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Getting Into Graveyard Magic and Spirit Work

Angel statuary in the Dunedin Cemetery

This week, I've been getting into graveyard magic and spirit work! To be honest with you, it was like finding a long lost friend for me. I've always felt at peace visiting cemeteries since I was a little girl, so it only makes sense that I would feel comfortable there.

Graveyards are a great place to read a good book, write poetry, and to practice some transcendental meditation. Cemeteries are also a great place for graveyard magic and working with spirits.

What sparked my newfound interest in the graveyard magic?  I'm in The Traveling Witch Academy, where I get new witchy courses every month.  Avery has courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced witches.

This month, the graveyard magic course came out and I was totally hooked from the start!  Graveyard magic is an advanced level course, but I think even at the beginner level of witchcraft you'll be able to get something out of it.  

The truth is, I had already been performing graveyard magic this entire time!  I would often take my daughters to the local cemeteries to look around.  We liked going there because it was peaceful and it was interesting to think of the lives people lived here on earth.  

We were always respectful of the land we walked on and would straighten up the toys and treasures people had left behind.  I had been to the Dunedin cemetery a few times before, so I was no stranger to the place.

This time, I went with a goal in mind.  My goal being to make friends with the spiritual gatekeeper of the cemetery and to find which gravesites resonated with me to do my spirit work.

I walked around, setting gummies out for a few different deceased loved ones.  I let my intuition be my guide.  That day, I was merely there to bask in the magic and make a connection.  

I also brought my camera along for some peaceful pictures and to record the gravestones that might have a spirit interested in working with me.  When I got home, I poured through my camera and did tarot readings to see which gravestones that I put an offering on had spirits that wanted to work with me.  

There were three!  I took notes of their names, what kind of spirit work they would do with me, and any psychic impressions that were noteworthy.  I recorded them all in my spell journal to refer back to at a later time.  

I also made friends with the gatekeeper while I was there.  I saw a tall shadowy figure out of the corner of my eye while I was hanging out in the cemetery, handing out my gummy worm candies to whoever I felt a deep connection with.  It was the gatekeeper!

I saved my last gummy worm for someone special.  I knew I was supposed to hang onto it until I felt the right gravestone to lay it down at.  That's when I found the headstone of a baby that only lived one day here on earth.  I gave her the last gummy.  

Back to the gatekeeper, I didn't want to proceed any further unless I had his permission to practice graveyard magic there.  It was that exact moment when he sent me a butterfly!  Butterfly symbolism seems to happen to me a lot, doesn't it?

As I was leaving, I made sure to ask again for another sign!  He sent me a slew of dragonflies, another symbol from beyond the grave.  It's not uncommon for deceased loved ones to send butterfly or dragonfly symbolism.  

It literally looked like dragonfly season as I drove out of the cemetery!  When I got home, I made sure to connect with the gatekeeper again through the tarot cards.  It's always good to confirm the spiritual work that you do, especially when working with spirits of the living dead.  

I kept feeling he was a masculine energy from the turn of the century and sure enough, I got the King of Swords for him.  I got permission from the gatekeeper to practice magic in the graveyard whenever I want, as long as I continue to be quiet and respectful.  

I plan on going back next week to get some graveyard dirt and grave dirt.  There is a difference!  Graveyard dirt is from anywhere in the grave while grave dirt is from a specific burial spot.  

That's why it's so important to check in with my tarot cards to make sure that I've really got permission from the spirits that I plan to do spirit work with.  I did get a hard no from one deceased person so naturally, I'll pass on that.  

The graveyard dirt or grave dirt is something that's teeming with life force that can be used in many different types of spells.  This includes graveyard magic spells, crossroads spells, and more!  

For spirit work, I even asked the spirits I'm going to work with what kind of spells I could do with them.  The armed forces guy seems to be the most excited to work with me!  He had a really successful attitude about him that seemed very determined.  

I was not surprised at all that he wanted to help me with rituals, routines, and success!  He even said he would help me with love spells in the future if that's something I was interested in.  

Some spirits, like him, have an open energy that's easy to engage with!  Others can be closed off to humans or unwilling to connect with him.  This guy seemed open for conversation and I'll most likely be working with him the most at first.  

But, what is graveyard magic and spirit work?  Graveyard magic and spirit work is something you should only try if it resonates with you.  It requires wearing a lot of spiritual protection, as some spirits can be tricksters just like when they were humans.  

That being said, let's get into it, shall we?  Even just spending time alone in a cemetery is a peaceful, spiritual experience on it's own so you can imagine what happens if you add a little magic to it.
A headstone with an angel statue in the garden of the Dunedin Cemetery in Florida

Getting Into Graveyard Magic and Spirit Work

If graveyards, cemeteries, and haunted houses have always been something you're afraid of, then this type of magic might not be a good fit for you.  It's not something you should take lightly, because ghosts and dark entities can definitely pick up on fear emotion.  

You don't want to put yourself at risk from a stray ghost following you home.  I went into the historical cemetery wearing protection with a crystal in the bra spell!

My bra was filled with one garlic clove on one side and a bay leaf in the other, as well as a few fluorite crystals for instant cleansing.  I also called on Jesus, Mother Mary, Michael, and Rafael for my field trip beforehand.  

As I was leaving I asked the white light of the holy spirit and christ consciousness to protect me so that no spirits could attach themselves to me and hitchhike to my home.  The last thing you want is for random spirits going home with you!

It's important to make sure you're practicing spiritual hygiene when doing spirit work and equally important to ground your energy afterward.  That night, I had a lot of trouble sleeping because I felt powerful, like I always feel after I work a spell.  

Only this time, I wasn't practicing active magic, but passive magic, so I thought I didn't need grounded.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  Even just prepping for spells and spiritual work can be as powerful as the actual magic you are about to perform at a later date.

Graveyard magic is working with ghosts essentially, as well as the deceased spirits of loved ones who have passed away.  They can be ancestors, or in this case, people that were strangers to you or lived in a different lifetime.  

That's why it's so important to have your guard up, to build a strong relationship with the gatekeeper, and to make friends while you're there.  I'm an intuitive empath and psychic, so spirit work isn't lost on me.  

I've been talking with the dead since I was a little girl.  To this day, I use my tarot cards to solve unsolved mysteries and cold cases, as well as to communicate with spirits who have been robbed of their life.  It gives them a voice after their voice was taken so crudely away from them.

Right now, I only do this alone or with close family and friends.  I have people in my life who have missing loved ones, but I would never give a reading unless that person came to me for help first.  

With graveyard magic, I plan on using the grave dirt for performing some more high-powered spells that I've been wanting to do.  That's why I really make sure that I'm in good standing with the spirit I'm going to work with, as well as the spiritual gatekeeper.  

I plan on bringing goodies each and every time and respecting or cleaning up the headstone statuary that's been knocked over by lawn caretakers and high winds.  Just like goddesses, I really want to build a good rapport!

So, why this kind of magic, and why now?  Honestly, I've always been attracted to the spirit world and cemeteries.  It doesn't scare me much.  I find cemeteries to be peaceful, zen-like places where I can be alone and collect my thoughts.  

In addition to that, I feel like I'm leveling up, ready to try new things!  Honestly, most of what I'm learning in witchcraft is the stuff that I've already been doing to one degree or another.  

That's the beauty of being a witch.  It's like you're a witch your whole life then, boom!  You step into your power one day.  

I mean, Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday for goodness sake!  I guess that probably says a lot about me.  I like working with the dead and the living.  

If this is a branch of witchcraft you find yourself gravitating toward, I highly recommend signing up for, The Traveling Witch Academy!  You can take spirit work one and two, as a precursor to the graveyard magic course available to you.

It's definitely the kind of spellwork where you'll have to get out into the field!  But, who doesn't love a good field trip?  I plan on keeping you posted on my journey into graveyard magic and spirit work as I go further down the rabbit hole.  
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