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How to Create a Lifestyle Blog With a Built-In Niche


Want to learn how to create a lifestyle blog with a built-in niche?  You've come to the perfect place!  Lifestyle blogs are making a comeback this year, which you can read about in, The Future of Lifestyle Blogging in 2020: The Golden Age of Blogging (Second Wave).  The new bloggers coming aboard, are redefining themselves in a modern way!

When I first started reading lifestyle blogs, it was like an escape for me.  I equated it to the kind of escapism you feel when you read a really good book or browse through a fashion magazine while relaxing.

After lifestyle blogs hit their peak, many bloggers started to veer towards finding a really hot niche, while the popular bloggers were already established.  Nowadays, new lifestyle bloggers are coming aboard, and these bloggers have a different vision for their blog biz.

While they still talk about their lives, interspersed with some really personal posts, a lot of them are becoming more intentional in what they focus their content on.  Read on to find out how!

Each Lifestyle Blogger Has a "Thing" That Makes Them Unique

New lifestyle bloggers and even some of the well-established ones have one thing that they do better than anyone else!  They have a "thing" that makes them unique and sets them apart from the rest of the crowd.

This is the thing which niches are made of.  The modern lifestyle blogger still writes about an array of topics, because they can, but they have more intentional content that focuses on that one thing they have that is better than anyone else.  In fact, their entire blog will revolve around this one particular niche or topic!

Let me give you some examples, to get you started.  Let's take Skunkboy Blog, for instance.  She is a popular lifestyle blogger that has been around for quite some time, but she has one thing that she's known for, more than anything else.  Her Skunkboy Creatures!

Katie talks about many different topics, like fashion and music, but she also has that one thing about her that makes her unique.  Think about this for a moment.  What is the one thing about you, that you want to best be known for?

Just keep in mind, that it has to be a natural extension of yourself.  Whatever this one thing is, it has to be something your a.) really, really good at naturally b.) something that you feel passionate about writing and sharing!  For Katie, it's sewing her creatures.  For you, it's______fill in the blank.

How to Create a Niche Around the One Thing That Makes You Stand Out

In order to create a niche around the one thing that really makes you stand out, write down a list of posts based on that one topic alone.  Think in terms of, can I make a feature out of it?  Is it something that can one day become a product for your blog?

Next, use your list to generate categories and tags.  This will especially be helpful if you're creating a new lifestyle blog or updating your old one.

To give you an idea of how to do this, let's consider my blog for a moment.  The one thing that I'm better at than anyone, the one thing that makes me pop, is my ability to write about the faeries and real-life magic.

 That's not something that you typically see in a lifestyle blog, or in any blog for that matter.
How can I use that theme to weave throughout my blog?

I've made it into a witchy grimoire of sorts for my life as a solitary green witch!  This means I work with herbs and I probably name them, as well as do a lot of hedge witchery straight out of my home and through the garden gates!

To make it a lifestyle blog, I write about personal things like my struggle with mental health, the twin flame separation I experienced, and the many flaws that I have, wabi-sabi style and all.  This makes me human and relatable because I always write from the heart.  

In addition to that, this blog is all about my life!  It's where you follow me on my journey into spiritual awakening and the unknown.  It's a place where you get a sneak peek into the secret, hidden places of my life.  How cool is that?

Whether it be hiking the nature trails with me in hopes of seeing a gnome or creating spell from scratch that's eco-friendly like, Nature in An Envelope, you get to know the real me.  That's what lifestyle blogging is all about, sharing bits and pieces from your life, and sharing your hidden talents and gifts. 

In my case, it just happens to be psychic abilities, shaman healing, and crafting spells and remedies from plants and botanicals.  In your case, it might be traveling the United States to find rare mushrooms.  You've got to do you!

In order for this integral theme to run through it, I need to get it to play fairly with my "gift," the one thing that I'm really good at.  How can I get them to play together in a cohesive way?

I write about the magic of nature.  I use my blog as a platform for things like slow living, nature, and sustainability.  Then, I splash a little everyday mundane magic onto it and call it a day!  

You can see it thread throughout my entire brand, as well as some personal lifestyle features that I am presently working on.  My entire brand is very real, raw, and honest with some magical elements to it.
How can you do this with your own lifestyle blog?  How can you add elements of life to a niche blog?

For a lifestyle blog, choose what your one "thing" is.  If you don't know, ask around.  You are likely to get some really great feedback.  Once you've chosen, create categories, tags, and relevant posts that work with your one thing.

It could be a little black dress that brings you good luck.  It could be a photoshoot of the organic chicken farm you live on.  It could be the color of your hair.

How to Weave It All Together

To weave a built-in niche to your lifestyle blog, you're going to need to add details to your big picture.  By now, you already know the one special thing that sets you apart, right?  Now it's time to weave it into your blog.

Katie Shelton, for example, from Skunkboy Blog, is also known for her red hair!  That would be part of her persona if you will.  It's those little details that really make a difference in what you are known for.

She also sells sewing classes, which makes perfect sense, as she is known for her creatures.  In addition to that, she has a fashion feature called Weekly Wears, in which she puts together outfits from sewing, thrifting, and sometimes new clothing items.

In this way, her brand sticks out and revolves around the one thing that has made her popular and well-known.  Her creatures!

I like to use Katie as an example, because her blog really has a cohesive image pulled together, right down to the little details.  Take a cue from Katie, and begin to weave your lifestyle blog story!

What details can you add to your blog image, that stem from the one talent that you have that makes you pop?  Think about your entire being.

Do you have a radical way of looking at life?  Do you sew all your own clothes or wear only items from thrift shops?  Do you collect something that is rare and unusual, like I do?  I collect domain names, blogs, and Etsy shops for fun!

Do you have cool and unusual hobbies?  Kaylah from The Dainty Squid has a penchant for old abandoned buildings and cemeteries.  That's pretty unique, I'd say!

Do you have a unique name?  My name is Laurali Star, that's not a name you hear every day, and it's kind of my trademark.  It's part of who I am and what makes me special and unique.

Take the time to really think about how many different ways you can weave your "one thing" into your content, style, and brand.  Write it all down, then get to work!  By the time you are finished, you will have created a lifestyle blog with a built-in niche.  Just like that!
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