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Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Aries (October 2020) Harvest Moon

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Welcome to this month's edition of Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Aries (October 2020) Harvest Moon! Every month, I keep a diary of the moon cycles in order to record my moods, impressions, moon magic spells, and full moon rituals. The theme for the full Aries harvest moon is fearless!

That's another thing I do. I choose a theme that matches the impressions of the full moon and new moon that come out every month. This month, we have two full moons lined up so maybe under pressure would have been more apt as a theme.

Whatever the case may be, there's lots to talk about here! Signup for a free moon reading now through my email newsletter. I should be putting out the full moon in Aries intuitive moon reading by tonight!

In the meantime, you might like to take a look at the new moon in Virgo reading I did! All of my moon readings are timeless, meaning you can use many of the tips and resources with any new or full moon that comes along.

Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Aries (October 2020) Harvest Moon

What I'm feeling is a lot of fearless energy falling into place! I feel this energy in the air of shifting from fear-based thoughts to an energy that's motivated, inspired, and ready to go.

For quite some time now, the energy in the air has felt like a transition. It was much like being stuck in idle with no forward movement. The winds have shifted and changed and now I find myself suddenly being shifted into a new place in life.

You should definitely be feeling it too! It's a feeling of moving forward fearlessly and being jolted forward suddenly. This is the change that everyone has been waiting for!

We're no longer stuck in the between. For so long, I've felt like a fairy stuck in the in-between times of life! The full harvest moon changes all that, as it brings in fresh sparkling energy and forward movement.

As with all moons, you should already be feeling the rubber band of life snapping you back into place. What this means is that you're going to feel a lot more grounded and comfortable in your own skin. This full moon in Aries brings with it the courage to take a step forward and the wherewithal to do some of the work for us.

You should begin to feel more rooted in your body and down to earth in everything you do. To keep that spirit going, you might want to hit the trails or do some outdoor yoga, especially if the air has cooled where you live. This will help keep the momentum going!

What does it mean to be fearless? It means that even in the face of obstacles and challenges, you face them head-on and you handle them with grace! Grace is something I know that I'm working on in my own life.

So, I encourage you to write down all of your fears today and set them out under the light of the full moon for spiritual releasement. What fears are holding you back? How can you overcome them?

Let the full moon in Aries October moon be your guiding light! In the sign of Aries, there's a lot of warrior goddess spirit that needs to be taken to heart.

I am a March 27th Aries full moon and Mars planet baby! This moon is forcing me to take charge of my life by releasing fears and learning how to move forward fearlessly in a way that works best for me.

As an Aries patron, I am like a fire sign that can get burned out like the brightest star falling from the sky! We have to work to keep the home fires burning. We have to stoke the fire and ensure that it is a calm and quiet one within.

Even though Saint Bridget is not a moon goddess, I actually wrote her a three-page letter this morning and burned it over the kitchen sink. She can ignite the spark within you!

I highly recommend calling on Saint Brigid of Kildaire during the full harvest moon, especially if you're a fire sign! This triple goddess can create a firestorm within you that perfectly aligns with the energy of this fire sign moon. We can all use a lot more of that right now!

If you have been feeling fearful and afraid and stuck in place, fire is what creates transformation and movement. The fiery transformative energy of the Aries harvest moon will release those fears with ease and grace so be sure to write them down today!

Full Moon in Aries Goddess of the Month

If you're new here, I choose a moon goddess or a moon angel every month to work with. Sometimes, the moon goddess or angel chooses me, as is the case with the full harvest moon. For the full moon in Aries, I'll be working side-by-side with the fairy queen and moon goddess Aine!

The goddess Aine is not only a moon goddess, but she's also a fairy queen! Fairy queens are like the archangels of the nature kingdom. You might love reading, Take a Leap of Faith With Goddess Aine: Fairy Queen of Motivation!

I kept feeling Aine's sparkling energy this morning and I knew that I was destined to work with her during the Aries full moon. When I walked outdoors to feel the magic of autumn, I took that as a sign from her!

For those who are new to Aine, she's a fairy queen that ignites faith and a sense of purpose within you! She's got an uplifting energy about her that is clear and sparkling, like that of a babbling brook or a waterfall. Working with Aine Goddess is like working with the fae, which makes perfect sense, as she is the queen of the fairies too!

What I like about Aine Goddess is that she helps me to become fearless in my own life, which just happens to be the theme for the full moon in Aries October moon reading! If you have been feeling anxious and inundated by fear-based thoughts, then Aine is your girl!

Fears can be anything from being afraid to let go of somebody because you worry you won't find anyone better. It can even be fear of the supernatural, fear of dying, or fear of flying. Whatever fears you have that are holding you back, Aine can help!

Full Moon in Aries Ritual:

Besides writing down your fears and giving them a full moon bath, it's also important to write down how you want to feel moving forward. Write down how you want to feel as you move forward fearlessly!

For me, I want to feel like I'm in charge of my life again. For the entirety of the summer, I've felt out of control, as if my life weren't my own. To take charge of my life, I'm going to deal with the things that are within my control at the moment.

For example, things within my control would be the food that I put into my body and the workouts that I do. If I don't take a nature walk or practice yoga then that's on me. I take responsibility for that!

However, I can't control things like how I want people to act and how others treat me. I can, however, control how I react to that.

It's all about focusing on the things we can control and we are in charge of. That's a very Aries quality to take up if you haven't already!

To me, if I workout most days of the week, then it makes me feel as if I'm moving my life forward because it's the one thing I can control in my life. It's the same thing with diet. It's important to take charge of your diet and exercise program in some way, as everything else will fall into place effortlessly!

It's about finding that spark within, that little warrior goddess that puts a fight within you! You may not be able to control everything in life, but there are things you can control. Maybe try to hold onto that!

Write those things down to remind yourself that you are in charge of our destiny and the moon and stars are here to orient you. Leave them under the magnetic light of the full moon overnight and ask the moon for blessings and hidden gems in your situation.

I can assure you, the moon will help you find them! Each moon has a distinct personality and essence to her. She's highly feminine and receptive!

It's important to remember that moving forward. In addition to that, you can utilize the aid of the moon goddess Aine to increase your blessings in living a more fearless life!

Full Moon in Aries Spells

I felt kinda rushed with this full moon, to be honest. I had family in town, which you can read about here, so I didn't have a lot of time to sit with this full moon in my heart the way that I normally do.

But, I'm here now and I do have a few moon magic spells that I'd like to work up my sleeves! For one thing, I got some graveyard dirt about a week or so ago, and I'd like to use them to create some powerful spells this full moon.

You can read more about, Getting Into Graveyard Magic and Spirit Work if you're interested in getting your own. Grave dirt and graveyard dirt is super powerful magical mojo dust that can be used to enhance spells.

The biggest spell I have in mind for the full moon in Aries is an empowerment spell. I plan to use my graveyard dirt to empower myself. This is a secret moon ritual that I plan on doing with the Goddess Aine!

Right now, it's even secret to me because I haven't sat down with her and worked out all the details yet. Given this is a moon about being fearless, I knew this would be the perfect spell to try. Plus, it's my first graveyard dirt spell!

In addition to that, I'm seriously thinking about doing a love spell with a larger pool, meaning that the energy is able to flow into the place of least resistance in my love life! I'm not into manifesting a specific person right now, but a spell to manifest a new love interest feels right.

Also, I'm definitely going to do another money spell and full moon money ritual using my graveyard dirt. I pretty much plan to use graveyard dirt for almost all of my spells during the Aries full moon. I feel like it would be especially potent at this time in my life!

I'm mostly looking forward to moving forward fearlessly in my life and taking steps to accomplish that. That's what the full moon in Aries harvest moon is all about!

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