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The Goddess Kali Weight-Loss Diet and Motivation Kit

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Today, I'm writing about how you can lose a pound a day with Goddess Kali by clearing away all limiting beliefs with The Goddess Kali Ma Weight Loss Diet and Motivational Kit! 

 If you're looking to lose weight fast, then Kali is the goddess to call on as she works with clearing away all that no longer serves you in your mind.  Our minds are what gives us resolve and willpower when it comes to weight loss and our bodies.

Before we get into how the Goddess Kali Diet works, let's talk about the mother goddess of darkness and destruction first. 

 She is quite possibly the most misunderstood goddess out there, as there are images floating around the internet of Kali with severed heads and dead carcasses.  What's really happening in those pictures is Kali Ma destroying all that no longer serves you!

Kali Ma is all about getting rid of limiting beliefs and preconceived notions, which makes her the perfect goddess to call upon to lose weight! 

 With the Kali Ma diet, she'll also clear whatever food is in your fridge and cupboards that are holding you back from creating your dream diet.  

Let me go ahead and put a disclaimer here:  Kali Ma is a fast-acting, no-nonsense kind of goddess, and she is not for the weak of heart.  Do not call upon Kali Ma lightly, as she means business.  You can read about how she's helped me in other areas of my life here.

Once you call upon the Goddess Kali for help, there's no going back.  Things will happen quickly and the best thing you can do is to get out of her way and let her work her mojo magic on you.

  If you're serious about losing weight, Kali Ma will help you jump in headfirst!  She's great like that.

How to call upon Goddess Kali:  To call on Goddess Kali, I recommend writing a letter to her and then burning it over the sink or a cauldron.  Kali has burning hot energy and is associated with the fire element.  Much like Lord Ganesh, she will remove all obstacles in your path.

Sometimes, this will require some decluttering and space clearing.  If you feel a sudden urge to clear out a junk drawer or closet, this is Kali Ma at work!  Getting rid of the old and creating space for the new is a Kali Ma specialty.

 You may find yourself rummaging through your fridge and cupboards and throwing away junk food or you might find yourself eating mindfully or eating less. 

 Kali will help you to both physically and emotionally clear away all that no longer serves you about food, body image, and weight loss.  Open your heart and let her help you!

What is working with Kali Ma like?  Kali is a mother goddess first and foremost.  She is very nurturing and protective of her flock.  However, like any good mother, she pushes you to be your best and beyond your comfort zone. 

 You'll have to learn to be okay with that.  She's a big fan of allowing an issue to surface, such as poor body image, and then working with you to face said issue head-on!

So, she will be a nurturing mother on one hand, but a disciplinarian on the other.  She's not called the mother goddess of darkness and destruction for nothing.  

While this article is focused on losing weight with Goddess Kali, it's going to be a three-part series.  The next part will cover clearing away all that no longer serves you in business, so look forward to that.
The Goddess Kali Endings and New Beginnings Card + Sweet Peppers

Lose a Pound a Day With Goddess Kali: Clear Away All Limiting Beliefs

With Goddess Kali, you'll lose a pound a day or possibly more, depending on how she chooses to interact with you and how well you listen to her instructions.  When you receive guidance from Kali, it might come through to you in several ways.
  • Suddenly, you'll have clarity on what kind of diet works best for you.  Kali isn't about short-term weight loss, but making a lifestyle change.  
  • You'll feel a strong compulsion to get rid of all junk foods and sweets or to make the desired lifestyle change such as, performing a juice fast and body cleanse or perhaps eating a more plant-based diet.
  • You'll feel an instant surge of energy that gives you the discipline, willpower, and strength to lose the weight full steam ahead!
All of these are strong cues that Goddess Kali is working with you as a team to lose weight in the best way for your body. 

 Kali Ma is not much of a hand-holder, but she is very clear with her instructions and on getting you on the right path.  She will be a tremendous force of strength!

How to lose a pound a day with Goddess Kali Ma:  To lose a pound a day (or more!), the goddess will work quickly to lay out the steps you need to take.  Let's break it down day by day and how she will present it to you.  

Day One:  Kali Ma will help you to do some serious space clearing and spiritual releasement.  Again, you might begin to get rid of all the processed foods, junk food, and sweets that no longer serve a purpose in your life.  

Day Two:  By detoxing your physical world, it will become clear by now which path to take to lose the weight, including having a set weight loss goal in mind.  You might have already gotten the clarity you needed on day one, but will now verily put it into action on day two.  

Day Three:  Let's begin!  Technically, you've probably already begun by now, because Kali works fast.  However, by day three you've got some kind of routine down and everything seems to be falling into place with ease and grace.  You have probably already lost a couple of pounds by now just by listening to the solid advice of the dark goddess, as she works to move energy through you.

Above and Beyond:  From here on out, you have a clear-cut plan to lose weight and should already be losing weight without much exertion or effort.  That's the magical power of Goddess Kali at work!  From now on, you know what to do and you're doing it.  Keep up the good work and be sure to keep calling on Kali every day to let her know how you're feeling and what you'd like to keep changing.  One thing about Kali is that she refuses to budge or leave your side.  She's very devoted to her children.
Find Your Idea, Perfect Weight and Dream Diet Plan With Goddess Kali

The Goddess Kali Ma Weight Loss Diet and Motivational Kit

You're probably wondering by now why I haven't made any sudden moves to share with you a specific diet plan you can follow and that's a fair assessment. 

 With Goddess Kali Ma, she is going to help you find your energetic food blueprint.  One of the things that get in our way is using what might have worked for us at a previous time in our life.  What worked then, might not work now.

For example, if I needed to lose weight like I did back in 2012' when a wedding picture sparked my weight-loss, I probably wouldn't do a juice fast detox again. 

 Not because it doesn't work, but because I'm a completely different person now.  Kali frees up the construction of limiting beliefs we have built up in our mind to allow the brand-new to flow in.  

In order for this to work, you've got to relinquish your control and let the goddess take the reins on your weight-loss journey!  Once you let go and let goddess, what will happen next is magic.  

You'll begin to eat healthy foods, as Kali will show you the light, the truth, and the way.  

What she'll do is pull something from the dark recesses of your mind that you've been too afraid to try. 

 Maybe you've wanted to become a vegan but need to start somewhere in the middle.  With the push of a button, Kali Ma will help you convert to a vegetarian diet as a first initial step.  

Maybe, you've been contemplating a yoga lifestyle, but haven't been motivated or disciplined enough to try it.  That very day, you download a yoga app and you're on your way.  

That's the power and healing magic of working with Goddess Kali.  She simply brings the things you've been wanting to do to the surface and then expedites them with her fast-acting energy healing!

The great Goddess Kali Ma will motivate you in ways that you never thought were possible before. 

 She works with the mind, as it is through the mind that we tend to limit ourselves and hold ourselves back.  Kali will work to eradicate those limiting beliefs in record time!  

Stuck in a rut?  Kali Ma will work quickly to get things moving and shaking in your life.  That includes calling on her to help you create a diet plan that works for you.  

 The Kali Ma Diet Plan Includes:
  • Getting rid of all that no longer serves you!  This includes poor eating habits, food cravings, and food addictions.  
  • A diet plan that is perfectly constructed to suit your lifestyle for the long haul
  • A plan of inspired action for body movement, as we lose weight through breathing, which can really only happen when we accelerate our heart rate through exercise.
  • Motivation and lots of it!  Kali Ma is a mover and a shaker and her job is to get the good things flowing into your life again, including healthy eating habits.
  • You'll lose a pound a day or more from working with Kali Ma, just by changing your mindset about food and losing weight.
  • Kali will get rid of all feelings of guilt and shame that are associated with losing weight for you, which is something most of us struggle with. We can't lose weight if we feel bad about ourselves.  We simply choose a weight-loss goal number and then we move forward with it.
sweet peppers for weight-loss and dieting tips and soul cooking

Weight-Loss Resources and Diet Plans

I've written a lot about losing weight and I've created a plethora of cool diet plans that are easy to follow, wherever Kali Ma leads you.  Let her be your guide, but in the meantime, do your research to see which diet plan works best for you!
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