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Working With Archangel Jophiel For a Major Glow-Up

A yellow butterfly botanical with a brown spotted butterfly in Florida's Hammock Park in Dunedin, Florida

Learn how to start working with Archangel Jophiel for a major glow-up! Archangel Jophiel is the angel of aesthetic beauty and feng shui, the Chinese art of placement. She works on the yellow light ray to bring hope, optimism, and brightness into the world!

That being said, what is a glow up exactly? A glow up is a major butterfly transformation that will affect the way that you look and feel. It affects your mind, body, spirit, and heart on both a physical and metaphysical level.

Why do you want a glowing up? Imagine that you feel so good that you glow. Now imagine other people noticing it too.

This doesn't only apply to people. When you glow from the inside and out, you'll attract opportunities, money, and positive situations into your life.

Like the queen of wands energy, you'll attract positive people and situations to you with ease and grace! This transformation is so big that it impacts everything from the money in your bank account to naturally good looks. Who wouldn't love that?

That's where Archangel Jophiel comes in! Jophiel has sparkling yellow energy that works wonders on the layers beneath the beauty, like your self-esteem and self-worth. She acts fast to activate positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Self-esteem and self-confidence are at the core of Archangel Jophiel's teachings! She really works on inner beauty as well as outer beauty. She puts together a whole beautiful picture!

I've worked with Archangel Jophiel for little things like picking out my outfit for the day or big things such as A Crystal in the Bra Spell For Natural Beauty and Attractiveness! That's why I see no reason not to ask Jophiel for help with a major transformation.

For aesthetic beauty like architecture and interior design, I also turn to Archangel Jophiel! She's helped me to dream up gallery walls and taught lessons on how to live a more minimalist lifestyle.

Whenever I clean my house, she helps me to find ethical ways of cleaning and new ways of placing my furniture. She never fails to help me see my house in a brand-new way! She's kind of amazing when you think about it.

She's even introduced me to home and hearth goddesses like Goddess Vesta and Goddess Nemetona, the sacred goddess of groves. By working with these earthy goddesses, it makes my house a warm, welcoming place to be!

Jophiel, the angel of beauty, can help you with everything from a morning beauty routine to a nighttime bath ritual for rest and relaxation. Today, she's going to help you do some glowing up!

A spring mix of wildflowers in pinks and green and a brown butterfly on golden flower bud

Working With Archangel Jophiel For a Major Glow-Up

If you want to work with Archangel Jophiel for a major glow-up, here's what you need to do.  You need to sit down with a pen and paper and write a letter to the universe and address it to the angel Jophiel.  

Write down everything you've ever wanted in a new wardrobe.  How do you want your clothes to make you feel?  Remember it's how the clothing makes you feel inside that matters to Jophiel.

Do long, flowing dresses remind you of summers as a child, playing hide and seek in flower gardens?  Does it make you feel nostalgic and long for a simpler place in time?  That's the feelings that Archangel Jophiel will evoke from you in order to put your makeover together.

For more on looking back on the past fondly, you might like to read, A Simpler Place in Time: The Nostalgia of Capturing Wildlife on Camera!  It's sometimes hard to pinpoint, but certain feelings evoke change in us.  They make us level up!

Next, write down the little details of your wardrobe.  If you're into a more natural beauty like I am, the angel of hope and optimism will help you to accessorize with wearable planters and wear flowers in your hair.  By the way, I have this thing with flower crowns.  Do you?

If you don't know your style yet, then Archangel Jophiel will be more than happy to help you find it!  She's Grace Kelly in that way.

In addition to hair, clothing, and accessories, the angel Jophiel energy will move you to make more ethical purchases with vegan makeup and cruelty-free shampoos and conditioners.  

Give Archangel Jophiel as many details as possible when putting in your order with the universe.  She will use the yellow light ray to beam glowing energy inside you in natural, holistic ways.  

One of the things that the angel of aesthetic beauty can help you with is adding in a daily yoga routine, as yoga is known for it's ethereal glow to the skin.  It's a spiritual practice that centers the mind, body, and soul in an integrative medicine sorta way.  Get that yoga glow with Archangel Jophiel!

She can help you to sit down and write out the best workout routine for you.  It may involve daily hiking adventures in summer meadows and outdoor yoga in the backyard at sunset.  You never know where Jophiel's inspiration will take you!

For more yoga motivation, you might love reading, Wishlist: Yoga Holds the Key to Manifesting Your Wildest Desires (LOA)!  Archangel Jophiel will inspire you to practice yoga in magical places.

She also makes a wonderful best friend and self-esteem counselor.  She's the star on the star tarot card for a reason.  She works with powerful people who are ready to give up on their dark night of the soul journey.

When she intervenes, she shines in like the radiance of the sun, creating a glow all around her.  The sun just happens to be a star.  Go figure!

If you are looking to transform your life, don't be surprised if Archangel Jophiel creates a plant-based meal plan for you.  She may have you eat more fruits, veggies, nuts, and legumes.  You might enjoy, Seasonal Eating: The Magic of the Roughage Diet and Vegan Comfort Foods!

Working with Archangel Jophiel is fast-acting!  The miracle healing that Jophiel will perform on you will bring a glow to your face and a smile to your heart.  

While yes, in many ways a glowing up has to do with physical appearance, it also has to do with how you feel.  That's important to note here.  Jophiel wants to create a major glow up on a spiritual, metaphysical level too.  

What better way to do that then to call upon the Archangel Jophiel and her fresh, sunshine outlook and energy!  She positively glows because she exudes warm vibes and positive energy.  She uses that as an energy transfer to create your glow-up.

Ask Archangel Jophiel for what you want.  Fill a cute notebook with your hopes, dreams, and ideas.  From there, she'll work with you to come up with something wonderful to change your outlook on life!

She'll help you find your look and feel.  She'll help you with a glow-up and energy exchange that will elevate you to the next level of your spiritual growth.  Finally, your outsides will match your insides!

How do I know?  This year, she helped me to begin the first initial phase of my major glow up and butterfly transformation.  We're getting ready to work on phase two together!

She helped me to get my confidence back.  She helped me to tone up and lose a few extra pounds of vanity weight.  She helped me to put together a glamour spell that would help me to see myself in a different light.  

I started deepening my spiritual yoga practice to higher levels.  I went for walks on the trail almost every single day, snapping pictures of pretty things in nature!

She can do that for you too!  You've only got to call on her to intervene on your behalf.  If you start feeling good about yourself inside and out, rest assured, that's Archangel Jophiel at work in your life!

Archangel Jophiel is ready to bring a deep inner beauty and well-being into your life, if you should let her.  She works holistically to capture the beauty that lies dormant inside of you.  She's ready to help your inner butterfly to break free and fly like the nature goddess she was always meant to be!

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