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Snapshots of the Pumpkin Patch in Early Autumn + Farmhouse Style


A pumpkin display stand with gourds in every color, shape, and size + barn doors

This weekend, we took snapshots of the pumpkin patch in early autumn + farmhouse style!  All of the kiddos came for a visit this weekend and somehow we landed ourselves knee-deep in pumpkins and hay bales.  It was fun!

The funny part is that we were only able to stay in the pumpkin patch for about ten minutes with the two baby girls.  Baby Lily just turned two and Baby Genevieve just turned a year old.  The nice patch of weather we had left just in time for the family visit.  Figures!

You can read my last snapshot post with Snapshots of Childhood Magic, Sweet Nostalgia, and Summer Backdrops to see how we made it through the brunt of summer.  Most of the time, we just do pictures around the house and garden area, but every now and then we like to take the kids on an outdoor adventure.  

I talked about it in, Why Autumn is My Favorite Season: A Fun Post!  This is the time of year I'm more and more active.  We have brutal summers in Florida plus hurricane season, so autumn and winter are a nice respite from the heat and humidity.

Unfortunately, the cool weather hasn't stuck!  But, it was still worth it to take these pics and spend some time with the family.  I had my oldest daughter in town with her husband and baby then my youngest daughter came the first night.  

Chloe, my youngest, wasn't in any of the pumpkin patch photos, as she only stayed for the day.  As the kids get older, it gets more and more difficult to get the family together.  But, she did stay for the mini ice-cream party we put together for the babies since they both are Virgos and have September birthdays!

I can't wait to do this again, only this next time will be with Santa Clause!  I kind of wonder sometimes if it might not be better to have one of the guys dress up as Santa this year.  We'll see though!  

I could be Santas helper and dress up as an elf.  I did that one year with my mom and it was really cute and a lot of fun for all the kids.  The funny part is this is before everyone started having babies.  Ha!

Time was spent riding around in the golf cart in the evenings and drinks with the grownups at night.  We mostly hung out, talked, read tarot cards, and ate a lot of junk food.  It was fun to see everyone together though!

Plus, all the kids absolutely loved my new tiny house that I moved to in mid-June!  I got a lot of compliments on it.  I definitely plan to do a tour soon on the blog, but the consensus is that it looks like a fairy house, which totally suits me!

I love that everyone feels at home where I live.  My son-in-law did exactly what Baby Lily did the first time she came over.  He crawled underneath the covers, all 6'6 of him, lol!

It was a fun weekend that went by really quickly, but something about being around my oldest daughter, Angeleah, always restores me.  As soon as she left, I woke up the next day feeling more like my old self.  She's my good luck charm!

From top to bottom: Veronica and Baby Lily in front of the pumpkin display case.  The second photo is of my daughter Angel (the blonde) with her husband Josue and Baby Genevieve.  The third photo is of me and Baby Lily in front of the red barn.  The fourth pic is of V and Baby Lily in front of the red barn.

Farmhouse Style Pumpkin Patch Display With Hay Bale Maze

Grandma Nona holding Baby Lily With Floral Romper at the Pumpkin Patch

A warm autumn day in Florida in late September/early autumn at the pumpkin patch

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