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Why Autumn is My Favorite Season: A Fun Post


A Fall Harvest Shabby White Chic Pumpkin Style Dining Table Set
This is why autumn is my favorite season: a fun post! With Florida cooling down just a smidge, I've been getting all of my fall decorations out while visions of pumpkins and candied apples pop into my head. I'm so excited!

I figured lately, I've been going through a lot, and I deserve to treat myself to some good old fashioned fun. Besides, my favorite holiday is just around the corner, boo! You can read more about why Halloween is my favorite holiday here.

Many years ago, I decided to pick a symbol or two that would tell me when I'm in alignment with the universe. I chose hot air balloons and I chose the magic of fall!

With hot air balloons, it always reminds me of my childhood in California! Dozens of hot air balloons would fill the sky over the palm trees and the desert where I grew up as a kid. Now, whenever I see a hot air balloon symbol, I know it means something good is about to happen.

With the magic of fall, it's a feeling that I can evoke anytime of the year! Even in the dead of summer, I will get glimpses of the magical feeling of fall to let me know that I'm on the right track with things or it's going to be a magical day.

Give it a try! Choose one or two symbols that resonate with you that the universe will send to let you know that you're at the right place, at the right time. Some people refer to this as being lucky or serendipitous!

First of all, I love the magic of fall because things finally begin to cool down in Florida, with nights intrigued with full harvest moons and Halloween hijinks. I was a kid in the eighties, so Halloweens were much different than they are right now. Kids had a lot more freedom.

The streets were filled with haunted houses and homemade popcorn balls and candied apples. Back then, kids were allowed to go into people's homes, with parental supervision of course!

But, you know, the eighties were a magical time to be a kid! Watch that cool show on Netflix, Stranger Things, and you'll get a good idea of what my childhood was like.

I also love the autumnal equinox because the veil thins between our world and the other side. This means more paranormal activity and more likelihood of encountering a ghost, a fae, or the spiritual creatures that live in the in-between.

For more on the fae, you might enjoy reading, What Life is Like in the Fairy Realm: A Field Guide For the Nature Spirits! The fae love the in-between times of life.

It's also a great time of year to be a witch! No other holiday invokes witchcraft like Samhain does. Samhain is the witchy holiday for Halloween and the witch's new year too!

It's an incredible time to honor the dead. You can spend time with your ancestors too during this time by setting out candles and altars for deceased loved ones and people from the past.

I personally like to go to graveyards during this time because the paranormal activity is at an all time high. For more on cemeteries, you might enjoy reading, Getting Into Graveyard Magic and Spirit Work!

You might find that you like to work with the dead for spells or have a penchant for graveyard photography, like an upcoming post I'm doing for October! Folk magic is an attractive feature for a lot of witches, especially this time of year.

There's just a ton of magic associated with both Halloween and the autumn season! Not to mention, my Aries full moon comes every October and like most Aries astrological signs, I like it to be about me for once.

I pretty much go all out whenever the full moon is in in my sign! I collected some graveyard dirt so I'm ready to use it for some powerful spells during the Aries Full Moon 2020. Can't wait!

It's a time of darkness and working on your shadow self and darker half. For more on the dark self, you might love reading, Shadow Work and Getting in Touch With Your Dark Self!

I personally hate the sun sometimes. I know, it's kind of ironic since I live in Florida and I'm from the Mojave Desert of Southern California. But, I prefer the darkness of autumn/winter myself.

I love that it gets dark early and everyone is nestled up inside their homes at a decent hour. I love that when you take an evening stroll, there's a crisp fall breeze blowing through your hair. I love going out after dark more too!

It's weird, but I've come to find that I'm ten times more active during the autumn/winter months because Florida has the most phenemonal winters. While other people are knee deep in snow, I'm picking up golden leaves while I drink my pumpkin-spiced latte with a light sweater on!

For more on what to do with fall leaves, you might enjoy reading, The Fun of Seasonal Flat Lay Photography For Autumn + Botanical Style Blend! This is a great time of year to snap photographs of the turning leaves.

Last but not least, I watch my favorite movie every year, Practical Magic!  It's my tradition to watch this movie annually, and nothing evokes autumnal magic like this one does.

I don't know, autumn just makes me happy! If it makes you happy too, you might like to signup for my newsletter to get a free autumnal equinox reading. Thanks for reading! xo

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