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Life Lately: Feeling a Seasonal Shift in the Forest of My Own Making

Colorful butterfly magnets on a wooden log in mother nature surrounded by the magic of trees

In my life lately, I've been feeling a seasonal shift in the forest of my own making! I can imagine that with autumn closing in, many of us are feeling that way. But, for me, it's more than that.

It feels like things are changing again. Life is transitioning and things are cycling out, as well as new things coming into focus.

If I were to describe this feeling, I would describe it as metamorphosis. I can always feel when I'm getting ready to shed old skin so that can I emerge into the next phase of my life a shiny, brand-new thing.

All summer long, I haven't felt like myself.  Try as I might, I haven't been able to ground my energy or relax and enjoy my new home fully.

Don't get me wrong, my tiny new house is everything I've ever wanted and more!  It's cute, charming, and fits in perfectly with my minimalist lifestyle as a solitary green nature witch.

Still, I feel out of sorts.  I know that when I feel like this, it's because I can feel the winds of change coming.  As an empath, I could always feel the subtle winds of change in the air long before they occur.

Knowing that doesn't always make me feel better though.  It's kind of this feeling of, do I do something or do I stand still and let the winds of change come unbidden?

For the most part, all summer long I've done the best I could with these changes.  It's this feeling of being in between, like in the twilight of the fairy realm.

The best way to explain it is an inner "knowing" that I'm going through yet another butterfly transformation journey.  What this means is that I'm shifting, changing, and transitioning into another part of my life cycle once again.  

All I can do is hold my own while it is happening.  Do you ever feel that way?  There have been many circumstances in my life over the course of twenty-twenty that tell me that I'm never going to be the same again.

The biggest change in my life this year was being separated from my twin flame.  Twin flame separation is what made me realize why I was having all these strong feelings for him in the first place.  

Before this, I just knew there was an intense attraction, but didn't know why or where it was coming from.  Being separated from him was the moment I realized how important this person was to me.

I didn't understand why I cared about him so much or why I always felt compelled to pray for him.  Now I know why.  He's my twin flame and there's no going back from that.

You can read more it in, The Seasons of Life: Butterfly Life Cycles and Kundalini Awakening + Twin Flame Connections!  Twin flame separation can create soul shock in both parties and bring about a huge spiritual awakening to both counterparts.

I am feeling restless because I know that's all about to change.  For one thing, he's the key to my kundalini awakening and that of course makes me nervous.  I haven't been intimate with a man in a very long time. 

So, the twin flame journey is probably the biggest thing in my life that has to change.  I guess you could say that I'm feeling like we're moving closer to divine union.  At least, that's the energy I'm pulling off, without really knowing how it's going to happen.

This seasonal shift is causing me to make changes in other ways too.  I've felt ungrounded and out of sorts for the entire summer, doing the best with what I've got in front of me.  

For one thing, I'm returning to my yoga practice with bells on.  I have barely touched my yoga mat since moving and hiking adventures have been met with mosquitos, summer rainstorms, and humidity that is stifling.  

All of this tells me one very important thing.  It's time to get back into my body, kundalini awakening be damned.  Getting back into the vinyasa flow of yoga will help anchor my mind, body, and spirit together.  It will hold everything in place.

For the longest time, I've felt untethered, like a balloon or spirit floating outside my body.  Again, I know that's because my soul is trying to get back into my body.  

I spend so much time in the spiritual realm of things that sometimes I forget that my body needs attention too and that everything is connected.  Walking wasn't doing the trick.  Spending time in nature became a temporary fix to a larger problem.

Therefore, getting back into my yoga practice is exactly what I need to feel stable and grounded again.  I revisited an old spell, I Need More Yoga Poses In My Life + Goddess Paravati Dedication Spell!

I've been talking with Goddess Parvati lately and she's the Hindu goddess of yoga, mountains, and life changes.  When I was at the park, she kept sending me a butterfly on Fern Trail.  As many of you know, butterflies are a sign that transformation and change are coming.  

It makes perfect sense with everything I have going on in my life right now.  But, it's more than that.  Again, it's this deep inner "knowing" that my life is never going to be the same again.  

I feel like yoga will help to shake things loose.  I imagine that I have many emotional blockages that have stored up inside my body, especially in the pelvic region, where my root chakra lies.  

To be honest with you, all I really have is my yoga practice.  The forests are alive with creepy, crawly things and mud and rain right now.  It kind of takes the fun out of going on a hiking adventure when your skin feels alive with bug bites.

This has all forced me to take a good, hard look at my physical fitness program.  As much as I love hiking, it's time to return to my vinyasa flow yoga practice!  In fact, my body seems to be craving yoga poses right now.  

So, that's my starting point.  Whenever I do yoga, it feels like everything else in my life seems to fall into place.  It's kind of like witchcraft in that you're still living the lifestyle even when you're not in practice.  

I want to get back to feeling rooted and grounded in my body.  I want to connect with the earth again.  The best way for me to do that right now is to listen to my body and listen for the secrets blowing in on the wind.  I wonder what they will tell me :)

A wooden log covered in faux butterflies in the forest in Florida

Life Lately: Feeling a Seasonal Shift in the Forest of My Own Making

I've also felt a seasonal shift in the forest of my own making when it comes to my work. I've been really wanting to switch things up for a while and now I have. There are still miles to go before I will finally feel nestled into the heart of my business, but at least now I'm clearing the path.

I have been dying to do something, anything, to make a change in my small business. I've been wanting to start breaking free of doing small sponsorships and trying to go bigger. Mostly, if I'm being honest with myself, I really want to have a self-sustaining business.

That's always been the goal in the back of my mind, but breaking free from my only source of income has not been an easy process.  So, I'm transitioning into a sustainable business a little at a time.  

In the past, I've sold plants, gemstones, and flowers mostly.  There was even a time in my life where I used to sell vintage clothing and accessories for women.  Now, I want to sell extended moon readings based on my newsletter filled with moon magic, seasonal shifts, and Wiccan holidays!

I'm both excited and nervous about this change, but it was part of the clarity that came with the full moon in Pisces for September of twenty-twenty.  That happens to me a lot.  Some full moons bring me clarity on things I've been lost on for a long time.

It's not just my shop that's changing either.  It's my blog content.  I really want to focus on life as a solitary green nature witch.  

I've been wanting to hone in on more spiritual topics with a blend of nature for what seems like forever.  My old content still remains, but I'm really shifting the focus of my writing to green witchcraft, complete with herbs, the changing moon phases, and the shifting seasons.  

Without any effort on my part, it's been happening naturally anyway, so why not go with the flow?  I'm a big believer in doing what you love to do and what you feel passionate about.  I feel most in love with the magic of nature, which can be hedge witchery and the like.  

It's weird.  Before this year started, I was afraid to label myself as a witch, for fear of what others might think.  As time went on, I'm fully embracing life as a solitary green witch!

I love sharing my spells, recipes, and animism beliefs with my readers and followers.  I feel like for the first time, I'm listening to spirit and moving into new ways of thinking and higher levels of being.  

All I've ever wanted my whole life was to be able to help people.  Like many of the goddesses I work with, I've always had a penchant for helping women and young girls.  

Maybe it's because I have daughters and granddaughters of my own.  Maybe it's just because I'm a highly feminine energy, like the queen of wands that often pops up as me in tarot readings!  Either way, it feels good to share and give back.

Whatever the case may be, I feel the winds of change in the air.  I feel the change and transition within me.  I feel restless and untethered, like a balloon wanting to float away.

Today, I'm tying that balloon to a tree in the forest, and I'm going to lay down roots in my life somehow.  I have to remember to be gentle with myself and take one step at a time into the autumn seasonal delights that I'm walking toward.  

I may not see the whole picture right now, but there's a new story forming and I can't wait to share it with you.  Maybe it's a fairy tale, maybe it's more of a ghost story, who knows?  Whatever the story transforms into is what is meant to be.  
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