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Sweet Moon Diaries: New Moon in Virgo (September 2020)

New moon in Virgo intuitive reading + dark, shadow lighting and flowered plants

It's time for this month's edition of Sweet Moon Diaries with the New Moon in Virgo (September 2020)! It's a new feature I'm doing in an effort to write down my impressions, thoughts, and feelings on the moon cycles. In short, it's my way of keeping a moon journal that I can refer back to later.

For this new moon, it looks as though I am still working with the moon goddess Isis for hope and renewal. I worked with her during the last full moon, which landed in the sign of Pisces, making me an emotional wreck. Thank heavens for Goddess Isis!

I've found myself developing an even closer bond with the Egyptian moon goddess lately.  Yesterday, I poured my heart out to the Goddess Isis about the mini-tower moment I've been going through.  I'm definitely feeling spiritual growing pains.  

I could literally feel her presence as if she was right there to comfort me and I did feel somewhat better after talking with her.  She really helped me to process my feelings.  

Then, in addition to that, I did a waning moon spell.  I did my first ritual sacrifice and it's not what you think!  Let's just say that I gave up something for something better 😃

I do plan on sharing it on my blog, possibly this weekend, but right now my efforts are on writing in my moon diary and getting out the next installment of my intuitive moon readings!  I have a tendency to procrastinate and put it off to the last minute, so here I am.  

For those of you who are new here, I choose a moon goddess or moon angel to work with for full moon rituals and new moon magic!  This month, it's been Goddess Isis all the way through.  It's been nice having her linger and hang around.

It's not uncommon for her to leave right after the full moon, so you can imagine my delight when she decided to stay with me and help me through a difficult time.  

Okay, let's talk about the new moon in Virgo, shall we?  What can we expect and what are we feeling?  Since I'm so tuned into the lunar cycles, I always like to give impressions on the energies that I'm picking up.  Here we go!

Sweet Moon Diaries: New Moon in Virgo (September 2020)

What I'm feeling in the air is a lot of lingering feelings and emotions leftover from the full moon in Pisces.  No doubt, you're probably feeling it too.  It feels like a bunch of jangled nerves with feelings and emotions all tied up and knotted together.  

With these kinds of tangled energies, all we can do is try to sort them out and move through them, one emotional blockage at a time.  If you can, I recommend taking nature walks and doing some yoga poses during this time.  

In addition to that, there's a shift in energy that I can already feel coursing through my bloodstream.  That energy shift is the new moon in Virgo making its way in to assist you.

If you've been feeling restless, bored, and having sleepless nights, you can bet your bottom dollar that's why.  With the seasonal shift about to happen from summer to autumn, you'll be feeling it even stronger and mightier!

This is good.  It means that it's bringing the winds of change for choosing a new direction!  If you are especially sensitive to energies then you'll be feeling it a little extra.  Take care to practice spiritual hygiene and take sea salt baths whenever possible.  

What does the new moon in Virgo bring to the table?  Practical magic is the word that came to mind!  It's the kind of magic that's everyday mundane and simple.  

Learn more about practical magic from, Why You Should Work With Garden Gnomes for Everyday Mundane Magic!  There's nothing more secret garden than that.

If you've been feeling stuck, stagnant, and possibly unmotivated due to overwhelming emotion, get ready to free yourself!  With the help of the new moon, you'll be able to create routine again in your life, as well as morning and nighttime rituals that stick.  

That's what this energy feels like to me.  It has sticktoitiveness written all over it, helping you to start moving again in the game of life.  

I know, I for one, have had one of the most stuck and stagnant summers of my life!  It felt like many magical things were happening, but on the practical side of things, I couldn't get anything done.  

I couldn't work out.  I couldn't get down to business, at least not the way I wanted to.  I couldn't do anything in the earthly realm that was practical.  

With the new moon in Virgo, that's all about to change!  Actually, it already has for me.  I had a little help from Goddess Oonagh, the Irish fairy queen of reinvention.

It feels like I'm back and I'm better than ever!  I'm still having those little emotional moments where tears stream down my face, but that's okay as long as I'm out of the woods.

For the Virgo New Moon, I find myself waking up.  This has been a rough summer.  Not just for me, but for everyone.  

It's like that story of sleeping beauty.  Suddenly, we're all going to find ourselves waking up and adjusting to our brave new world in a way that's best for us.  God, I love fairy tales!

Poison apples aside, I think this is the beginning of a fresh wave of energy that is much needed for the collective.  It's time for all of us to go inside ourselves and find the magic of everyday life again.  

With the new moon in Virgo September twenty-twenty, I really feel like that's possible.  In fact, I feel like the possibilities are endless!

New Moon in Virgo Goddess

I'm working with both Goddess Isis and Goddess Oonagh right now, in completely different ways.  They are both tending the weeds in the garden of my life and I'm grateful for their assistance.  

Darling Goddess Isis is helping to mend my broken heart and to let someone go that I thought would be a major player in my life.  She's also helping me to usher in new love and possibly preparing me for a healthy relationship.

That was my big secret ritual sacrifice.  I'm giving up something for a real relationship with somebody good for me. At least that's the plan anyway!

Fairy Goddess Oonagh is helping me with reinventing myself!  It's something that I like to do whenever something bad happens to me.  

It makes me feel like I'm taking charge of the situation and getting my life back under control.  Plus, it feels good because change is good.  

Sometimes, we need to cut out the deadwood and the weeds in order to make room for new growth in the landscape that is our life.  That's what I'm doing now.  

Fairy Queen Oonagh is working with me to get my spark back!  If your motivation is waning, give her a shout-out.  She loves to hear from new followers.

New Moon in Virgo Ritual:

I'm going to make new moon water this month.  I talk a lot on this blog about how I make full moon water bottles by setting them out under the moonlight.  Now, I'm doing the same thing with new moons!

I'm also going to write out my new moon in Virgo intentions on a piece of paper and set it out with crystals on every corner.  I'm most likely going to use my chakra beads and crystals by placing them on the four corners of the paper.

I usually save releasement for my full moon magic rituals, but there are a couple things that need to wane in my life.  Therefore, I'm going to try writing down at least one thing I want to release and putting it under the new moon with an apophyllite crystal and white quartz gemstone.  

Virgo New Moon Spells

Since all new moons are about planting the seeds of your intentions so they can harvest later, that's the type of spellwork you should be doing.  I plan on doing a money spell, which is something I haven't done in a long time.  

I was thinking that I might try my hand at another jar spell, but this time with money.  My last jar spell, made out of an old basil leaf container, was for fame and fortune.  That's indicative of positive money flow, but this time, I want to shift the focus to wealth and riches.  Why not?

I'm going to use another old container (Don't you just love repurposing?), and fill it with herbs that coincide with prosperity and good luck.  Here's what is going into my jar spell.  You'll find I tend to work with fresh ingredients that I've already built a relationship with!

Sweet Basil - Love, protection, money magic, stability, psychic development, and can be associated with speedy results and fast recovery!

Note:  I'm also going to crush it between my fingers to unlock the aroma and magical healing properties!  You know, just like I would in the kitchen when doing meal prep.  Who knows?  I may even make some new moon spaghetti and add a magic touch.

Bay Leaves - Longevity, endurance, speed, money magic, love and romance, psychic powers and intuition, and enhancement of wishes.

Note:  I'm going to add a bay leaf to my spell jar with a money symbol and the word prosperity.  Additionally, I'm going to burn two bay leaves: One with the amount of money I want and one with the word abundance written on it in permanent marker.  

Rosemary - Good luck, fame, fortune, and protection!  Kind of an all-purpose kind of an herb with a good, sweet nature about her.

Note:  I'm going to pinch a sprig of rosemary and add it to my jar for enhancement.  It plays really well with the other two herbs thus far.  That's important to keep in mind: How herbs interact with one another.  

Gemstone Infused Water:  I'm adding in water from my water filtration pitcher that's been steeped in rose quartz crystal energy healing.  Rose quartz is great for healing your money problems and creating a healthy mindset when it comes to financial gain.  

Note:  So, in a way, this is becoming a potion now that I've added the watery realm of the moon to the mix!  This is a great way to get your money flowing again.  I'm going to shake it up each day like a snow globe to activate the wealthy ingredients while I think about my intention.  

That's it!  For more on how to make herbal water read, Magical Herb Ingredients For Your Water Infuser Bottle.  It will give you a list of non-toxic crystals and herbs to work with for your drinking water or spells.

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