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Meet Goddess Isis: The Lunar Goddess of Full Moon Magic and Secret Moon Rituals


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Meet Goddess Isis: The Lunar Goddess of Full Moon Magic and Secret Moon Rituals! Working with a moon goddess can both enhance your connection to the moon, as well as to amplify the full moon power presented in front of you with the ever-changing moon cycles and planetary alignment.

Every month, I choose a lunar goddess or moon angel to work with when the full moon reaches its glowing ember into the night sky. I wrote in my new feature, sweet moon diaries, that I felt a calling to work with the magic of moon goddess Isis for the month of September, and she responded in kind.

That being said, I felt a deep reverence to her and wanted to do something to show my gratitude through physical offerings or a moon altar of some kind. Instead, she opted for me to write this blog post instead!

First of all, me and Goddess Isis go way back! When I lived in my old apartment in Pinellas Village, a single mom community, I started feeling a strong connection to this highly communicative goddess.

I liked the fact that she made me work to earn her trust. It reminded me so much of myself and how I slowly warm up to people. I immediately set about getting to know this "hard to get" goddess by sticking a framed picture of her on the wall.

In an effort to get to know her, I also would purchase offerings that she told me she wanted.  One time, she really wanted blue hydrangeas so I made sure to set up a pretty flower bouquet in my apartment at the time.  

When Chloe and I moved to the house on Bay Street more than five years ago, one of the first things we did was put on some Egyptian music on YouTube and started dancing.  It felt like she was dancing with us!  To this day, I often turn on Egyptian music when I work with her because I know she favors it.  

What I've learned along the way is that moon goddess Isis prefers to work with women.  That doesn't mean she won't work with men too.  It just means she has a soft spot in her heart for working with feminine energies.

As with every sacred goddess, I've had to build a relationship with her slowly over time.  She is one of the goddesses I work with the most for my magic spells and moon rituals.  In fact, during the full moon in Pisces moon, we bonded over a secret moon ritual together.

I think her "secrecy" has a lot to do with the times she was living in during her living days as a human.  People of high magicks often had to write in code and work in secrecy in order to, you know, not face death.  

It makes sense to me, as many witches I know still work in secrecy to this day, based on their past lives where they were burned at the stake or died for their different belief systems.  Even though I share a lot of spells on my blog, there's still a lot of things I do in hiding, and probably always will.

Women got to have their secrets and women who also happen to be witches especially do!  But, that's just my personal preference.  So, sometimes Goddess Isis and I perform sacred rituals and moon spells in hiding and I'm perfectly okay with that.

It kind of makes witchcraft more sacred that way, having this secret "knowing" inside of you.  Anyways, if you feel a strong desire to work with this stellar goddess of the night, you might like to start by building her a moon altar.  She loves that sort of thing!

For me, I plan on building mini altars and offerings all over this blog.  One thing Goddess Isis helped me with was performing a blessing spell for my brand!  Basically, anyone who comes into contact with my brand will receive blessings in some way.

Goddess Isis has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves to help women in business, so if that's something that speaks to you, she's your girl!  She can really add a boost of motivation, inspiration, and blessings to your business, whatever it may be.  She really likes to see women succeed in the workplace!

Before we get into the moon spells and sacred rituals we've done together, let's talk about why you should adopt a moon goddess on your spiritual journey!  If you feel any special inkling to work with lunar alignment and the moon cycles, then having a lunar goddess by your side is essential.

She will enhance your powers and help you purge things that no longer serve you in your life, long after the moon has begun waning into the night sky.  You want someone who is going to be with you for the long haul.  Someone who you can bottle up like perfume and take with you wherever you go!

I'm a big believer in letting the goddesses (or Gods) come to you!  For example, I didn't start working with Goddess Rhiannon until she gave me the green light.  It's something that happens naturally, organically throughout the evolution of your spiritual awakening.

I would never work with anyone that I didn't feel a calling to work with!  It's that simple.  Even then, you still have to build rapport through creating altars, offering gifts, and getting to know the lunar queen you'd like to work with.

As I've previously stated, I've been working with the Goddess Isis for many years now.  We've warmed up to each other slowly over time.  We've built a rapport and trust with one another and a sisterly bond!

Goddess Isis is my best girlfriend on the other side!  Even when I'm just laying in bed some nights, we talk to each other as I fall asleep under a blanket of stars.  She feels like a sister to me, which is really cool when you think about it.

So, that's step one.  If you want to work with a lunar queen, find someone who will resonate with you on a deeper level.  Someone who gets you and understands you.  Just like human relationships, you'll get to know the idiosyncrasies of your moon goddess through the evolution of time and devotion!

Sidebar:  Goddess Isis is someone who expects regular devotion, so if you choose to work with her, it's important to keep that in mind.  She doesn't like just anybody and she prefers to work with people who dedicate devotional practices to her.  Is that you?  

Meet Goddess Isis: The Lunar Goddess of Full Moon Magic and Secret Moon Rituals

Now, let's talk about what it's like to work with the lunar goddess of full moon magic and secret moon rituals, shall we? First of all, she's a force of nature! Let's just get that out on the table.

If you are looking for something to happen fast and instantaneously then Goddess Isis is the moon girl you want to turn to!  One might even say she works a little too good and too fast.

For example, one time I did a spell to meet a special someone years ago.  I looked at the moon and ignited a sparkler over the sink as I said the incantations over and over again until I could feel her full moon powers.  The next day, some orderly at the hospital hit on me and got my number, and I ghosted him. Ha!

This was a situation where I didn't think it through, but at least it showed me that I wasn't ready for love at that time in my life.  That's how the goddess Isis works.  She works fast and will show you what you "don't" want in order to make a point.

Now, I'm a little more careful in what I ask her for.  I always try to get clear on what I want before I ask for it.  At my old place, I knew I was ready for love, and I asked for it during the Leo Full Moon at the beginning of the year.  

Goddess Isis was at the helm of the ship, as I stood at my window looking at that moon, tears streaming down my face as I listened to the "Practical Magic" soundtrack and asked for the love I always wanted since I was a little girl.  This time, I was ready.  

This time, it came from a genuine place in my heart.  Unbeknowest to me, the person that I wanted was right under my nose the entire time.  Well, since the autumn of last year.  Goddess Isis works with what we have to make it come true.

For more on romance, My Quest For True Love: Inspired by the Movie Practical Magic!  I guess you could say I was a witch long before I ever knew that I was a magical person.  

That Full Moon in Leo Twenty-Twenty will forever go down in the books as one of my favorite full moon experiences!  My love for working with darling goddesss Isis goes above and beyond anything.  It transcends all space and time.

Working with a lunar deity can sometimes be tricky.  How far are you willing to go in your practice?  For me, I was willing to try sex magick to go along with activating my sigil magick symbols, with Goddess Isis as my guide!

Sex magick isn't for everyone, but I gave it a try.  You create a sigil symbol out of an intention and then you stare at it while you masterbate.  As you climax, the sigil symbol will activate instantly.  You can even rub your fluids on the symbol afterward, but it depends on what you're comfortable with.

I personally go Nofap most of the time and save up my sexual energy for during the full moon phase.  This makes the sigil magick activation even more potent!  Adding a moon goddess like Isis to your magic spell can enhance it's powers even further.

Some people do this with a partner, but I don't have a partner right now, and I haven't been intimate with anyone in more than eight years.  But, who knows?  Maybe someday ;)

Again, if you are looking for a slow moving spell that happens slowly over time, then you might do better with another goddess.  If you like someone who is fast-acting, especially during the lunar cycle, then Goddess Isis is your go-to moon goddess!

Now, you can see why I say we have secret moon rituals together.  I feel comfortable with sharing sex magick with her as part of my moon magic spells.  I simply ask her to oversee my spell and ensure that I'm able to reach climax to activate my seal.  

During the last moon phase, she also inspired me to make my first jar spell, something I always wanted to do.  Granted, I've made potions and moon water with my daughter Chloe many times, but never a straightforward jar spell.

This time, I created a, "Fame and Fortune Jar Spell" out of an old bay leaf herbal bottle for cooking and in mycase, kitchen spells.  I added sparse ingredients of cayenne pepper (fast-acting!), ground cinnamon powder (stability, speed), 2 tigerstone crystals (for fame and fortune), red pepper flakes (speed, fire, activation!), and I burned a bay leaf with the words "fame and fortune" and stuck one in the jar for timelessness and longevity.  I'm excited to see how this spell turns out!

Almost every single spell I performed during the Pisces full moon for September of twenty-twenty included the Goddess Isis as my patron!  I find her feminine, mysterious, and higly magical to work with.

If you'd like to work with her specifically for lunar magic and secret moon spells, let her be your moon guide!  She introduced me to a new herb for my magical apothecary this month, ground lemon pepper.  Granted, I've used lemon pepper in meal prep before, I had never thought of the magical properties of lemon pepper herb.  

She taught me that lemon pepper is healing, cleansing, and works instantly to resolve communication problems with others.  Most people don't know this, but Goddess Isis is also associated with travel and communication.  Go figure!

Write down some spells you'd like to work and see if moon goddess Isis would be a good companion piece to your magical moon spell.  Just to clarify, I only work with her when she comes to me.  Some months, she likes to lay dormant until there's a full moon that ignites her passion.

If you spend a little time with her each lunar cycle, you may just find that Goddess Isis is the moon goddess you most like to work with!  Let your intuition be your guide.  

All I can tell you is that she's a multipurpose goddess who has been indespensible in my life.  I wouldn't trade my friendship with her for anything.  Having a moon goddess by your side helps you through the planetary shifts, mercury retrogrades, and seasonal changes of your life with ease and grace!
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