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Reinventing Myself With Goddess Oonagh: Irish Fairy Queen

A tiny fairy house sitting atop an oyster mushroom in a fairy forest in Florida with pink trimming

I'm taking steps to reinvent myself with Goddess Oonagh (pronounced oo-nah), the Irish fairy queen! As you know, I'm going through a mini-tower moment, and I'm ready for another butterfly transformation journey.

However, I couldn't seem to get myself motivated no matter how good I knew it would be for me to exercise, eat right, and do all the things that a major glow-up requires. Yesterday, I pulled a card from my Goddess Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue and pulled out the Goddess Oonagh tarot card.

Even though I've built up a rapport with her, it's been a hot minute since we've talked. In the past, I've written letters to fairy queen Oonagh and I've had long conversations with her while hiking the Florida nature trails. We go way back!

You can get in touch with the fairy queens and goddesses too, by writing letters to the universe as part of your morning rituals or nighttime routine!  It will help you to clear your mind, doing something I like to call a mind dump, while simultaneously healing you and downloading intuitive information to you.

I had forgotten all of the lovely qualities that Goddess Oonagh has!  She can be so caring, kind, and considerate.

She has this innate ability to assist her patrons with being gentle with themselves.  Sometimes, we really need that gentle reminder.  

Take me, for example.  I like to go hard and push through my pain.  Maybe it's my fiery aggressive Aries nature, but I often don't give myself a chance to breathe and collect my thoughts.

Taking a step back is exactly what I need to be doing right now and fairy queen Oonagh gently reminded me of that.  She reminds us that we must allow ourselves to unfold like a flower, as she works hand-in-hand with the butterfly fairies.

This morning, I sat down with Oonagh and we had a conversation over some pumpkin-spiced coffee!  Right away, I confessed to her that I haven't been able to do my yoga the entire summer, and how I was having trouble moving my body.  

Make no mistake about it, she instantly went to work on me!  I have been reluctantly walking the Pinellas Trail near my house here and there.  Fairy Goddess Oonagh got me out the door immediately and she made the walk kinda fun!

Then, as soon as I got home, she got me back on my yoga mat.  I did a half-hour of vinyasa flow yoga at the intermediate pace with a hip opening boost.  Even though hip stretches make me sore later, I like them because they often make me cry and help me release toxic emotions I've been holding onto.  

It's a miracle!  I haven't been able to so much as look at my yoga mat for months and she quickly got me up and running again.  Thanks, Oonagh!

 For more on yoga motivation, you might enjoy my blog post on, I Need More Yoga Poses in My Life + Goddess Parvati Dedication Spell!  Practicing yoga releases emotional blockages in all the power points in your body, which is perfect for when you're going through an emotional crisis.

In addition to working with Oonagh for exercise motivation, I asked her assistance with reinventing myself!  Goddess Oonagh is like the queen of reinvention.  She loves anything to do with beauty and attractiveness!

You might enjoy trying, A Crystal in the Bra Spell For Natural Beauty and Attractiveness!  Gemstone energy healing always comes with a built-in nature spirit.

Reinvention sounds great, right?  With Goddess Oonagh by your side, you'll be able to pinpoint what it is that you really want to change in the process of your reinvention.  I wrote in this post yesterday about some changes that I want to make off the top of my head.

With the queen of the leprechauns by my side, we're going to go deeper than all that surface-level bullshit.  We're going to go further down the rabbit hole of reinvention together.  

That's the important part to note.  Fairy Oonagh doesn't just get you started then run off and leave you to figure it all out for yourself.  

Nope, instead, she works with you, side by side as any good friend or workout buddy does.  She's fast-acting, loyal, and kind!

If you're looking for an instant boost of motivation or sudden inspiration, then Oonagh is your go-to goddess!  She will help you take one step and put it in front of the other.  She will help you to sway your body and dance amongst the flower fairies with ease and grace.

Things Goddess Oonagh Assists With:

  • Instant workout motivation
  • Connection with the fairy realm
  • Elemental magick
  • Healing childhood wounds and trauma
  • Creating a natural state of allowing and unfolding
  • Motivation to eat healthier foods rich in nutrients
  • Working with the flower fairies
  • Creating a routine and spiritual practices
  • Working with the leprechauns, specifically
  • Getting in touch with your inner child
  • Gentle reminders and intuitive nudges
  • Dancing and moving your body
  • Eating a natural diet of plant-based foods
  • Natural beauty and attractiveness
  • Romantic relationships
  • Weight-loss motivation
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Feeling inspired, bringing you back to life
  • Cutting through mental fog and confusion (depression, anxiety, etc.)
What I love about the Goddess Ooonagh energy healing is that she works instantly!  There have only been a few goddesses and the like that I have found that to be the case with, especially when it comes to breaking out of a rut and exercise motivation.

Let's face it, who hasn't struggled with that at some point in their lives?  Regardless, Oonagh is here for you and she'll help you see it through.  She's the kind of goddess that will check back with you from time to time and make sure you're on track.

She's like having your own personal fitness trainer or yoga instructor at your disposal!  In addition to that, she'll help you with a diet to match your outcome.  What's not to love?

If you are struggling to stick with your weight-loss diet or eating healthier foods, call on Goddess Oonagh for instant healing!  She'll combine exercise with baby greens to help you eat in a way that feels good to you. 

Now that you know all the ways in which Oonagh can help you track your workout progress, let's talk about how she can help you with reinvention.  Sometimes, you need to level up and take charge of your life and Goddess Oonagh can help you do that with bells on!

I will say that any reinvention should start with a fitness routine and changing your diet for the better.  I recommend sitting down with the Irish fairy queen and writing down what tweaks and changes you'd like to make then ask for help with it.  She's only a hop, skip, and a jump away if you need her!

I'd label each category.  For example, you might like to create a category for the foods you'd like to eat, including weight-loss goals if that's a concern.  

Then, add a category for fitness, exercise, and dance!  I like to turn on music while I'm cleaning and dance to my heart's desire, but that's what works for me.  

Next, add a special category for beauty and attractiveness.  This can be anything from tweezing your brows to getting a fresh pedicure with sparkly glitter nail polish.  

You should also add a category for spirituality.  In order to really make a glow-up stick, it has to come from someplace deep within.  

That's why I always recommend yoga to everyone I know.  Having a yoga glow is a real thing and it's quite beautiful to behold!

That's because yoga works on a spiritual metaphysical level, as well as on a physical level too.  It generates an inner calm, peace, and tranquility within you that literally makes your skin glow!

Really sit down with Oonagh and figure it out.  Two heads are better than one!  Oonagh can really help add a boost of motivation to any category you can think of, but since we're talking reinvention (which happens to be Goddess Oonagh's wheelhouse), you might like to think in terms of self-improvement.

Talk to her about everything you need and want and she'll take immediate action.  When calling upon her, simply engage with her the way you would an old friend.  She's very relatable that way!

A fairy and quaint fairy cottage sitting on a mushroom in the forest with green and pink energies

Reinventing Myself With Goddess Oonagh: Irish Fairy Queen

My conversation with the fairy queen this morning sparked something in me! Something that felt dead, old, and rustic would soon be a thing of yesterday. I guess I would describe it as deadwood or an autumn leaf changing colors, and dying off to make room for the new.

It feels as if the Goddess of nature brought me back to life! I can't thank her enough for that. The best I can do is write this blog post in her honor and hope it brings more patrons her way.

So, how do I want to reinvent myself? For me, it always starts with body movement. Once I start moving my body again, it always feels like everything else in my life falls into place.

Walking is great and everything, but what really seems to do it for me is sticking with a yoga routine that creates growth and expansiveness. Getting back on my yoga mat today felt invigorating!

I also think that I may have found my perfect, ideal spot facing the window overlooking my cute little yard with plants everywhere. That's where my yoga mat will go and where I'll do yoga poses in the morning.

Before we get into health and wellness, however, I'd like to cover how I'm going to reinvent myself in each and every category of self-improvement! I wrote something down for each one while conversing with Oonagh over breakfast.

Fitness: For me, it's always yoga and woodland-inspired workouts where I make hiking part of my daily routine! My goal is to try to fit it in where I can, hopefully adding up thirty minutes a day for yoga five days a week and hiking for an hour several times a week.

I've always been pretty good about walking in general, but hiking is more efficient! I will do the best I can with this until the rainy season is over in Florida. There are just too many mosquitos out there right now, which takes away from the enjoyment of going on mini-hiking adventures.

I'm also going to dance! Don't be surprised if Oonagh inspires you to start dancing in your living room with the music blaring. She likes to get people to move their bodies because it's what's best for them.

After all, you can't spark a change without some movement, right? I'll probably be doing some magical housekeeping and dancing in the next couple of days!

Eating Healthier Foods: I'd like to eat more baby greens! Lately, I've been relying on vegan tv dinners to get me through dinner, but I really need to practice eating more naturally.

I plan to go back to making my own kale salad with squeezed lemon dressings for lunch. In addition to that, get back to making my morning smoothies or green juice recipes. I was doing so good then life happened!

I also want to start inching my way back to being vegan. I have been eating vegetarian and I've noticed that I have a lot more problems breathing because of it. Eating dairy produces mucous, which isn't great when you have an autoimmune disease and breathing problems like severe asthma, the way that I do.

I just have to remember not to go hard and be gentle with myself when it comes to adding in more roughage, and not try to do everything all at once. Luckily, I have sweet Oonagh to remind me to take baby steps.

Beauty and Attractiveness: I really want to get my yoga glow back on. Mission accomplished! I probably have been neglecting myself a bit, mostly because I hate doing beauty rituals like painting my nails because I'm lazy and it always gets messed up anyway.

However, I really do need to put in the effort. I'd like to splurge and go get my ends cut and get my nails done, but with the pandemic going on, I really don't feel comfortable with that.

Therefore, not going to lie, my beauty rituals have fallen to the wayside. Actually, did I ever really have one? Ha!

Sometimes, I think maybe I'm a little too down to earth. This weekend, I'm going to give myself a pedicure and paint my nails a pretty, sparkly color that motivates me. I may even do the nails on my hands, but we'll see.

I'm going to give myself a homemade facial, maybe take a long sea salt bath at my mom's place (I only have a shower where I live), and tweeze my brows again if I can ever find my good tweezers! They've been missing since I moved and I can't remember where I placed them.

I may even dye my roots blonde again and trim the tips of my hair so the ends feel healthier. All of my red-haired Irish roots are coming out again. That's not a bad thing, it's just that I like to freshen things up once in a while.

I may wait until my daughter Veronica is here and have her do blonde streaks at the top to go with my already natural strawberry-blonde hair. Since all the family we'll be here when she comes, it really depends on if we'll have time for that.

I'm also going to start wearing some of my autumn makeup colors such as sparkly brown eyeshadows and maybe add some body glitter. It's so nineties, but that's why I love it!

I'm also feeling inspired to look through my wardrobe and see what I have for fall and winter in Florida, which is like autumn for most places around the globe! I may need to add in some more pieces of slow fashion clothing.

For more on ethical clothing, you might enjoy reading, Working With the Fashion Fairies For Environmentally-Friendly Clothing, and Vegan Makeup! You can look pretty while helping mother nature be it's best self.

Spirituality: For spirituality, I'm definitely going to continue grounding my energy. This seems to be where I've been having issues lately. I'm going through my kundalini awakening and I can feel it trying to breakfree.

In addition to grounding rituals and exercises, I'm going to level up spiritually again! I can already feel it happening. Something is definitely trying to shake loose.

How do I plan to level up? I'm going to keep spending time with my tarot cards and getting to know them on an individual basis.

As many of you know, I often show up as the queen of wands in tarot readings! She has become a patron and inspiration for me to be better and do better in this life.

It's not just the tarot cards that make me want to challenge myself this year. I really want to level up when it comes to my life as a solitary green witch too! I can feel a lot of power surging through me, making way for a download of information from my goddesses, angels, and the nature spirits.

For me, spirituality is like this flowing waterfall that never really stops, and I want to bathe in the beauty of that energy. I'd really like to see if I can get my kundalini awakening to rise within me. I'd like for it to fully emerge, so that's definitely part of my spiritual goals.

In the meantime, it's driving me nuts! It's this feeling of sleepless nights and restlessness all the time. It's this innate feeling of never really feeling anchored or grounded in your body. So, I'm hoping that yoga will help me to have my kundalini breakthrough finally.

Moving Beyond It: I would like to focus on myself for a while. Self-love, self-care, and spiritual hygiene practices all seem to go with the flow of that.

I'm trying to pull a four of swords and take a step back to regroup. I'm also going to be working with the Queen of Cups to get my emotions back in check after the summer that I've had. My main goal for moving forward is healing and emotional stability.

These things take time, especially when you are healing from a significant loss or heartbreak. Working with Oonagh is making me feel revitalized and ready to face the world, which is something I haven't been able to do since I've moved to my new place.

I feel a lot better knowing I have Goddess Oonagh by my side! She's someone who always makes my world a little brighter, even on a rainy day. If you work with her, she can help you reinvent yourself too!

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