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What It's Like to Have Queen of Wands Energy


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Today, I thought I'd write about what it's like to have Queen of Wands Energy! I'm always talking about how I show up as the queen of wands in tarot readings, but I've never really done a deep dive into what that's all about.

First of all, let's talk about who the queen of wands is in the tarot deck. She is a woman who stands in her power. 

She is a force of nature that knows her inherent self-worth. She can often be someone who is extroverted, warm, and friendly. But, she doesn't have to be.

With court cards, kings and queens represent an actual person in your life or the qualities that you need to take on from that personality type. Most of the time, it's an actual person that you know or yourself.

For me, I almost always show up as the queen of wands or the empress, which is the embodiment of all the queens in the suit.  Nine times out of ten, I show up as a queen of wands person.

What this means:  It means that I am a person who is magnetic and alluring, and I have noticed throughout my life, this has proven to be the case.  Not to down myself or anything, but I don't completely get it myself.

The queen of wands is somebody who easily attracts men (or women, depending on the person) into her life with little to no effort on her part.  It's not about looks or beauty, but about a certain quality, that person has that men can't put their finger on, but probably want to.  Ha!

I debated whether or not to write this post because I would never want to give off the impression that I have something over other people.  I don't.  It's simply a natural quality that I have always had.

Again, just to reiterate, being the queen of wands isn't about looks or beauty or even shape or size.  It's about an "inner" magnetic quality the queen has that attracts people to them with ease and grace.

I'm also an Aries fire sign and the queen of wands is usually an Aries astrological sign, though I have seen people label her as having a Virgoan quality.  I personally can kind of see that too, but mostly, she's got a fiery hot magnetic quality about her.

I've had this queen of wands quality my entire life.  I remember being a little girl and the older boys trying to flirt with me and get my attention.  Naturally, I hated it and it made me want to crawl under a rock somewhere and hide.  

This continued throughout my life and it still happens to this day.  There are some days I don't even want to take a walk on the trail because men stare and try to get close to me.  My mom even told me that men look at me like I'm a goddess or something.

It sounds great in theory, but it can be embarrassing sometimes to get unwanted attention.  It makes me uncomfortable.  

Most of the time, I'm oblivious and I just ignore it.  Other times, it makes me want to hide myself in a hole somewhere.  

The fact that I am shy and quiet probably doesn't help either.  I sometimes wonder if that makes me seem even more mysterious and the more intrigue surrounding me, makes guys or people, in general, want to get to know me more.  

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 Lately, I am trying to own my queen of wands status, even though it comes up as a sexual attraction card a lot in love readings and the like.  I find it riveting that other people see me that way, especially my twin flame!

I like being the queen of wands because she's somebody who likes to get people revved up about stuff.  She inspires and motivates people to want to be more and do more.

That's one hundred percent me in real life!  My daughters are always telling me they love how self-motivated I am, and how I'm always changing in and out of form throughout my life.  I'm really big into self-improvement and being your best self!

In other words, I'm great at putting a fire under your ass!  I have to work from a place of intrinsic motivation because I have no one who will push me in my life.  More importantly, I don't need anyone to push me!

When it comes to spirituality, wellness, and my business, I am definitely a self-starter.  All of these are the very things I love about being a queen of wands character.  

Yes, I like the fact that she's seen as attractive, a friend to animals and children, a lover of nature, and the bell of the ball.  I mean, there are worse things to be in this world, right?

Anyway, the queen of wands is definitely a formidable force and I feel like a lot of times people underestimate me because I am so shy and quiet.  But, that's not how I am when I'm with my children and family.  When I'm with my loved ones, I'm pretty engaging and funny!

I think many people mistake the queen of wands for someone vulnerable like Marilyn Monroe.  I see her as more of a Queen of Cups person myself.  She was sensitive, fragile, and vulnerable.  Queen of wands is more like a firecracker without the fireworks!

She's not showy and she keeps her sensitivities hidden beneath the surface, ready to use it to fuel her fire.  I think in my case, it helps that my moon sign is in Cancer, giving me a shell in which to encase my soft feelings.

If you're not a queen of wands and it shows up in your reading, this means you need to take on some of her qualities!  It might mean that it's time for a major glow-up with Archangel Jophiel, the angel of aesthetic beauty and feng shui.  

So, here's the thing I've learned.  To be a queen of wands, you're either born with it or you aren't.  If you are a queen of wands person, then, believe me, you'll know it.

That doesn't mean you can't harness some of her queen of wands energy and qualities though.  To take on some of the qualities of the queen of wands, you can really start by doing a major glow up or lifestyle change.  That's a very queen of wands thing to do.

By giving yourself a transformative makeover, this naturally attracts the "right" people and circumstances to you.  It allows you to harness your queen of wands energy and put it to good use.

What does it feel like to be the queen of wands?  Honestly, it feels like you're a goddess without even trying to be.  It feels like you have a built-in magnet that attracts people to you effortlessly.  Most likely, it's not something you're going to think about most of the time, because for you, it's everyday life.

My problem has always been filtering out who I'm attracting to my life.  It seems as though I can be a magnet for both good and bad people.  The fact that I can be a little naive sometimes probably doesn't help either.

My oldest daughter once told me that I don't notice all the guys looking at me.  She's absolutely right.  Most of the time, I'm completely oblivious when a guy hits on me.

Like it took me months to figure out the blatant sexual energy my twin flame was throwing my way at my old house, lol.  I can be a bit oblivious when it comes to men and what they want. I'm surprised I've survived this long in the world.

However, one thing I have is my guard up.  It takes me a long time to warm up to people and I have a mistrust of men because I haven't always made the best choices in the past.  So, it helps keep the men at bay to some degree.

Again, the queen of wands stands in her own power, with or without a man.  Not to mention, I hold my cards close to my chest.  I only reveal what I want people to know, so maybe that cloaks me in protection as well.

Like, I would never reveal to any of the guys around my town that I've been abstaining for the past eight and a half years.  I feel like they would use it as a weakness to penetrate my force field, so to speak.  Pun intended!

I'm not really abstaining so much as holding out for the right guy.  Obviously, the right guy for me is my twin flame, but I don't know if he knows it.  

That's part of being a queen of wands woman too.  Only revealing the parts of yourself that you want people to know.  Being into spirituality and witchcraft, I've kind of got the whole secret, hidden places thing on lockdown.  

It just kind of goes with the territory, you know. Plus, in real life I'm a very private person.  On my blog, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I'm cool with that.

If you aren't a queen of wands, it doesn't mean you can't be.  It's an energy and an essence that you can bottle up with you and wear as a perfume.  

Just keep in mind the blunders that go along with that.  If you aren't used to getting a lot of attention, it can be pretty overwhelming, so make sure to wear invisible protection through spiritual hygiene practices.

Being the queen of wands is more than just grabbing the male gaze though.  It's about getting whatever you want in life handed to you, whatever it may be.  If that's what you want, go for it!

Spend some time with the queen of wands tarot card.  I say take her with you wherever you go.  Keep her tarot card in your wallet or hang her on your mirror or corkboard.  

Get to know her better and see what she's like.  Remember, it's her energy that makes her so attractive and alluring.  

If suddenly you feel compelled to take on a new exercise program or instill a magical morning routine, know that's the queen of wands becoming your patron and giving you sage advice!  She's pretty straightforward and can give you clear instructions.

The more you get to know her, the more you get to love her.  It's like she will be working her magic mojo on you without even trying!  The more you love her, the more you harness her best qualities.

There are some things in life you can't change.  You can't change your astrological sign, for example.  You were born when you were born.

The queen of wands, however, will help you change the way you see yourself and how others see you too.  That's pure magic right there!

Besides, I'm convinced there's a little queen of wands energy in each and every one of us.  We've just got to tap into it by spending time gazing at her beautiful tarot card!

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