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What It Means: Unicorn Symbolism and Unicorn Animal Totems + Spirit Guides


Mystical fairy village with rainbow-haired unicorn doll with magical unicorn horn to unlock magic powers and mysticism

This is a blog post on what it means to have unicorn symbolism and unicorn animal totems + spirit guides in your Life! Trust me, if you start seeing the magic of unicorns everywhere, it means something!

For several years now, I've been told by more than one person that I remind them of a unicorn. Like if they see a unicorn, it reminds the person of me. That, of course, got me thinking about how my unicorn spirit guides keep showing up in my life.

I love working with unicorns because I've noticed they are like the genie in the bottle of the fairy realm.  They grant wishes and help build a childlike belief in the things you are trying to manifest.  They are fun and playful to work with and are on a high vibration!

You can, Meet the Unicorns: Unicorn Magic and a High-Vibration Diet!  What I've found to be cool and interesting about the unicorn species is their innate ability to help you with things like eating high-vibration foods and planning workout routines and yoga style practices.  They really are an awesome friend to have in your life when you need one.  

Unicorns live in the heavenly realm, which vibrates on a higher vibrational level than the fairy realm does.  You have to remember that the fairies are connected to the earthly realm, middle earth, where egos tend to be a ruling force.  

In order to access them, you'll want to do a body cleanse and detox where you drink your fruits and veggies from a high-speed blender like vitamix or a juicer.  I've found that when I purify my diet, I am able to connect with the realm of the unicorns a little better.  They really like someone with a pure heart and pure motivations!

However, there are many different types of unicorns that spend time in and out of the fairy realm too!  For some, it's because they like it there!  It's a darker forest with fairy-lighted pathway with lots of magical waterfalls and majestic peaks in the distance.

Another thing you can do to ready yourself to spend time with your unicorn spirit guide is to do some spiritual journeying!  You can do this by laying back and visualizing or entering transcendental meditation.  Just be sure to ground yourself upon leaving and thank your unicorn guides!

You can also surround yourself with unicorn statuary and a trending unicorn pegasus float for summer by the pool!  Unicorns, just like the nature spirits, are attracted to like-minded things.  

It's the law of attraction at work.  Like attracts like and all of that.  Unicorns love seeing pictures of themselves, as well as toys, summer floats, and unicorn figurines.

Another thing that attracts unicorns to your home and garden are your pets and children!  Unicorns, especially the ones anchored in fairyland, really enjoy the laughter of children and a curious dog with a butterfly on his nose.  

In order to meet unicorns that live in a higher realm, you'll have to begin working with Archangel Gabriel and spending time in genuine prayer.  I certainly wouldn't say I'm a saint by any means, but I have a daily habit of prayer devotion!

The higher vibrational unicorns tend to work with people who live a pure and chaste life to the best of their ability.  It's not a matter of being perfect, but having a pure heart and a devotion to God, in whatever form that means to you.  

I try to live that kind of life. I try to really spend time in devotion and adoration to God/Goddess aspect each day.  This doesn't mean that I am infallible whatsoever, as I have many character flaws and bad habits.  

It just means that it makes it easier to transcend the earthly realm and reach into the higher places in heaven.  You can develop pure habits too!  Mainly, the higher unicorns work with people who live a quiet lifestyle purely devoted to spirituality.  

It's a personal choice and the unicorns of the heavenly realm will look at the whole picture before deciding to work with you.  For you, it might be that you have spiritual gifts that the unicorns would like you to use in order to make an impact on the world.  

These specialty unicorns, unicorns of the rainbow light ray, choose people who can carry out specific tasks in their devotion to the goddess aspect.  Sometimes, it may be a higher calling such as becoming a Buddhist monk or nun.  It's unique to the person and situation at hand!

Now that we've got your unicorn bases covered, let's talk about what it means to start seeing unicorn signs everywhere!  If you start seeing unicorn symbolism, it means good fortune and good luck is on its way.

What It Means: Unicorn Symbolism and Unicorn Animal Totems + Spirit Guides

If you have a spiritual calling that the unicorn family wants to utilize, you'll begin to see signs and synchronicities of unicorns everywhere!  This is the first thing that will happen.  You'll be inundated with unicorn signs and symbolism on the go.

This might mean that you have a spiritual calling that you need to pay attention to!  If not a higher purpose, it could simply mean that you have a unicorn in your midst.

It means that a unicorn has suddenly become your guide in this life!  Guides always come to us for a reason.  You can either ask your unicorn guide what it wants or wait until the answer unravels and is revealed to you.

One thing you can do is to grab a big bowl and fill it with scraps of paper to answer a question on what your life purpose is.  If it's your life purpose your questioning, fill the bowl with four to five scraps of paper on what you think your life purpose is, close your eyes, and choose your selected paper.  

Whatever the answer is was selected to you by your unicorn animal totem and spirit guide for life!  You can do this with other types of life questions too.  I find that there's always a unicorn surprise inside!

It's also a really great way to trust your intuition and build a strong foundation of faith-filled practices.  Remember, our unicorn friends love a person of devout faith and devotion!  It doesn't matter which religion or non-religion you practice.

If you find you like working with unicorns, you might like to start a yoga and meditation practice built around the realm of the unicorn.  You can even build a tiny unicorn altar with mirrors, unicorns figurines, and anything else you think your unicorn totem would like.  

Again, it's about pure devotion and love!  It's about allowing yourself to connect with your unicorn in your own unique way.  That's what makes unicorns such a rare gem!

They have a way of bringing out the unique and special nature of humans.  They will have you looking at the world through rose-colored glasses!

I find that unicorn fitness is usually done holistically, through mind, body, spirit, and heart chakra.  That's why building a yoga workout routine or a daily hiking ritual is in the wheelhouse of the unicorn animal guide.

For hiking adventures, try working with the unicorns that live in the fairy realm or in-between world.  For creating a stellar yoga routine and yoga lifestyle, purify your diet and spend time in prayer and spiritual devotion daily with the rainbow unicorns.  

The rainbow unicorns require a lot of devotional practice, while the fairy unicorns tend to be more down to earth and relatable.  At least, that's been my experience anyway!

Just to be clear, the heavenly or higher vibrational unicorns live on the rainbow light ray.  It's a mix of all the color light rays combined.  This explains the whole rainbows and unicorns thing everyone talks about!

The fairy realm unicorns live someplace in between.  Many of them go in and out of the heavenly rainbow realm to the fairy realm on travel journeys.  Some of them live in the land of the fey full-time.  

The best way to connect with them would be through spending time hiking the trails, camping adventures, and waterfall chasing.  I would say that unicorn portals usually occur in or near waterfalls, so that's something to keep in mind for future travels!

You can get to know your unicorn animal guide through your daily devotion to living a yogic lifestyle.  In addition to that, eating more raw vegan plant-based meals and going on the mermaid detox diet might help raise your vibration in order to reach their level of high magicks!

Part of having a unicorn guide is getting to know them!  Get to know their name and personality by way of astral travel, meditation, or shaman journeying.  

If you have any questions about contacting your unicorn spirit helper, just let me know in the comments.  I'd be happy to help!  Life is better with a unicorn in it.

Hi, I'm Laurali! I write about moon magic and seasonal shifts and all things faery. about me


  1. Hi thank you I found this article very interesting . Recently found that when I went in shops there be unicorn and I could not help but buy them is there any Spritual meaning .

    1. It makes me think you have a Unicorn guide, to be honest 🦄 Unicorns are often known for choosing a person they'd like to help or work with. They are high-vibrational creatures ❤


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