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Snapshots of Childhood Magic, Sweet Nostalgia, and Summer Backdrops!

These are my snapshots of childhood magic, sweet nostalgia, and summer backdrops! I promised you in, Summer by the Pool and Backyard Adventures + Florida Style Living that I would get some more family pictures front and center. I haven't done that in a while and it always makes me happy to share tiny glimpses of my family life.

So, for those of you who are new here, my family means everything to me.  My daughters, mother, granddaughters, and my son-in-law are my best friends.  The person that I get to see the most in this world, besides my mom because she lives nearby, is my daughter Veronica and Baby Lily.  

You can see more pictures of my little family in, Snapshots of Springtime, Kiddos, and the Slow Life!  I've made taking pictures into a family tradition with my daughters, as we would always gather together for long nature hikes on the bayou boardwalk and manatee spotting by the sea and pier.  

I'm hoping that our love of nature and snapping family photographs is passed down to my granddaughters!  I feel like, Photoshoots in Nature: A Mother-Daughter Tradition, is a way to bring us all together as a family.  

We're all really close!  As my oldest daughter Angeleah always says, we love each other so much, that we would all marry one another if we could.  Ha!

Of course, just like any other family, we all have our bad moments.  There are fighting and drama in our family, just like everyone else's, but we're all pretty crazy over one another in the end.  

What I love about our family is that we really do strive to keep our traditions alive, even with new grandbabies, life, and death.  It's something that's really important to us to keep our, Sacred, Mother-Daughter Rituals, and Secret Family Traditions intact.  

As our family continues to grow and blossom, sometimes we have to improvise.  What better way to improvise than to play in the backyard with sweet indie playlists, kiddie pools, and by making cute pictures with chalk!

Just like the whole world is improvising right now with the coronavirus, we're improvising by holding onto what is near and dear to us and that's each other.  We all try to work together to recreate the childhood magic my kids felt when they were little, growing up with me as a mom.

Their childhoods were filled with beach excursions, backyard pool parties, and camping adventures.  We always had a lot of fun and tried to capture magical moments on camera with our disposable toy cameras.  

With the grandbabies, there's this feeling that we want to give them our everything, our all.  Especially with the tremendous loss of Baby Noah a few years ago.  My daughter Veronica lost her baby at only two-months-old and it's something that has left a huge hole in the family.  Still, we try our best with his sister and baby cousin!

You can read more about how I dealt with that loss again when I moved out of my new house in, Summer Love: A Journal of a Seasonal Shift in My Life!  Leaving that house behind was hard, because it was the last place I ever got to see Noah before he died.  So many memories there!

This fall, we're planning on getting together as a family and lighting lanterns over the sea for Baby Noah, as a way of keeping his memory alive.  It's something we've been talking about for a long time and I think we're ready to release him now.  

In the meantime, we're just enjoying each other's company, eating watermelon bowls by the kiddie pool, and capturing the nostalgic moment where summer is ending and autumn is closing in.  In Florida, we have endless summers that go on forever, but that fall magic lies dormant in our hearts.

We're already dreaming up fall magic bucket lists through group texts!  My oldest daughter and I were both saying how we live all year for the moment when the magic of fall arrives, but truly it always lives in our hearts.

Sometimes, I feel it when I'm hiking in the park in the early mornings, just a hint of coolness in the air.  I feel it when I go about my day and begin to find things that remind me of that magical fall feeling I always get.  As much as I could live in the fall magic forever, there's still something sweet about summer.

It leaves a lasting impression, with long days and warm summer nights looking up at that moon, wishing for something, anything to happen.  But, at the same time, still being glad for the serenity and calm of the ocean, as I hold a seashell up to my ear.  

Those are the sweet nostalgic moments of summer that I live for, even as they go on forever yet still remain the same.  It's subdued, but there are glitter and gold beneath those waves.  Thanks for letting me share my snapshots of childhood magic, sweet nostalgia, and summer backdrops with you, friends! 

Young mother in crop top and cutoff denim shorts with a wooden fence backdrop with chalk drawings and doodles in the backyard in summertime in Florida

Veronica Posing For Summer Pics in the Backyard

Making shapes from the summer storm clouds rolling in the backyard in a Florida summertime

Favorite Summer Pastime: Laying in the grass and watching the clouds float by and take shape!

A grandmother sitting in the backyard by a fence watching the children play

Nobody Puts GG in a Corner (Great-Grandmother)
Tree line and blue skies on a Florida golf course

 The whisper of the trees make us feel at home

Backyard with girls baby toys, novelty toys, summer beach toys

Baby Lily By the Kiddie Pool + Matilda (my pet aloe vera plant) 

Thanks for reading!  I hope everyone has a magical week ahead.  It's the little things in life that make summer a special blend of all the things we love and care about.

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