's one of the secrets to working with Rhiannon Goddess, as well as other moon goddesses. They really like gifts, offerings, and trinkets! At first, I was reluctant to let go of my miniature terrarium, but since I knew she really, really wanted it, I gave in.

It's really easy to connect with the goddess Rhiannon, as she really likes to work with women and mortal human men whom she finds attractive! In case you haven't brushed up on your folklore lately, Goddess Rhiannon fell in love with a human mortal man named Pwyll.

So, if you find yourself in a forbidden love situation yourself, Rhiannon is your girl! She also really likes to work with men that are hopeless romantics like herself. Again, if she finds you attractive or interesting, she may even come to you first!

So far, Rhiannon has really amplified my lunar magic cycles! As many of my subscribers know, I write moon readings for every moon phase, whether it be a full moon or new moon magic every month! You can read more about it in my newsletter and signup for free moon readings at the end of this post or on the front page of my blog.

To live by the moon is highly important because the weather, seasons, planetary shifts, and moon cycles affect everything in our lives more than we may realize! All of the shifts happening in our night sky directly impacts our moods and how we humans interact with one another.

Working with Goddess Rhiannon has deepened my relationship with the lunar magic and planetary alignment to new levels of excitement. She can really help you to live your life by the moon and intuitively pick up what's going to happen next in life. She's great!

Not only is the Rhiannon Goddess energy healing full of unexpected twists and turns when it comes to walking a spiritual path, but she can lead your heart to romantic love. I see her as a bit of an idealist and hopeless romantic when it comes to matters of the heart.

Much like me, she seems to beleive in fairy tales and happily ever afters when it comes to the notions of romance and I've come to notice that she really likes to help men in this department. For example, if you were to vent to her about a potential love interest, she would go to him and begin working on opening his heart chakra.

What I love about Rhiannon is that you can tell her anything and she will keep your secrets, as well as to give you advice on whatever you need help with. If it's love that you're after, she can help you with that.

If you want to level up spiritually, Rhiannon can be your go-to spirit guide into the faerie realm, as she is also known as the queen of the fairies! Unofficially, I see her working with the purple light ray and often see purple or a dark blue color surrounding her aura and energy field when we talk.

The purple light ray is known for the spiritual secrets and esoteric information. In other words, she can help you with unlocking your intuition and spiritual gifts with ease and grace.

I see her as a goddess of the forest that you can count on through thick and thin, as she guides you through life, love, and the planetary cycles. Rhiannon works with birds and horses to bridge the gap between the earthly realm and the Other Side. You simply have to meet her in the heart of the forest and be open to whatever communication she sends your way.

I pretty much never ask for signs anymore, but I have found that Goddess Rhiannon is kind enough to send them anyway! She will send owl symbolism, horses, birds, and even songs your way if she feels it conveys an important message to you and your unique situation.

Connect with Goddess Rhiannon energy and you'll connect with the fairies of the forest! Rhiannon isn't shy when she begins to open your third-eye chakra to see woodland creatures and nature spirits by the dozen. Once she accepts you into her fold, the fey will come out to play!
A tiny magical doll or poppet with blue hair and third-eye chakra gemstone magic + green palm leaves in Florida

Meet Goddess Rhiannon: Queen of the Fairies and Lunar Magic

What does it mean to be the queen of the fairies? In the case of Rhiannon goddess, it means that she is literally a fae herself. To be in charge of the kingdom of the fae, she must take on the attributes of the elements of nature she rules over.

For more on being the queen of the fairies, you might love reading, Meet the Fairy Queens: Goddess Aeracura and Celtic Goddess Aine! Fairy queens are like the archangels of the nature kingdom and natural world.

Being a fairy queen means making sure all of the nature spirits work together to build a forest community.  This fosters growth within different tree dwellings and promotes a wealth of ideas for how everything should come together to serve a higher purpose.  

In other words, she ensures that everything comes together seamlessly, as there is a thread that runs through every botanical garden right down to every tiny pinecone.  What is that invisible thread?

It's magic of course!  Think about it.  The natural world is filled with magical portals and timeless pathways all built by the faerie folk.  

The weather, seasons, tides, and lunar cycles ensure the wildness of nature, as well as the order in which things are built.  I've noticed that one day there might be a mushroom forest while hiking, only to return the next day and it be completely gone!

Being a fairy queen, Goddess Rhiannon, works with the fairies to recruit people to do things for them.  It can be something as mundane as picking up trash or something more complicated like keeping our lakes and rivers clean.  

How do you know if you've been recruited?  Trust me, you'll know!  The biggest sign is this, Do You Beleive in Fairies?  The magic Within Us.

The first step to knowing you've been recruited is in the believing.  If you found this blog or if you have a childlike faith and belief in the fairy realm, then rest assured, Rhiannon has recruited you to carry out tasks for a higher cause.

Being a fairy queen of the forest is no easy task, but Rhiannon has a way of making it look easy!  She will help you to build a strong connection with the tree spirits, the watery realm, and the botanical gardens filled with wildflowers that you walk by every single day without a moments notice.  

At the heart and essence of this magical goddess is life, death, and magic!  She knows that it's all relevant and we're all connected, even when she brings souls to the Other Side upon natural death from this human life.  

I've come to notice that Rhiannon has a huge fascination with humans!  She really likes to see what makes them tick and she's a bit of a dark goddess at times, as she is the angel of both life and death, as a fertility goddess and the bringer of death news.  

In addition to that, she can connect you with your dark self and shadow side, as there is light and dark in each and every one of us!  For more on doing shadow work you might enjoy reading, Happy Imbolc! Doing Shadow Work With Celtic Triple Goddess Saint Bridget.

Working with your darker self will connect you with a different kind of fey that can enhance your witchcraft and faerie magic.  In this case, she will help you to utilize dark elves and shadow fairies to enhance your spellwork.  

It sounds more intimidating then what it seems.  In reality, we do dark magic all the time as we go about our lives.  The difference is that we will be using it for dark magic purposes in spells that connect us with the shadow aspect of ourselves.

I'm a big believer in duality in magic and human nature.  We all have that dark side to us and none of us are pure light, sunshine, and joy all the time.  The good news is that we can use it to effectively create a better life for ourselves and each other!

That's what Goddess Rhiannon helps remind us to do.  She reminds us that in every rose bush there's a thorn and in every tower moment, there's a blessing in disguise!

Working with the Goddess Rhiannon has taught me so much already.  She is an ample goddess of sex magic and fertility, teaching you things you never knew about your body.  Plus, she's a nature goddess, protecting the forest realm as she wears flower crowns made by the fey.  

What's not to love?  If you'd like to build a strong relationship with Rhiannon Goddess, start with making communication with her.  She loves a good conversation made from the heart!

Hi, I'm Laurali! I write about moon magic and seasonal shifts and all things faery. about me


  1. hi i was wondering if i could ask you a few questions about working and communicating with rhiannon. recently i felt a connection with her and signs that draw me to her so i would love it if i could possibly pick your brain about a few thingst

    1. if you are willing please email me at bodef2@GMAIL.COM

    2. Absolutely! Ask away :) You can write your questions here or at the bottom of my site in the right-hand corner using my contact form. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. Ok! I also emailed you but Im gonna post it here too because my emails have not been sending. I just had a few little questions. First off I just wanted to ask about communicating with her and like talking to her because I know she is the Divine Queen of the Faeries so am I supposed to stick to Fae courtesy rules i.e saying I appreciate this instead of Thank you? Also, I just wanted to ask from someone who is highly connected like any good sources or books on what she likes and Rhiannon in general? Also, off-topic question because I'm new to deity work when lighting a candle for her does I have to light it every day or is it preference also can I just tell her I'm putting the candle out for the day and just do it or do I have to ask her to put the candle out? My last thing is if you feel comfortable I am just curious about how you feel when communicating with her? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi there,

      I sent you an email :) Hope it answers your questions and helps!

      - Laurali 🦋


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