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Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Pisces (September 2020)


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Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Pisces September 2020 is where I record my thoughts and feelings about the moon cycles each month! I live my life by the moon. That means full moon rituals and new moon magic phases come in and out of my life every month.

So, I decided to go ahead and start recording some of my impressions! I mentioned in my intuitive moon readings post that every moon phase brings fresh energy and new ways of doing things. It's like a secret moon surprise for me every month!

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Sweet Moon Diaries: Full Moon in Pisces (September 2020)

The theme of the full moon in Pisces for September of twenty-twenty is to purge!  Right now, you should have a lot of emotions, feelings, and intuitive thoughts and impressions coming up for you.  Pisces is a water sign in the watery realm of the moon, amplifying the sensitive nature of any empathic person out there.

If you are feeling overwhelmed at this time, know that you are not alone.  I spent the entire weekend crying, purging, and healing my heart.  Come to find out, my daughters and mother were going through the same emotional purging of the soul that the Pisces moon brings.  

Part of it was because of my sensitive nature and my moon cycle aligning with my menstrual cycle.  Part of it was because this moon has brought up a lot of heartache and grief for me that I hadn't dealt with yet.  

This is a time where you should be swimming in your emotions and the only thing to do is let the moon surface them and purge them from your system.  If you feel up to it, you might like to try the mermaid detox diet: an eat-light summer guide!  A moon detox can rid your system of harmful toxins and poisons brought on by strong emotions.  

I know this moon has brought out a lot of my sensitivities to the surface, forcing me to face the emotional warfare that lies dormant inside of me.  Things like depression, anxiety, and sleepless nights often follow suit.  

I find it's helpful for you if you keep a moon journal of your own, where you can record your thoughts, feelings, and impressions for every shifting moon phase in your life.  In doing so, you'll begin to create your own new moon ritual magick and full moon sacred rituals too!

For more on learning how to live by the moon enjoy reading, Full Moon Bathing in Moonlight + Spiritual Releasement!  I find the planetary shifts and alignment tend to affect my mood, energy levels, and overall mindfulness.  

For the entire full moon in Pisces reading, you might like to signup at the bottom of this article!  Every month I offer up a full moon rescue remedy and intuitive insights into the distinct energetic blueprint of each moon phase.  

Pisces Full Moon Magick Spells and Full Moon Rituals

Every month, my moon magic shifts and changes according to the energy of the moon I'm dealing with.  As an Aries fire sign, I usually start feeling the potent magic of the moon a few days before and a few days after.  

During that window of time, I usually decide what I'm going to do that month in celebration of the moon!  Every moon phase includes the making of moon water and a list of things that I want to release.  

Full moons are about space clearing and spiritual releasement.  I also find that if you have the energy, the potent power of the full moon is a great time to create moon magic spells.  

Each moon phase, I also pick a moon goddess or moon angel to work with.  Take your pick! This month, I keep feeling a strong penchant to work with Moon Goddess Isis.

In addition to picking a moon goddess or moon angel to work with, I also create moon water for every moon phase.  I drink some of it and pour the rest on my houseplants!

I also do a moon reading from my tarot deck each and every moon cycle.  I pull the moon tarot card from the deck and start pulling intuitive messages and clarifying cards.  

You might even consider it a grimoire of sorts, where I share a lot of my secret life as a green nature witch with you!  I'm seriously so excited to take my blog next level like this.  Can't wait!!!

I'm going to do extended moon readings and include moon rituals, moon spells, moon posts, whatever feels like it fits in with the context of my lifestyle blog.  Tonight, I work with the feminine goddess of women to give my business a bit of a boost!

For now, I'm keeping the spell and moon ritual I'm going to do a secret!  But, I do plan on sharing it with my readers at a later date.  In the meantime, thank you for all your support!

I really hope you enjoyed my new feature, Sweet Moon Diaries!  I'm hoping it will inspire you to keep a moon diary of your own filled with secret moon rituals and moon spells.  

This is an extremely emotional moon for me!  I'm sure you're feeling it too.  I can't wait to get back to the ruling fire element in my moon cycles, but I guess every now and then, it's good to act like a mermaid and do an emotional purge.  

Thanks to the full moon in Pisces September 2020, I feel like I really let out a lot of emotions that had been building up inside of me since the springtime.  I still feel extremely sensitive, but I feel the moon is clarifying some things for me.  

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