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Wishlist: How to Practice Sigil Magick For Instant Manifestations


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Today's wishlist is all about how to practice sigil magick for instant manifestations! I got into chaos magick, at the beginning of the year, quite by accident. Since it's something that has helped me a lot with my witchcraft, I feel like it could help boost your magic into overdrive, and who doesn't love that?

What is sigil magick?  Let's start there.  Making sigils is part of a branch of witchcraft known as chaos magick, where you use an altered state of consciousness (such as achieving orgasm) to activate your spells.  

Sigil magick, on the other hand, uses the art of letters in your intention to create a symbol, sometimes known as a seal.  Some witches use it to communicate with specific deities, as a way to unlock the seal, while others use it for everyday manifestations.

Take me, for example, during the full moon in Pisces, I worked with Goddess Isis to activate many of my sigils through something called sex magick.  It often goes hand-in-hand with sigil magick, though it doesn't have to!

You simply write down your clear intention on a piece of paper.  For example, you might write your intention that you would like to receive a thousand dollars worth of unexpected money in thirty days or less.

See, this is perfect because it's crystal clear and laser-sharp.  Then you start crossing out vowels and double letters to downsize your intention into tighter form.  After this, you turn the arrangement of letters into a symbol.

Next, you need to find a way to activate your seal.  There are many ways to achieve this goal, but I have found the quickest way to activate a seal is through masturbation.  I will go into other ways of activating the seal later in this post, but for now, I think it's best for beginners to start with an altered state of consciousness.

The easiest way to achieve an altered state of consciousness is through orgasm.  If you have trouble with climaxing, sometimes staring at the symbol while masturbating is more than enough to activate the sigil.

I would say you can get into activating your seal through other ways when you become more experienced with using chaos magick.  In the meantime, I'm going to breakdown what's needed next in order for you to manifest instantly, in almost all cases!

Now that you've written your intention down and you've crossed out your vowels and double letters, the next step would be to activate it, right?  No, we'll come back to activation in a moment.

You'll want to add in some caveats to your magic in order to protect yourself, as well as to enhance your spellwork.  I usually add, "My sigils are very powerful, and they always work instantly!"

I learned the addendum trick from Avery from, "The Traveling Witch" blog! It works like a charm and builds on the magic. 

Add in whatever addendums that work best for you!  I feel like whatever you choose should be specific and consistent though, because you'll be using it each and every time you practice sigil spells.  You can add in as many as you like, as long as you consistently use it every single time you do a sigil spell.

Okay, now that we've got that out of the way, what's next for you?  If you're in a time crunch, you can simply draw a circle around your sigil with arrows pointing to it, saying this symbol represents whatever your intention is.  

In the case of the money, I would say, "This symbol represents that I have received a thousand dollars worth of unexpected money in thirty days or less!"  You always want to be sure to make intentions in the present tense.  Otherwise, past energy might show up.

If you can take your time, you might then add a goddess to your sigil activation spell.  Create an incantation, which is the magical uttering of words, that you can say three times!  

For example, since we're talking about a money spell here, you might call on the Goddess Lakshmi for help!  I say never work with any goddess you haven't already built a relationship with.  You can't just go in and ask favors without getting to know someone first.

However, if you have an already established relationship with Goddess Lakshmi (or whatever goddess), then I say go for it!  The second rule of thumb is to make sure they are okay working a sex magick spell with you.

Not all goddesses will be, so it's important to keep that in mind.  For sex magick, I typically turn to Goddess Freya or Goddess Isis, because they don't shy away from sex magick.  I would say that Goddess Lakshmi, since we used her in the example above, might not be so inclined to it, but it depends on the personal relationship you have with her.  

Okay, now that you've established which goddess you'd like to work with, you can now write to a few angels at the bottom of your spell to enhance it.  You can say, "Archangel Michael, I would like a thousand dollars in thirty days or less!"  This will simply boost your intention as a sort of prequel to your actual spell activation.

Just to reiterate, you don't have to add a goddess or angels to your sigil.  I do it as a powerful "boost" beforehand to ready my spell for instant manifestation, which is what we're going for here.

I like sigil spells because they often work instantaneously, which is the goal for me.  Instantly means they are activated instantly, but it also means they come true much faster than they would have with an ordinary spell.  If you're looking for fast-acting results, then sigil spellwork might just be your boo!

Now, let's activate that spell!  To activate your seal, simply read everything out loud on paper first, then set the mood for sex magick.  

After reading the words aloud, lay back and masturbate while staring at your sigil, and at the moment of release continue staring so the symbol is burned into your brain.  That's it.  That's all you have to do!

You can enhance the symbol by rubbing your vaginal fluids or seminal fluids on the symbol afterward, but you don't have to.  Some people, like myself, even consider this the first step in the process of spell making!

This is because I've found that it's sometimes helpful to add multiple layers to your spellwork to enhance it.  It depends on how elaborate you want the spell to be and what you hope to gain from it.  It's best to follow your intuition or read tarot cards to see if you should add another layer to your sigil spell!

Sigil Magick Spell Steps For Beginners:

  1. Write down a clear intention on a piece of paper
  2. Cross out all the vowels and double letters
  3. Use the leftover letters to create a symbol (it doesn't have to be anything fancy!)
  4. Circle your sigil and point arrows to it for emphasis to signify the symbol meaning
  5. Add addendums at the top of your paper 
  6. Add a goddess incantation to your spell (optional)
  7. Boost spell with angelic help (optional)
  8. Read aloud and say goddess incantation at least three times
  9. Stare at the symbol while you masturbate for an altered state of consciousness
  10. To activate the symbol, stare at it intently while you orgasm!

Wishlist: How to Practice Sigil Magick For Instant Manifestations

Once you feel like you are ready for the advanced level of sigil magick, you can turn to a few other tricks of the trade that I have up my sleeve!  Namely, you can do an herbal envelope spell to activate your sigil.  

You can use fresh ingredients from the garden or work in some spices from your spice rack to add to your envelope spell.  First, make your sigil as usual, then activate it with the spices that most resonate with you.

This might take some time.  You have to find the herbs and spices that agree with you!  For example, I just found out that I'm in love with ground lemon pepper in my spellwork.

It's cleansing, healing, refreshing, and fast-activating too!  It works incredible for communication spells and clearing the air, so to speak.  

For communication spells, you might try working with Hermes!  I started working with him about a month ago and he brought unexpected communication my way from someone I had been waiting to hear from.

If speed is what you're going for in a spell, you might add cayenne pepper, ground ginger, red pepper flakes, and ground cinnamon to your sigil magick spells!  These feisty ingredients set the record straight for fast results!  

For an herbal apothecary spell, simply add them directly to your sigil, and place them in an envelope.  Spells usually come true or become active during a 28-day moon cycle!

If an envelope spell doesn't seem like the thing for you, you might try a spell in a jar!  You can add elements of nature or moon water to activate your seal for quick results.  Always keep in mind what kind of spell you're doing and work with the phase of the moon.

Another way to activate your sigil is to leave it out in nature with an offering for the fairies or a nature goddess!  The forest is alive and will instantly activate the seal for you with little to no effort on your part.  

You can also leave your sigil under the light of the full moon, letting it bathe in the moonlight for activation if you lean a bit more toward lunar cycles.  If you prefer solar energy, you can set your seal under the sun at high noon for quick activation!

There are so many ways you can activate sigil seals, but the easiest way is to get into the altered state of consciousness is through achieving orgasm!  It takes time to find what works best for you.  

I say, play around with different herbs and spices, lunar magic, etc. to find what works best for the fast results you are seeking.  Working with chaos magick has truly been a godsend in my life.  I find it much easier to get the spell done on those days when I'm feeling lackluster.

Just remember to ground your energy afterward.  For the longest time, I would forget to ground myself after doing spellwork, and I'd end up in a string of sleepless nights.  It's important to take root and get your soul back in your body by anchoring it.

For a quick and easy grounding ritual, call on the Goddess Nemetona, to help you take root after each sigil is activated.  She will make your rituals sacred, grounded, and rooted in mother earth.  

Simply ask Nemetona to help you take root and visualize her instantly wrapping tree roots around you and anchoring your bare feet into solid ground, in a ritual known as earthing.  She will instantly ground your energy into fine cinnamon and nutmeg powder, allowing you to take root in the earthly realm.  

If you like learning about sigil magick, sex magick, or chaos magick as a whole, please let me know!  This inspires me to write more content on it exclusively for you :)

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